Top 4 Ways to Cheat at Online Casino: How to Utilize Them

Top 4 Ways to Cheat at Online Casino: How to Utilize Them


Playing online sweepstakes games is not always fun. At the end of the day, you might lose all your funds in a relatively short period of time. Generally, we are looking for some ways to put ourselves ahead of the competition.  Especially when it comes to online sweepstakes games. We are looking for different ways to cheat at online casino games and optimize the winning chances. 

If you are one of those players, you came to the right place. However, before starting to dive into the cheat codes of online casino platforms, we need to make sure that this article is not intended to promote cheating or illegal strategies that you can use to defeat online sweepstakes machines. Rather than that, the information here is only for entertainment purposes. 

Keep in mind that any illegal activity that you do online will have consequences. Those consequences can start from getting blocked from certain online sweepstakes sites to getting reported to relevant authorities. So, be careful and do not try those winning strategies that are illegal in the area where you live. So, let’s dive into the different ways to cheat at sweeps cash casino games and discuss them one by one. 

What Are the Most Common Ways to Cheat at Online Casino Platforms? 

What Are the Most Common Ways to Cheat at Online Casino Platforms?

What Are the Most Common Ways to Cheat at Online Casino PlatformsWhat Are the Most Common Ways to Cheat at Online Casino Platforms casino

#1 Bonus Hunting

Bonus Hunting is the first way of cheating at online casino platforms that we are going to discuss. As you might guess from the title, bonus hunters are the players who are constantly trying to find online internet sweepstakes cafe sites that offer efficient bonus packages with low wagering requirements. It is not illegal to practice this way of so-called cheating in online sweepstakes sites to some extend. 

There are various exciting bonus opportunities such as cashback, no deposit registration bonus, deposit match bonus, and so on. The problematic part comes when one user starts to spoil the system and gets an unfair advantage through bonus hunting. 

At that point, they start to create numerous accounts in the platform where they can abuse the bonus system.  That leads us to the second way of cheating at an online casino which is Account cloning. 

#2 Account Cloning

Ways to cheat at online casino

Account cloning is the process that refers to the players who are registering more than one account at a particular platform. They do it to get the best out of registration bonuses. In reliable websites where

  • you need to submit your account info for registration
  • and prove your identity

this cheat code is useless. 

Those platforms do not allow you to withdraw the funds until you successfully pass the verification stage. Therefore, players who use account cloning generally go for illegal online casino sites. In which they can absolutely abuse this strategy and create 10+ accounts to get the maximum results. 

You need to be careful about these strategies because they might end up really bad for the player. In most rivers sweepstakes platforms, the terms and conditions agreement states the line that mentions account cloning practices, and by clicking to yes to create an account in that platform, you agree with the terms that you will not create any more new accounts after this one. 

If the breach of agreement happens, those casino platforms can report the player to authorities, creating serious issues for players who used account cloning. 

#3 Hacking

Hacking is the third one on the list of ways to cheat at an online casino. Hacking online casinos are very complicated nowadays due to the precautions that this platform took after all the incidents that happened in the last few years. The most popular group was known as FIN10 who is responsible for millions of dollars worth of hack jobs during the 2013 to 2016 span. 

They were mainly targeting online casinos that are located around Canada and United States. It is almost impossible to single-handedly hack a casino platform without insider help because of the preventative actions and advanced technology designed against cyber attacks. 

#4 Using Bots

Ways to cheat at online casino

Strategy botting is another way to cheat at online sweepstakes sites. These bots are mainly used in table card games or multiplayer skill-based riversweeps. The bots are designed as real players. The intention behind using these bots is to capture as much space on the table as possible to ensure that you are winning the main prize. 

These bots act and play as real humans through the preprogrammed codes. Unfortunately, not every online casino has the right tools to spot these bots. Therefore, these types of ways to cheat at online casino becomes even more prevalent. 

Final Thoughts on Ways to Cheat at Online Casino Sites

As you can see, there are several different ways to cheat at online casino. For some players, cheating is a dishonest act, and it should be avoided at all costs. But for others, it is a shortcut to winning, and therefore they are looking to maximize the gains by finding new ways to cheat at online casino websites. 

As a player, you need to be aware of the consequences that certain acts will have whenever you perform them at online casino websites. Without knowing what you are getting into, it is hard to make a well-thought-out decision. Also, keep in mind that there are risks involved in the process, and you might end up in jail if you got caught. 

We mentioned the top 4 popular ways to cheat at online casino, and there are many more ways as well, which we are going to cover in the following articles. If you are interested in these types of concepts and want to read informative and analytic articles on online casino gaming, check out our blog page at PlayRiverSlot. 


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