The Brains and Brawn of the Casino Game Development

The Brains and Brawn of the Casino Game Development


Casino game development is the actual brains and brawn of an online business model. Maintaining an online casino is a lot of hassle. However, once you get the hang of it, you can expect to make some real profit. 

Creating an online casino will require much patience and money, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering this business model. Online casinos are increasing, with new ones being created every day. Currently, there are over 8,000 online casinos that are being operated. Though, only a few of them have the best ratings.

Casino game development companies offer ready solutions for anyone who is looking to create an online casino. With so many varieties of games to choose from, you can quickly fill your online casino with the best slot software that is offered by the casino game developers. Let’s discover the best casino game development companies and how we can take advantage of them.

Casino game development: Microgaming

Microgaming was created in 1994, and it is by far the best casino game development company among other casino software developers. Not long ago, people generally did not have an optimistic view on the idea of “gambling,” This changed when Microgaming dared to change the way of gambling and people’s perspective on gaming. Microgaming thought it would be ideal for the comfort of the people to gamble in their homes by creating the first authentic online casino slots.

This idea became the standard of today and a superb business model for everyone who is looking to create an online business casino. Additionally, to keep the online casino industry as legitimate as possible, Microgaming realized that there needs to be some sort of a governing body. To make this idea a reality, Microgaming with the help of different casino companies created the Interactive Gaming Council. Currently, it deals with monitoring most service providers.

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Microgaming didn’t just stop there; it had another bright idea the company saw online casino gaming as the future of gambling. So, they thought to gain the trust of the players; they need to create some sort of safe business model and secure e-payment systems for a safer gambling experience in the casinos. So they came up with Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). 

Microgaming, to this day, is still in the lead in terms of their services and slot games online.


NetEnt was launched in 1994. At first, the company named itself Net Entertainment; later down the line for the sake of brevity, the company abbreviated its name to what is now known as NetEnt. The company’s primary focus for six-year was creating the ultimate sports betting games and creating ideal online casino plans. After being able to maintain its reputation as a successful casino game developer, among others, the company then determines to release its first online casino.

The company didn’t just stop there; by analyzing the online casino service providers, it had an idea of bringing its demanding games to those service providers, but the company needed an easy solution for this. So they created their virtual casino called CasinoModule. Even today, CasinoModule is still operational. The main objective of this virtual casino is to create a safe bridge between online casino service providers and the company by transferring NetEnt online slot software games while doing so, taking simple, quick, and practical measures.

The company had another idea, after realizing the technological advancements of this era. In 2011, NetEnt created its first gambling game for mobile devices. As a result of this accomplishment gamblers, today can easily enjoy the wonders of slot gaming on their modern mobile devices. NetEnts mobile games are known for their High Definition quality, and that is why many gamblers love it. The company still is a leading creator of high demanding slot games, which casino service providers like Play Riverslots take benefit of. The statistics show that NetEnt will always play a leading role in casino game development in the coming years.

Slot games and its service providers

There is a saying in the gambling development industry behind every online slot game; there is an equally perfect slot game developer. This saying is true when considering there are many slot games that have topped the chart because of their great gaming features.

These games categorize from retro slots to 3d slots. As mentioned before, many service providers offer mediocre slot games, but service providers like Playriverslot take slot gaming seriously. And provide top of the line high-quality slot games for its gamblers by providing the best slot games like:

  • Thunder Strike
  • Tempel Riches
  • Sticky Bugs
  • Reel Rider and a lot more.

Playriverslot also gives the gamblers the option of enjoying its games with their preferred devices. Whether it be computer gaming or mobile gaming, you will enjoy the game’s rich quality. All the games offered by Playriverslot are all cloud-based. It means that you will enjoy the daily updates that it brings for safer gambling.

The best sweepstake slot games

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Sweepstake slot games are another brains and brawn form of online gambling. Since there are a plethora of games to enjoy in sweepstake casino games, all of the sweepstake games offer exceptional gameplay, themes, and soundtracks that many gamblers enjoy. It is the choice of most players who are looking to enjoy their time and money in online casinos. Since there are a plethora of sweepstake games to choose from. It is becoming a real hassle in selecting the best one. Thanks to the wonders of the internet there is a way of selecting the best ones, by analyzing them from online casino reviews, it will give you a sense of general direction of which games might work best for you. Here are some of the best sweepstake online video slots you can enjoy.

  • Dragon Sevens- Who doesn’t love the Asian cultures? Whether you are from an Asian country or not, this game will make you feel like you are visiting your favorite Asian country. With its golden dragons and symbols, you will play for hours thanks to its exceptional high definition quality and soundtrack. The game offers 95% RTP, with five reels and fifty pay lines.
  • ThunderStrike- Greek mythology has always been a favorite of many. You will get to experience the Greek gods’ powers and fortune who are still in the battle for the throne. You can expect a god-like fortune from this video slot. The game offers 96.5% RTP, five reels, and with 15,625 paylines. 
  • Red Hot Chilies- Who doesn’t love red hot chilies with some good Mexican or South American food? Well, if you do, you are in for some spicy treats! This game is the spiciest in terms of its soundtrack and theme. The game offers %90 RTP with five reels and twenty-five paylines. 

In conclusion

The best online slots have the best games and gamblers. Additionally, there are many aspects of good online slot games when considering they are the real brains and brawn of casino game development. Nevertheless, it is becoming harder each day, finding the best slot games. The future is bright for online casino gaming, and thanks to casino game development, online gambling is here to stay for a long time.

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