Why Us?

  • Automatic and free updates: obtain new games every month
  • A cloud-based platform: no need for physical servers and maintenance
  • Stable server uptime: operational 99.9% of the time
  • Games with perfect sound and graphics
  • Mobile compatibility: compatible with any kind of devices in terms of mobile POS
  • No additional purchase: no fee for setup or technical support
  • Simple setup process: get your system ready within one hour

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River Slots Sweepstakes System

Obtain a sweepstakes system with the most necessary and useful tools for your business. Playriverslot sweepstakes system offers a cloud-based platform with more than 70 promotional games with all required technical support and automatic updates. With our solution business owners can create and install a network of computers in the internet sweepstakes cafe or shop. By that way, players can easily buy internet time and enjoy river slots casino games while winning prizes. Tools include:

  • Cloud-based platform
  • 7/24 available and free technical support
  • More than 70 promotional games
  • Free and automatic updates

Play River Slots At Home

Access different riverslot casino games from your home with just a single user account for all mobile devices. You customers will be able to play sweepstakes games using our simple mobile application. The app will create different exciting opportunities for your customer in their every visit, which will lead to additional revenues and prizes.

Your customers play at home = your store earns extra money.

  • Compatible with both IOS and Android
  • Obtain loyal customers
  • Smooth experience and quick set up

Software Versions

You can choose from three different configurations for regulated markets to customise the system according to your local jurisdiction.


Our promotion materials are featured with various bonuses and a community prize board to keep your customers entertaining.

Single player account for all devices

Anyone who has Internet access can play.

Promotions Bonus Module

Use a separate module inside Point-of-Sale to create personal bonuses for customers at your own discretion.

Matchup Bonuses

Fast start for your new customers! Credit them few bonus dollars to try.

Daily Wheel

Another promo tool to keep your customers returning to your location each 24 hours.


Spin a wheel of fortune to get 5-25% refund if the luck is not on your side today

Community board

Increase your bet level by ¢5 to win 1 of 4 progressive mystery prizes.

Our Games

Our promotion materials are featured with various bonuses and a community prize board to keep your customers entertaining.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide some of the questions that concern most of our clients. If your item is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It hugely depends on your business. Additionally, the cost may differ based on terminals in your store, internet connection, and location of your shop. You can call us to gain further information. We will offer software packages that can run on both old PCs and the latest gaming technologies. You can use either cloud-based or server-based data collection spot based on your needs. We would be happy to provide a more detailed description of the estimated cost for your business.

Firstly, we need to define your target customer. Games you will provide highly depends on your customers. We will continuously work with you to offer a game library to keep your customer happy and satisfied. Our game library has a wide variety of games, and also, these games are changing continuously to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for your customers. Our developers are always working to grow the gaming library and offer you the games that include the latest technology.

With internet access, you will easily manage to install the software. It will help to maximize the speed of setup. Easiness of installation process will help you to do all the staff without the need for technical support.

We do not charge you for our software. You need to purchase money for the credits that you will use. Also, note that there will be no additional maintenance cost. You can benefit from volume discounts once you have started using our sweepstakes software.

While using our system, you will meet with one of the best technical support teams that contain experienced members. Each staff member of both the Customer and Technical support team has vast experience in the industry. They try hard to solve any issue you may face. Running your business with our 7/24 available support team will be enjoyable and comfortable.

Our games are web-based. Therefore, you do not need to place and maintain a physical server. We are working with the best data centers use the latest technology to keep your business safe and working all the time. If you are using a physical server and when it goes down, you need to wait until an IT guy comes and solves the problem. With cloud servers, you will not face these kinds of issues.

River Slots Sweepstakes Software

Playriverslot B2B solution offers you an efficient and easily maintainable product. You do not need to worry about server placement, internet speed, costly equipment, or additional fees and payments. With the help of Playriverslot’s solution running your business will be an easy and enjoyable process. When you work with us, you gain:

  • The best quality of hundreds of promotional games.
    Highly experienced team of developers have worked a lot to develop an advanced level of entertainment environment for your customers.

  • 7/24 available technical support team.
    Our technical support team is 7/24 available to solve any issue you face while running your business. You can call for our help whenever you need help.

  • No additional purchase.
    At Playriverslot, we will not require a purchase for software usage. It includes no monthly fees for customer support, setup, or technical support. You will need to pay only for points while using our software.

  • No need for in-house server:
    At Playriverslot all games are web-based and do not require a physical server. Our flexible system will eliminate all costs relating to maintenance.

  • All functionalities in one product:
    With Playriverslot sweepstakes software, we are offering one solution for all types of businesses. You can use our software, whether you are a cigarette store or Sweepstakes cafe.

About Us

Playriverslot offering entertainment tools, especially for sweepstakes games. We can ensure you that our software solution is one of the best in the industry. Our successful projects and years of experience are enough to see how far we have gone. Despite the competition in the industry, we are continuously improving our products. Our experienced team will make sure that you have the best results for your business. Thanks to our skillful team, we can deliver the latest technology and excellent software based on business requirements. Whether you are new in the industry which aims to grow or have vast experience with hundreds of shops, Play river slots offers you all the necessary tools to enhance your company. It will not take more than one hour to complete the setup of the whole system and offer your customers sweepstakes games.

How far have we come?

First internet cafes where people could access the internet and play games appeared in 1988 in South Korea, which was called Electronic cafe. With the developed technology internet cafes have changed a lot and came to a new form. Now online riverslot casino is a profitable business type for entrepreneurs and attracts millions of players across the world. Due to the demand for online river slots, internet cafes changed its form and created a new concept called sweepstakes cafes.

What are Sweepstakes?

There is no apparent difference between the concept of sweepstakes cafes and coffee shops. The only difference is what services they offer. Traditional cafes only provide food and drinks to their customers; however, the services that sweepstakes cafes are limited to only entertainment activities. Customers get cards for playing different games and winning exclusive prizes.

Legal Issues

Sweepstakes have faced a lot of challenges and today also some states in the U.S has banned playing sweepstakes. However, in almost every country playing sweepstakes is legal now. For starting a business in the sweepstakes industry, you need to have a gambling license and also follow several legal procedures to legalize your business.