Our features position us as the trusted online casino software providers with bonuses and promotional materials to convert visitors into loyal players.

Key Features



We believe in a second chance. Therefore, our games offer players the chance to spin a wheel of fortune that offers between 5% to 25% refund. With this newfound funds, you can attempt a new round and win amazing prizes. Why not?

Daily Wheel

Here the loyal fans have a treat! For every purchase made in the casino, the play enjoys three days of fun. The best part, it’s easy to enjoy. Players only need to login and click Daily Wheel Button. With a single spin, players stand a chance to win up to $50 added to their balance. Remember, it’s a three-day treat! So players can do this the following day and the third day too. Chat With Us Today!


Promotional Module

Amazing promotions that offer players huge incentives are by far the best way to build a large customer base. These incentives endear casinos to players and ensure they feel a deeper bond with the game they play. In this regard, casino operators can create tailors promotions depending on different criteria such as gameplay frequency, deposit amount, and the duration of play. Having defined the criteria for gameplay, this feature allows targeted bounceback bonuses and other types of promotional incentives to reach the right players.

Welcome Bonuses

As the name implies, these bonuses offer newbies a taste of what’s to come. An opportunity for new players to sample the games and fill the thrill of a win. Most of these become repeat players and hardcore fans.


Community Board

The community board is one of a kind. Its a system of progressive mystery that players volunteer to try out. It is easily activated during gameplay and bets increase by $5. This new sum becomes the prize the board offers. The board has four distinct colors, namely: Gold, Diamond, Red, and Silver. These define the types of prizes players can win when they participate in the community board. Once a player engages the board, they stand the chance to win two lower prizes. The remaining prizes are reserved for players that have a $0.5 bet level or more.

Regular Updates

In order to keep the software running smoothly, we are constantly updating the program whenever necessary. This way you can be sure that you will have access to the latest features of casino software. With patch updates, not only your software gets optimized, but you may also get additional games to make your customers excited.

About PlayRiverSlot


PlayRiverSlot is a trusted provider of online casino software and games for several successful gambling casinos online. Also, we offer software products such as internet cafe software and sweepstakes. Our casino products are feature-rich and well endowed with the necessary tools to launch a business that thrives online.

We are player-centric and offer our games with the best graphics, sound effects, and user interface to ensure they remain competitive and attractive for years to come. At PlayRiverSlot, you’ll get nothing but reliable gambling content.

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