Our sophisticated promotion methodologies include community board and different variety of bonuses to satisfy your customers.

Bonus System

Do you want to gain loyal customers and make them come back? If your answer is yes, then add promotional bonuses to increase their loyalty.
Our improved Point-of-Sale allows you to create promotions for customers based on purchase and playing frequency. You can create your customized promotion templates from $5 to $25.
Add your bonus system with the administrative panel and save it quickly. Starting from the next login, you will be able to include the bonuses to bills.

Matchup Bonus System

The best offer for newcomers. Credit your new customers with bonuses and gain more loyal ones for your business.

Daily Free Entries

Do you play your favorite games actively? If so, you can get three days for each purchase. Create an account and enter the application after getting your code after clicking Daily Wheel spin the wheel and gain $50 on your balance. You can freely repeat the process on the next day to increase your earnings.

Cashback Wheel

Having no money left on your balance does not mean that you need to end the game. Just go to the Cashback section, click the button and spin the Cashback Wheel. It will allow you to get at least 5% of the money back. As a result, you will get a chance to play and win more.

Community Board

Community board is an exciting prize system in just one establishment. Here you need to decide whether you want to participate at Community Board or not. If so, you can activate it in your profile and increase your bet size. Bet size forms the winner prize.
There are different prizes on the board – Gold, Silver, Red, and Diamond. An additional two awards are for all participants and two awards for participants with a bet size more than 0.5. Plays can see community board in the title of games and clients’ menu. You can also see it on the establishment’s big screen.

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