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We supply innovative online gambling software to top casino operators in the gambling industry. PlayRiverSlot has gained extensive experience in meeting and exceeding the expectations of leading casinos on the internet. We offer a range of gambling products that include online casino software, internet cafe software, and sweepstakes software. Also, epic casino games such as slots, Black Jacks, Roulettes and Pokers among others. You can constantly find new titles being added to bring excitement and fun to the casino clients we support. The main aim is to delight the player and have them coming back for more entertainment. We achieve this by incorporating state-of-the-art design, graphics, sound, and themes into every layer of our software and games. Also, we enable our clients to maximize the reach of their casinos by delivering software that works reliably across desktop and mobile devices. When you think of casino software, think PlayRiverSlot, because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Did You Know?

We’ve developed a unique approach to operating online casinos via the use of feature-rich software to amplify revenue. This approach has helped us grow from a small reseller into a software powerhouse, with many competent developers in no time.


Brand Loyalty

Today, we offer a wide range of products and technical support to our casino operators in the gambling market. Our software solutions have improved brand loyalty, and the bottom-line of several casinos that have given our services a try. Some of the exclusive features clients find most commendable about PlayRiverSlot software are extensive customization options and loyalty features such as bonuses.


With a single integration of our online casino software into your online site, you can get access to several amazing games for the enjoyment of your customers. There is no need to spend long hours reading through terms and conditions, and discussing the technicalities of integrating our internet casino software into your casino.


We make sure you speak to experts who take you through a streamlined process of getting your software up on running in your casino in no time. Time is money and we value your time enough to make sure you get nothing but a blazing-fast platform for your gambling business.


In addition to these, our software is capable of handling the load as your business grows and your casino sees more visitors. We are your partners whether small or big. Our software will remain robust and user-primed no matter the situation in your business. Whether you run an internet cafe, sweepstakes games, or full-fledged online casino, an investment in our product will help you scale up your business.


We help keep your platform ready to process hundreds, thousands, or millions of deposits and gambling transactions without any technical issues or system failures. Our error-free reputation is one of the best in the industry. In addition, you’ll find our support always available to hold your hand through any difficulties whenever the need arises.


We believe in a second chance. Therefore, our games offer players the chance to spin a wheel of fortune that offers between 5% to 25% refund. This way, you will make your keep your customers happy even if they end up losing cash.

Our Package


At PlayRiverSlot, our standard package of software comes with a collection of high-quality casino games, seamless payment integrations, and hi-def interface among many others. We ensure our users get the latest features with each package they purchase and provide support before, during and after purchasing our online gambling software. Your investments made into any online casino software or internet cafe software by PlayRiverSlot isn’t only good for the long term but also cost-effective. Building an online casino business has never been so straightforward. Apart from these, we are ever ready to talk to you about any subjects related to starting your online gambling business. Issues such as landing page designs, API integration, gaming licensing and many more, you will find us willing to share our experience to help you smoothly launch your casino. Remember, it’s not just about the games, a casino is about the entire customer experience and this begins with a robust casino software. Fill the form below to reach out to gambling business experts today!

About PlayRiverSlot


PlayRiverSlot is a trusted provider of online casino software and games for several successful gambling casinos online. Also, we offer software products such as internet cafe software and sweepstakes. Our casino products are feature-rich and well endowed with the necessary tools to launch a business that thrives online.

We are player-centric and offer our games with the best graphics, sound effects, and user interface to ensure they remain competitive and attractive for years to come. At PlayRiverSlot, you’ll get nothing but reliable gambling content.

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