How to Buy an Online Casino: White Label Option in the Casino Industry

How to Buy an Online Casino: White Label Option in the Casino Industry


Operating an online casino can seem like a very profitable business. However, it is the visible side of the coin. Like any other industry, there are also many difficulties in the background of the online casino business. For example, it takes a lot of effort and money to build an online casino that can compete with others. However, if you don’t have enough money for it, there are other options to benefit. And instead of starting your business from zero, you can buy an online casino. This option will let you save both money and time.

White Label Option in Online Gambling

If you want to buy an online casino for a reasonable price White Label option may be a better solution for your gambling business. Let’s first explain what this option is. White Label is a new form of partnership. It refers to the process that a big company improves products and lets a less popular company sell them under their mark. The online casino slots industry has used such a solution model for more than twenty years. Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Gaminator, and Softswiss are a few of the best software providers that supply White Label options to the clients.

Benefits of White Label Casino Business Model 

Because of the White Label solution, the idea of running casinos doesn’t frustrate people who want to involve gambling business for a reasonable price. They can buy an online casino for a sensible price any time they want. Besides, there are plenty of crucial advantages to using this method. Licensing, legal matters, high-quality software platform, fast setup, technical support, various casino operations, many casino games ( video slots, classic slots), and others are just a few of them. 

All in One Package 

The new casino business owners don’t need to buy high-quality software, to create unique designs for websites, and promote their products. Large operators of the White Label package take all responsibilities. For a specific amount of payment, a well-known company takes care of a new brand. İt shares its customers, promotes its services, set this new casino on a reputable platform, and gives opportunities for the successful operation of a new online casino.

Time is Money

Speedy setup may be considered as a big privilege for those who don’t like to wait long and who want to keep things rush up. As you fundamentally take over a casino business that is already set up, time to build it may take as small as a few weeks. Therefore, today many business owners prefer to buy an online casino rather than start it from the beginning.

Legal Matters in White Label Solution

To start an online casino from nothing is one of the most challenging processes in the gambling business. You have to hire experts, make a plan, buy the most advanced software platform, and handle other crucial things. But before these all, you have to legalize your online casino. To do that, you should have a large pocket and a lot of patience and healthy nerves. However, with White Label, you will be free from these all. By using a White Label solution, you will live all these concerns in the hands of specialists. They will do all the necessary things for you. 

Casino Software Package 

Most of you realize how vital software platforms are for the gambling business. You choose the right one you win; you don’t, you lose. Therefore, it is on casino owners’ shoulders to find the most advanced software system for their businesses. However, with the use of White Label, you will get the best software solution. The time-tested software packages offered by this option include different beneficial features such as a vast range of online casino slots games, user-friendly and multi-language interface, secure payment system, and others. As there is a wide range of gambling games offered by White Label option, you don’t need to buy online casino games and to spend time thinking about whether they are the exciting ones or not. 

Wide Range of Popular Games

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In addition to reliability, the other thing players pay attention to is the variety of gambling games offered by casino websites. As we mentioned below in a casino software package, you will provide a vast range of popular casino games (online casino slots, online poker, online baccarat, and others) from prominent gambling game developers. Therefore you don’t get fraud when you buy online casino games. White Label format will take care of it for your casino business.

Technical Support: Work Staff

High-quality technical support is another reason why casino owners prefer the White Label option. As the working staff is the first thing they approach when some problems occur, all players, and casino owners understand the significant role of customer support in online gambling. Providing this type of professional level requires serious resources from time, staff, and money aspect. White label solutions typically offer the same provision for all customer support. 

Multiple Payment Options 

Another crucial step in launching your gambling site, with the use of a White Label business model, is to get a reliable payment system. This system offers numerous options to transfer and collect payment in a safe way. To be trust-worthy by other gamblers in the business, you have to sign a contract with a payoff system provider that can provide various options for different countries. 

Disadvantages of White Label Option

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There are also a few disadvantages of using the White Label casino business model. These disadvantages include followings we mentioned below:

  1. While using the White Label setup, you will only get a part of the entire earnings generated. You have to be sure about the percent you will get and what the terms are before you are involved in it.
  2. The confined ways of the promotion of gambling-products (casino games, software options) are one of the disadvantages of this solution. As the operatives supplying services are concerned about their prestige, they want to control the marketing campaigns of the start-up casinos. Sometimes they can even take full control of the new company. 
  3. Another disadvantage of White Label format is its fixed range of settings. White Label packages come as complete products. Therefore, the operator can access the settings of the game too little or can’t. The only one who can make changes in the developer himself. Therefore, if the operator wants to get access he/she has to ask the developer for this. 

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If you are about to start an online casino business, you may take your time and think about the White Label online casino solution. To buy an online casino is much easier than to start it from zero. As a result, the customer who used White Label will get a gambling license, integrated payoff systems, 7/24 working staff and technical support, famous games from leading game developers, a professionally organized resource, an affiliate system, and a client base. It also can help a new casino to quickly earn the loyalty of clients and find its customers. White Label format will also allow you to save a part of your money.

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