Cloud-based Solution to Manage Your River Sweepstakes Cafe

River Sweepstakes System provides your business with a complete collection of solutions that offer 99.99% uptime feature and more than 70 up-to-date games.

Our System

If you are looking for a sweepstakes system, you are fed up with the burdensome task of managing your sweepstakes cafe. And if you are reading about our River Sweepstakes System, you have already found the right solution for your business.

We offer you a simple system to connect the gadgets to your network and manage their operations. Under the supervision of our solutions, your clients will purchase some Internet time and will be able to play engaging, up-date betting games to win prizes.

Management of your business will become easy to monitor and operate with the assistance of our data entering, reporting tools, and extra promotional features. Your customers will enjoy playing in your River sweepstakes cafe wherever and whenever they want. Our easy to install, budget, and user-friendly solutions guarantee smooth management for you and the best gaming experience for your clients.

Our Solutions Include

Multidevice Access
– Internet connection is all you need to access the games Stimulating Bonuses
– Induce your customers to play by granting cash bonuses to try Wheel of Fortune
– A promotional method to guarantee gamers keep playing every day Cashback
– When things go wrong, spin the wheel and get some refund Community Board
– Increase your stakes to get more of prizes

Advantages We Provide

Playriverslot, with its low-cost solutions, will even aid even the new business owners with a limited budget. We offer endless features that will guarantee that no business owner bears the prohibitive initial investment costs. What makes our services cost-effective is that you do not spend a penny for locating a server in a physical location as our solutions are cloud-based. There exist no hidden cost of equipment or fees. We also provide additional promotional tweaks, such as a variety of bonuses and community challenge awards, that will make your business more engaging. Besides, any new game will be added to your library entirely for free. Brand new sweepstakes games will advance the gaming experience your business offers, and you will enjoy the highest profits.

How it Works?

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Our promotion materials are featured with various bonuses and a community prize board to keep your customers entertaining.

Single player account for all devices

Anyone who has Internet access can play.

Promotions Bonus Module

Use a separate module inside Point-of-Sale to create personal bonuses for customers at your own discretion.

Matchup Bonuses

Fast start for your new customers! Credit them few bonus dollars to try.

Daily Wheel

Another promo tool to keep your customers returning to your location each 24 hours.


Spin a wheel of fortune to get 5-25% refund if the luck is not on your side today

Community board

Increase your bet level by ¢5 to win 1 of 4 progressive mystery prizes.

Free-of-charge and Automatic Updates

Enjoy up-to-date games without any cost Cloud-Based

Do not waste your resources on physical data servers More than 70 Games

Engage customers with a wide variety of games offered At-Home Playing

Access extensive player base with a play-at-home feature Mobile POS

Use any device to monitor Fee-free

Do not worry about hidden fees of servers or updates No Regular Maintenance

Reap the benefits of our Cloud-Based System Easy to Install

Get our system in your cafe for less than 1 hour Longest Server Uptime

Our server will not be down even with the low Internet speed

Video tour

Are you still hesitant to use our River Sweepstakes solutions? If you still do not know how to utilize our services, in this video you can get familiar with our system. With the help of our instant reporting features and bonus structure, management will be sound and smooth. Whether you own one or tens of branches, you will not believe how much our services will simplify your job.


We did our best and created a comprehensive system that will turn your challenging administrative task into an easy piece of cake. Advanced management functions offered by River Sweepstakes System will not only make your business more effectively but also help you decrease the costs. Working with our system is not burdensome because of a simple and intuitive interface. You can even monitor the current actions going on in your branch from home with the help of real-time reporting functions. Besides, you do not need to worry about any flaws in daily operations as the system will automatically save all the entered data.

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