Video Slot Machine Games Basics – Simple Slot Machine Guide

Video Slot Machine Games Basics – Simple Slot Machine Guide


Gambling lovers know the popularity of slot games. They are the most popular types of casino games. They are like a mix of nostalgic and modern games, especially online slots. Video slot machine games have some features that make them unique and easy to play. Every year, millions of transactions happen in the casino industry. And thanks to technological improvements, they are becoming more and more convenient to play. People have the chance to experience all the joy while sitting at home. 

But what are the basics of the video slot machine games? What to do while playing on them? In this article, we will look at some pivotal techniques for playing slot games. They include how to play, how to win, and how they work. And in the end, we will look at some misconceptions about video slots. There are some myths and facts, so that we will compare them.

How To Play Video Slot Machine Games?

Playing slot games may seem easy. People may assume that the only thing you should do is guessing and waiting. But obviously, it is not what makes them the most popular casino games in the world. Now we have video slots, mobile slots, and online slots in our hands. Playing them is a solo endeavour. The most common ones of them are nickel and penny video games as well as reel-spinning and quarters. They differ for their variable characteristics and features. But the manners you play on them are nearly the same. 

The first manner is about payment. In land-based slots, you should slide your cash into currency acceptor. In case you play online slots, make sure you made your payment. The credits will appear on the spin or the meter. If you are playing the reel-spinning game, you have to push the “bet” button until you reach the limit. Or there is a second possibility. By selling “play maximum credits,” the video slot machine will get the instructions. And it will start playing the highest number of coins allowed on the device. Then, you should hit the button “spin reels” or pull the lever. After that, you should wait for your fate. 

In the video slot casinos, the case is different. All you should do is pushing the button. The first button must indicate the number of paylines you need to activate. And the second one should determine the number of credits you wish to wager per each line. You choose the new betting combination. Otherwise, you may select the spin again button. That option will allow you to play with the same combination. 

How To Win?

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If you look through the internet, you will see some basics and guides to win. Each of them follows specific techniques and strategies. According to these sources, software providers skip some steps in game development. So you may deceive the slot machines and win all the time. But technically, this is impossible. Because no matter how brilliant a player you are, you will always have ups and downs. It is normal if you consider your winnings depend on pure luck and experience. But the winning techniques will depend on whether you play a reel-spinning game or a video slot game. 

Reel-spinning Slots

Most of the reel-spinning machines have got only one payout line. Some exceptions may have three or five, but mostly there is single of them. The symbols stop on the payout lines, which happens after you pull the lever. In these types of slots, you will see a certain kind of symbol. They include double bars, bars, cherries, sevens, and in some cases, triple bars. The payouts and slot cashback you receive depends on the machine you are using. Some stops may be blank, and that means there will be no payout. And keep in mind that you may win progressive jackpots only by betting maximum coins. 

Video Slot Machine Games

They are like the representation of five-reel games on the screen. There is no difference in gameplay or graphics, unlike, for example, internet sweepstakes. Usually, the paylines run straight. But there are some paylines in the form of V, upside-down V or zigzag. Most video slot machines have five paylines, which may be more than that, even up to a hundred. Alongside standard payouts, we also see the scatter pays in video slot machines. Certain symbols may trigger a payout that does not even exist on the payline on the screen. When playing video slot games, there also can be bonus events. While playing a video slot casino, you aim the winning combinations. When you achieve that, you will see your winnings added to the credit meter.

How Do Video Slot Machines Work?

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Unlike the tablet sweepstakes games, you do not play the slot games against other opponents. Your only opponent is the machine, and that makes slot games even more exciting and disturbing at the same time. That is why in the guideline to winning, you must understand how slot machines work. 

Similar to the microprocessors in computers, there are random number generators in video slot machines too. People, in most cases, call them “the brain of slot machines.” That device randomly generates some numbers that determine the winning combinations through symbols. 

In symbols, each possible combination refers to a number. When you decide to pull a lever or continue spinning, the RNG gets the signal. And after that, you see the combination of numbers where the reel stops. Interestingly, RNG calculates and decides it beforehand. 

There are always some complicated algorithms behind every video game. Some of them do not even need to know. But one thing is significant to remember. No matter if you play video slot machine games or online slots, the RNG always forms a random combination of symbols. It means that the winning chances of a mix in the machine are equal to any other. So if you see a guideline that guarantees you to win in every video slot machine game, skip it because there is no way to find a particular path in randomness. 


In any popular topic, people have some myths in their minds. In most cases, they are far from reality. When it comes to playing video slot machine games, there are plenty of myths too. They may continue to exist today, whether thanks to movies or by mouth. People often believe that if you play some machines for a long time without a payout, your chances of winning a big payouts increase. But that is not true. Otherwise, the software providers would consider this before people that play the games. Because if the machines use random number generators, there can not be any machine “due” for a payout. Playing in a single video slot machine has nothing to do with your winning chances.

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