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Compact device with notable features to enjoy the unique experience of the gaming world.
Tablet Sweepstakes River Gaming

Gaming Tablet Sweepstakes as Ultraportable Game Studio

No bulky computers or smartphones with slow processing speed. River Slots Tablet Sweepstakes Software directly connects you to the game world and is a great alternative to immobile gadgets. With our solution, your gamers will enjoy every moment of playing modern and engaging games. By using cutting-edge technological features, we ensure that with tablets, you will feel the exact same gaming experience as with other devices. Besides, our gaming tablet brings convenience as you will not need any cables, furniture, or LAN network. All you need to do is connecting the internet via WiFi, upload the app, and enjoy quick access to more than 50 up-to-date games. 

River Slots Tablet Sweepstakes is not only a perfect solution for players; our sweepstakes system creates a plethora of advantages for the business owners, too. You will be able to save many costs created by physical location as our units can be installed in any place, namely, stores or bars. River Slots Tablet Sweepstakes is ideal for sweepstakes, arcades, and for your internet cafe. In addition, our solutions are budget-friendly and easy to set up. You just plug in, and games are ready to play. We provide online access to the system, so that, you can monitor current transactions and game history remotely. Playing with our tablets is easy, convenient, and engaging. Besides, gamers earn community jackpots and win other cash prizes.

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Advantages of Our Solutions

Budget-friendly price

Easy to install

Great performance even with slow speed

No battery problem with exceptional charging rack

Protection of tablets by durable covers

Major Features

Full HD game library with 50+ games

Mobile POS

Easy to install

Reporting tools of statistics and transactions

Minimal support

Community jackpot

Ideal For

Sweepstakes cafes
Internet Cafes