How Do Internet Cafes Make Money and How Much Do They Earn?

How Do Internet Cafes Make Money and How Much Do They Earn?


Internet cafes gained considerable recognition as a casino gaming platform in recent years. The sweepstakes become popular because of the accessibility and legal advantages over online casino games. Many gaming centers switched to cyber cafes and started offering casino types of games. The question is, do operating cyber cafes is profitable? How much money do internet sweepstakes cafes make, and how do internet cafes make money in the first place? This post aims to answer these questions and look at the aspects which bring profit to the internet sweepstakes cafe owners.

The Handle

The handle is the first way that helps internet cafes to earn money. It is an excellent tool for sweepstakes cafe owners, regardless of the provided games. The handle refers to the initial amount that all the players put in bets. For example, in table games that you can find in sweepstakes cafes, the handle portrayed as cash or chips, which consist of the total bet amount by players. That money could go to the two ways: the first prediction is the case where the player wins, and the second is when he/she loses it. Some players of the sweepstakes internet cafes confuse the handle with drops. Though, they are two different aspects of the casino games. 

The drops refer to the amount of credit that has been traded for chips in the game. Let’s look at the example from blackjack to understand the concept better. In blackjack the metal dropbox that you can see on the corner of the computer screen is the drop, Players who came to play this game in sweepstakes cafes, drop their coins or money to that box and get credit slips instead.

Which Factors Influence The Handle, and How Do Internet Cafes Make Money From That?

Internet cafes generally get more income when they find a method that can increase the aspects such as house edge, the average bet, and the amount of time each user spends on computers. If there are fewer users in the sweepstakes cafe and fewer bets made, it leads to a decrease in the handle, which results in less profit for sweepstakes cafe owners. If we look at the cyber cafe as a business, then we can see the overall amount of the handle is obtained through an average bet, time, and capacity use.

That explains the idea behind why most of the sweepstakes cafes games are based more on average user bets and the playtime, and less on how much you win or lose in that particular game. An internet cafe that has 30 slot machines or computers is only profitable when all of these machines are in use. That is the part where the capacity of the use came into the scene as one of the ingredients that define how do internet cafes make money. The more slot machines are used at the same time; the more income will be generated by internet sweepstakes cafes.

Average Bet and Impact Of It

how do internet cafes make money

The average bet for most of the sweepstakes cafe games is constant. In most of the slot games and table games, a minimum amount is applied throughout the cyber cafes. Though, it is tough to find a sweepstakes cafe that offers minimum bet for games like blackjack. The rules of the sweepstakes games may dictate players to bet higher than average. Let’s divide this matter into several parts and see what sweepstakes cafe expects in return from these games. It is a simple calculation: the cyber cafe awaits a particular amount for each round in the blackjack.

How Much Money Do Internet Sweepstakes Cafes by Dictating The Rules of The Games?

The dealers can go up to 375 dollars for each player. If all of the users bet at 2 dollars, the initial amount will be equal to 750 dollars. It is only applied to the cases where no double down or split happens in the game. On the other hand, if cyber cafe dictates the rules of the game and let’s say each player should pay 25 dollars at least, then the table amount will go as high as 4125 dollars in only one hour. Low limits can affect the cyber cafe’s income in a variety of ways. For example, it can lead to a drop in several wealthy customers, and also it can reduce the number of overall players, which will lead to the lags in the game.

House Edge

On each bet, cybercafes have a statistical advantage over players, which is one of the ways that explains how do internet cafes make money. The term that makes this process possible is called the house edge. What is a gamble? As internet cafe sweepstakes games online are part of the gambling industry, we need to mention this matter as well. A gamble is a theoretical advantage that sweepstakes cafes hold in every game. The outcome of most slot games and any other popular sweepstakes game is unknown. So, that means, if customer losses, the cybercafe wins.

Sides of the House Edge

how do internet cafes make money

There are two sides of the house edge in online gambling. The first side is positive, and the second one is the negative house edge. A definite house edge is what cyber cafe slot machines hold after players make their bets. If players win more than the initial bet amount, this will create a negative house edge. If you are still wondering how do sweepstakes internet cafes make money, the answer is by having a definite house edge. Let’s give an example of slot machines and see how the house edge works in practice.

Imagine a sweepstakes cafe that offers online video slots. A slot machine that provides these games takes money from the players as a bet amount. If players’ initial bet during the day is 100 dollars and the RTP force slot machine to payout 80 dollars, the sweepstakes cafe would be able to earn 20 dollars. Hold percentage is another factor that can help us to determine how do internet sweepstakes cafes make money.

In most of the cyber cafes, the hold percentage of the slot machine is equal to 2 percent. Let’s take that per one spin, casino slots charge you with 1 dollar. During the same day, the casino slot machine may record 1000 spins, which are equal to 1000 dollars for the initial amount. In that case, players will earn only 20 dollars because, as we mentioned earlier, the hold percentage is equal to 2 percent. So, sweepstakes cafes get 980 from only one slot machine if they employ this strategy.

Final Thoughts

Some of the actions that are taking place in sweepstakes cafes aim to increase the income while others focus more on extending the comfortability for players. Overall we discussed and tried to clarify how do internet cafes make money. As you can see, it is a very profitable business if we look from the owner’s standpoint. Though, players also can benefit from this because of the factors such as Return to Player rate of online slots or RNG of the slot machines. Hopefully, the provided information will clear your thoughts about how sweepstakes cafes generate profit.

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