Roulette Games For Sale: Tips and Tricks

Roulette Games For Sale: Tips and Tricks


Online roulette may not be the most popular online gambling game out there, but it surely has its own group of admirers. The game of roulette, in general, represents a pillar in casino history, and no casino, offline or online, can go without it. We’re all familiar with this game, whether we already made bets on it or we’ve seen it in iconic Hollywood movies. Regardless, we all know that roulette comes with a glamour feeling but also a lot of strategies and tricks. All roulette games for sale apply when it comes to tips and tricks, with slight changes depending on the background. In this article, we are shedding some light on the differences between online and offline roulette strategies. Also, check out these great tips and tricks and save them for your next game!

Offline VS. Online Roulette Games for Sale

A lot of gamblers wonder if there are any differences between online and offline roulette games for sale. Well, there are some significant changes, meaning that a computer controls most actions when it comes to online roulette. However, live roulette is a mix between these two and turned out to be the player’s favorite. Live roulette is actually live streaming of your bets and uses a real dealer to spin the wheel. You can play this game from anywhere in the world, most online casino software providers developing mobile gambling apps as well. Moving on, let’s see how you can get the best out of any online roulette game using this simple advice. 

Outside Bets Are the Best 

If you are familiar with roulette, you already know that there are two types of bets. If you are still at the beginner level, then you should know that you can bet from inside or from outside. Outside bets have a lower payout rate, but they have higher winning chances. This is because you bet on a broader category of numbers, respecting some basic roulette rules. 

Inside bets, more often than not, limit the player to one number. You’ll get a higher payout rate, but your chances to win the jackpot are decreasing. 

Roulette casino games work better if you place your money on outside bets. There are five different types of bets you can make: column bet, dozen bet, betting on a color, bet on odd or bet on low or high. All bet types have different winning rates, but we will show you how and when to use each one of them. 

American VS. European Roulette

Roulette games for sale

American and European online roulette are as different as their land-based predecessors, starting with the table’s layout. The American version has 38 pockets, while the European one has only 36. American roulette presents two extra green pockets for zero and double zero, while the European roulette has only a green pocket for zero. The zero position is the detail that changes everything and influences the house edge. The American roulette has lower odds; therefore, the house edge is bigger.

As you’ve probably guessed it by now, European roulette is our go-to online gambling roulette. The house edge on most online casino websites stands at 2.7% compared to American’s 5.2%. Knowing your house edge and even the overall odds are extremely helpful for your budget and track record. Below, you can find the compared odds for the five types of bets used on both American and European roulette. 

BetAmerican RouletteEuropean Roulette
Even money bet46.37%48.6%
Column bet31.58%32.4%
Dozen bet31.58%32.4%
Straight Up bet2.63%2.7%
Split bet5.26%5.51%

Supposing you chose the online European roulette, then we’ve got another smart trick for you: use the rules. You might have heard about the “En prison” roulette rule, which basically means “in prison.” You can only use it on the European version of the gambling game, and it happens when the ball lands on zero. Your bet gets imprisoned, and you get another spin; if you win, you get your money back. If it is possible, use this rule and double your money in less then a few seconds. 

The Column Betting Strategy

The column betting strategy is the most used approach in both offline and online sweepstakes games for sale. A typical roulette game has three columns, and the whole point of this strategy is to bet on only one column. You can bet on red or black, highs or lows or odds versus even on the same column. This strategy represents an outside bet, so your winning chances are even higher than usual. While this strategy may not work 100% of the time, it undoubtedly increases your lucky chances.

The Martingale Strategy

This roulette strategy is famous in land-based casinos, but gamblers can easily apply it on online gambling websites as well. This online casino trick is mostly destined for beginners, because it is easy to remember and apply, and it pays out quite fast. The only disadvantage is that you won’t get a lot of money out of it, but it is excellent if you just started playing roulette games for sale. 

The Martingale strategy requires you to double your bet every time you lose, until you actually start winning. When you eventually win, the amount of money you just won makes up for your losses and even more. After this step, you should return to your initial bet and start over with this strategy. Some times, it can get tricky, especially when you don’t manage your bankroll correctly. However, if you start with a low bet, this strategy will work out correctly. 

The Online Roulette Rule Book

Roulette games for sale

Asides existing online casino tips and tricks, there are some unwritten rules meant to improve your gambling experience. Some might refer to pre-set website features, legal issues, or maybe your own gambling style.

First of all, managing your bankroll is very important no matter what kind of casino game you are betting on. From video slot machine games for sale to roulette games for sale, you have plenty of choices to spend your money on. Making smaller bets and avoiding higher limit casino games will surely help your budget, while you gain more experience.

Second of all, take what the website gives you! Most online casinos let you play online casino games for free the first time you click on them. This is a great advantage, especially if you are an online roulette beginner. You can get used to the game, know the betting system, and other useful information. Also, like slot machine games for sale, you can access different kinds of bonuses while playing online roulette. Watch out for those, because most online casinos offer them on a limited period.


In conclusion, most offline roulette tips, tricks, and strategies apply to online roulette games as well. You can access entirely computer-controlled roulette games, but you can choose live roulette too, if you want a taste of brick and mortar casinos. Roulette games for sale may not be the star of online gambling websites, but people love them because they are so easy and fun to play. 

While roulette basics and features didn’t change, you should take extra care when betting online. Sign-up to trusted online casinos that use verified sweepstakes software products. Online gambling safety is the community’s no.1 issue, and it should be yours too. Now that you have an entire arsenal of material, choose your favorite roulette game and start gambling!

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