Slot Machine Games Everyone Loves to Play

Slot Machine Games Everyone Loves to Play


The slot machine games online are a set of reels and spins. The games have almost similar elements. The said themes have related identifiable items as well as the structure is very dynamic, the gameplay is known to be thrilling and exciting. The game consists of reels and pay lines and comes with rewards and bonuses to make the online sweepstake game more exciting. Along with playing some fun games, one can also try their luck and win some money too. Let’s see some of the best online slot machine games one can play:

#1 Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon

The Bruce lee, the name says it all it was themed on the master artistic Bruce lee. The background story laid here is the journey of Bruce Lee in becoming the Jeet Kune Do, the master the world knows. The game begins with some traditional Chinese music to give you the right feels, once the player spins the symbols of Bruce Lee, they are able to do the exact martial art movies steps and make you go down a childhood memory lane. The slot game will have five reels and comes with varied special features too. People get many rewards, such as free spins and clumped wilds.

Now, if the player is interested in playing and getting trained with the master, they can play as Bruce lee the fire of a dragon and the gold nugget.

#2 White Buffalo One of the Best Slot Machine Games

Developed by Microgaming developers, White Buffalo is one of the most popular slot machine games for PC. This slot game for real money has a powerful buffalo that depicts strength as well as luck. Along with the white buffalo, the game also features various tribes on a snow-covered hill. One can get to see furry animals as well.

The reason why this game is so popular is because of the symbols appear to be quite spiritual. Most of the gamblers believe in luck as well as spirituality. This is also one reason why most of the online slot players love to play White Buffalo.

#3 Deal or No Deal

slot machine games

It is one of the most popular online slot machine games for PC. It is for the fans who have seen the show hosted by Howie Mandel named Now-shelved-cult-classic. They will love the game even more because the symbols represent a lot of resemblances in the slot title. So this adds up the fun twice.

Deal or no deal is a five-reel video slot game with 20 lines. The game has a progressive jackpot, and it also provides three different sizes of the coin that are available in each slot title that comes with individual pots. One can check the online casino tricks to win a jackpot before going for one. This game has a lot of amazing features and gives a thrilling experience to the player.

The player needs to go on the slot machine games online and spin it to see whether they have a deal or not. You can play the game online easily.

#4 Jumanji

Who doesn’t love Jumanji, and to relive this experience, this is the best online slot game one can play? Based on the 1995 film, people play it for real money. The game has around five spins, and the 36 lines to bet on the board. The basis is on the symbols resembling the storyline of the film.

The player needs to hit some combos with some symbols, namely J, Q, K, and along with this alphabetical symbol they also have a rhino and crocodile and to make the game even more interesting they have added Jumanji itself, to let the player feel he is in familiar territory. To make the game enjoyable, they have also added an inept of randomly triggered in-games and wild symbols with rewards, bonuses, stock symbols and even some free spins too. These features help you win the game easily.

#5 Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

slot machine games

Wheel of fortune, the one word we have all heard and makes us feel too good for ourselves. A popular game show is the basis of this game. In the show, it takes the payer on a memorable journey with the reels of fortune. Creator of the game is IGT, and has received a tremendous response from the audience and players and has offered almost at all online slots and websites.

Now talking about the game, it has around five reels and 30 of pay lines. Although the slot is full of many in-game bonuses, this online casino slot game lacks the progressive jackpot feature available at different games, but the best part is the player doesn’t have to do much to redeem the said bonuses. The game gets triggered with various symbols that appear on the outcome of the said spin. You can play this game on different online websites as it is amongst the best slots to win real money.

#6 Monopoly Mega Movers

Don’t judge the game by name. It is more than just the everyday monopoly game. One has to follow Mr Moneybags which is a dynamic multi-line as well as adventurous online slot machine game. It is one of the best monopoly slots for you to get your hands on. It also has symbols of T-Rex, Rubber Duck, and Penguin ad has also added some pieces from the monopoly game.

This game can compete with any other best slots to play online and still win. It has around five spins and has 30 pay lines that make the spinning exciting at another level. The game comes with rewards of varied sorts, from bonuses to free games. There is a lot of scopes to explore for the player. Once you spin if the luck goes right, you may also win free slot spins from the respective wheel fortune.

#7 Wolf Reels

Wolf Reels is one of the most famous and popular online slot machine games. The game has taken the thrill to another level with its mind-blowing graphics and the exquisite wolf symbol that it has. The game consists of some vast, gigantic vicious figures from varied animal species. With this online slot, you get to do the same and get some adventurous experience.

The best feature of this game is the attractive bonuses and rewards that it has to offer. This online sweepstake game is a bit different from the others as it has four levels of winning the slot. Once the player passes the beginning level, which is the red level, they move on to another level, where they can win a better amount. This feature of the game makes Wolf Reels furthermore amazing.


The online slot machine games are something that is getting very famous and popular amongst youngsters. For those who can’t go to the casino to get the real feel and enjoy sitting at their home playing the same slot machine games online and get the experience.  There are many alternatives for you to try, such as Temple Riches, Dragon Seven, Magic Tree, Sticky Bugs, and so on. In these games, the player has the option to relieve some of the old childhood memories. Along with that, the player can also win some money as well as have some right amount of fun. Moreover, you can even start your own internet sweepstakes cafe with a range of games from PlayRiverSlot. Can you name me a better combination, where you earn cash for playing some games, you love?

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