Bitcoin Casino Software Providers in Online Gambling Industry

Bitcoin Casino Software Providers in Online Gambling Industry


Do you have information on the latest trends in online casinos? Did you know that there are several online gambling portals in which you can use cryptocurrencies? Regardless of the answers, keep reading because this post aims to cover the usage of cryptocurrencies in those platforms and explore bitcoin casino software providers. Before getting into that, let’s briefly talk about bitcoin and then switch to bitcoin casinos.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin got famous during the last decade, and it is now known as the most popular cryptocurrency value around the world. It is a decentralized crypto-currency that was first created in 2009. Bitcoin is designed with open-source specifications. Besides, it can be software-based on peer to peer networks. There are several procedures that Bitcoin can be helpful for. For example, transaction processing and validation are among them. As Bitcoin got widely known by people, the ways which you can acquire it start to grow as well. Any of us can now buy Bitcoins and use it as a payment method. You can do the same procedure in online casino platforms through bitcoin casino software.

Bitcoin Casino Software

With the emergence of Bitcoin, casino software providers decided to focus on this aspect of online gambling platforms. They thought that Bitcoin would be a better alternative for both electronic money and traditional currencies. The main reason why this type of casino software gets the recognition was the demand by players. Players around the world liked the idea of increased anonymity and transparency that Bitcoin allows us to use. So, casino software providers improved online casino payment processing functions and introduced Bitcoin as a payment method for all the gambling players. Bitcoin usage as an alternative to a payment method is a beneficial act for both casino operators and players. As we discussed the benefits for players, so, let’s move on to explore the advantages that crypto-casinos create for owners.

There are a number of competitive advantages that Bitcoin casino owners can get from cryptocurrency services. First of all, with the growing popularity of this matter, using Bitcoin online casino software will help owners to generate more players to their respective casino platforms. Using Bitcoin casino software can also increase the fairness aspect of the online gambling platforms in the eyes of players. You can make sure that all the players are on the same page, and they know that the outcome of the games is solely based on their input and the Random Number Generating system. While Bitcoin is one of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies, there are other options that you can employ in your online casino platform. For example, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum are just some of the examples of cryptocurrency values that can be converted to online casinos through software.

We made a list of bitcoin online casino software providers. So, let’s start with Playfors.


bitcoin casino software

Playfors is well-known and one of the most renowned one-stop when it comes down to choosing a bitcoin casino software for your platform. They provide customers with interactive online casino slots in which you can use Bitcoin as a major payment method. Playfors offer high-quality online casino software at a reasonable price. Several online casino platforms employ this product. For example, the most famous one is the Bitoomba.

Ultra Play

Ultra Play is another casino software and game provider on this list. It is popular for its video slot machine games, and recently they added Bitcoin casino software to their arsenal. The development of turn-key iGaming software packages is one of the strengths of the company. They offer software solutions for both online casino platforms, lottery sites, and SportsBook. They provided several online casino platforms with Bitcoin software. Notable mentions are Peerbet and Bit 777 Casino.

Soft Swiss

Soft Swiss is an online casino software provider that launched in 2008. They offer various services to their customers. For instance, you can contact them for unique software engines, gaming license support, up to date online casino games, and more. In addition to that, they have a new product, which is bitcoin online casino software with provably fair custom. In comparison with other brands of this caliber, Soft Swiss lacks the number of casino slots in their gaming packages.

On the other hand, they specialize in cryptocurrency casino building and can support clients who want to build their platform based on that matter. Several clients used their services regarding bitcoin casinos. For example, the most popular platforms are Bitcoin Casino 24 and Betcoin Sports.


Playtech is one of the largest online casino software providers in this industry. The company was established in 1999 and has over two decades of experience in casino game and software development. They provide various products for different platforms, including casinos, live betting, sports betting, and lottery sites. They utilize online casino platforms with Bitcoin casino software as well, and they are quite good at it.

Besides these industrial giants, there are a number of providers who specialize in bitcoin gaming. For example, Riversweeps Platinum, RTG, Top Game, Net Entertainment, and BetonSoft are just some of them. With the growing interest in bitcoin casinos, the competition among those brands will surely reach new heights in the following years. So, let’s continue with other notable brands.  


bitcoin casino

Since 1994 Microgaming has been providing online casino platforms with software products. They develop products for live dealer gaming platforms, poker sites, brick and mortar casinos, mobile casino platforms, as well as online gambling systems. Bitcoin casino software is one of their newly developed products, which can be helpful for casino operators. The online casino software price of Microgaming is very high if we consider the average for this industry. That is the main reason why new casino businesses cannot afford to cooperate with them.  

Riversweeps Platinum

Riversweeps Platinum is an LA-based casino software and online slots provider. They have a rich gaming library, and they provide four types of casino software for online gambling platforms. They are sweepstakes, internet cafes, online casinos, and finally, Bitcoin casino software. Besides, the online casino software price of Riversweeps Platinum is reasonable for all types of casino platform operators. Riversweeps bitcoin online casino software provides its clients with fair gaming experience, safe and secure depositing options, quick withdrawals, and exclusive bonuses designed for bitcoin casinos. By getting bitcoin online casino software from Riversweeps Platinum, you will make sure to:

  • Protect the privacy of users
  • Offer seamless payment methods by secure transfer options
  • Get the ability to control your financial operations fully
  • Enjoy high-quality management tools

Final Thoughts

If you would like to play casino games with ease and without worrying about privacy issues, you need to choose the platforms powered by the bitcoin casino software. In these platforms, you do not have to share your personal and sensitive information while making transactions, that is why more players like to play in bitcoin casinos. Besides that, it is affordable for players to use Bitcoin casinos instead of platforms that offer traditional fiat currency as a payment method. Using Bitcoin means that there is no need to pay additional fees for a third-party payment provider; that is why it is efficient for players to employ this decentralized peer to the peer payment method in the casino.

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