What Every Player Need to Know About Casino Bonus Codes

What Every Player Need to Know About Casino Bonus Codes


Regardless of the type of industry, every entrepreneur is trying to grow their business. There are several ways to do this, and naturally, one of the surest is the growth in demand for the product. In this regard, online casinos are no different. To increase and maintain high demand (for sweepstakes sites, this is calculated by engagement rate), online casinos try to attract as many new consumers as possible by promoting their systems. The most popular solution to the given problem for both online platforms and sweepstakes enthusiasts has been generous bonus packages, which not only propel the business upward but also delight a vast number of users with various options. Most of them are very easy to activate through casino bonus codes. You can find them both on casino platforms themselves and social media pages of the respective brands. 

In this article, you will be able to familiarize yourself in detail with the bonus features of the online casino businesses in 2021, as well as find out how easy it is to get the desired bonus codes.

Which Bonuses are Beneficial for Players?

1. Welcome Bonus

This bonus is given to new users for registering on the online platform and is often the most generous of all gaming offers. During registration, you need to make a minimum deposit to your riversweeps account balance, after which you will be given a casino bonus code, or it will be activated automatically. 

This bonus is a percentage of the increase in winnings and directly depends on your bet size. The best online casinos can provide up to 50 dollars worth of welcome bonuses, so when registering. 

2. Loyalty Points

Many sites are interested in keeping consumers on their platforms as long as possible, for which they create special packages for their loyal players. You can receive them in several ways:

1. Regularly play games of the casino platform for a certain period;

2. Buy a bonus package;

3. Find casino bonus codes to activate the provided promotions.

Loyalty bonuses usually offer free spins, monthly tournament invites, free big prize draws, and so on. However, this bonus package will expire if you stop logging into the casino account for longer periods.

3. High Roller Bonuses

This bonus is only valid for those who place large bets frequently. In such cases, the online sweeps cash casino provides special offers to such players. Sometimes a user can receive this bonus immediately during registration, in the case of making a considerable deposit.

4. Bonus for Using a Specific Payment System

casino bonus codes

In some cases, players are given a bonus if they withdraw their winnings or enter a deposit with a particular payment system, as a result of which they are granted a percentage of the total amount of money (up to 20%). The bonus can fully cover the costs of payment fees varying from one to three percent. 

5. Refund Bonus

Sometimes, if you lose in certain games, the online casino can return a small part of the lost bet as a bonus. Such rewards are complicated to find since they are entirely unprofitable for online casinos. However, many gaming sites that have just started their activity can introduce these bonuses to attract users’ attention.

6. Refer a Friend

This bonus is issued if the user can bring another person to the online casino. This bonus requires mandatory registration and a friend’s minimum deposit. 

What Are The Casino Bonus Codes?

Casino bonus codes are particular combinations consisting of letters and numbers. When you enter them, you will be given specific bonuses, gifts, discounts, and more. In some cases, bonus codes are issued by the online casinos themselves. They are either activated locally, or they have a certain period of use, after which the code ceases to be read by the site.

In some cases, online casinos use casino bonus codes as advertising on secondary sites to potential customers. The player will be able to activate these codes after registration and entering the minimum deposit.

Examples of Online Casino Bonus Codes for 2021 

Below we give you bonus codes from trusted sources, which you can evaluate for yourself when registering:

 1. Promo-code for LV Bet – BCVIP will activate 100% welcome bonus;

 2. Online code for EnergyBet – JOHNNYBET gives access to a $ 14 welcome bonus;

 3. Casino bonus code for Novibet – BCVIP opens a welcome offer up to $ 140;

 4. Code for Casino.com – Lightning Link activates up to 20 free spins;

 5. Casino bonus code for Energy Casino – ECVIP provides a $ 400 welcome bonus. 

Online Casinos with the Best Bonuses

Below you will be provided with an exclusive list of the best internet sweepstakes platforms offering their users the most generous bonus packages. 

Las Atlantis

The first line of our rating is honorably occupied by one of the most famous river sweepstakes casinos among American players, Las Atlantis. This site excites minds not only with a minimum deposit of only $ 10 but also with a welcome bonus from 280% to 14 thousand dollars. In addition, this platform issues casino bonus codes for free spins and no deposit casino games.

BetUS Casino

The American casino platform has quickly won the love of gaming enthusiasts for its tempting promotions, including a welcome bonus from 150% to $ 3,000 with a minimum deposit of $ 50.


Another excellent option for American players with a wide range of bonus packages is the 300% up to $ 6,000 welcome bonus. The required minimum deposit for players is $ 25.

5 Tips on How to Maximize your Bonus Gains

casino bonus codes

1. Choose sites with the highest percentages for welcome bonuses, as well as choose well-known sites. Legitimate casinos have a larger budget to provide you with more generous rewards. Moreover, they can be guaranteed to be trusted, unlike just launched startups.

2. Carefully study the conditions of the bonuses provided. Some bonuses can be one-time, while others are valid for a certain period. Thus, to withdraw bonus winnings, you need to count the wagering requirement.

3. Do not chase gifts and casino bonus codes. Often in the hunt for free prizes, players jump from site to site, eventually not having a sensible result in their hands. Online casinos love loyal customers, and if you choose one common platform for yourself, you will soon be able to access very lucrative loyalty offers.

4. Do your calculations. Don’t take online casinos at their word. As you play, make your calculations of bonus percentages. Of course, eminent rivers sweepstakes sites are unlikely to deceive you, but you should always guarantee yourself against miscalculations and fraud. 


Bonuses have become an integral part of any online casino, regardless of whether they are startups trying to attract first users or well-known river sweeps brands that have long made a name for themselves but continue to conduct an effective marketing policy through casino bonus codes and loyalty programs. In any case, not only the gaming site but also the player can benefit from such a situation. The only thing a player needs to know is how to manage bonuses and not to waste those opportunities. It is essential for every enthusiast, both professional and newbie, to be extremely careful and, lastly, trust their knowledge, which they can get from this article.

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