Video Poker Games: What Can We Learn About Them?

Video Poker Games: What Can We Learn About Them?


As one of the most popular and highly demanded online casino genres, video poker games provide players with exceptional features and entertaining gameplay. When they first got into the online casinos, many players thought that it was a bad idea as live casino poker was mainly dominant at the time. However, video poker became as compelling as the land-based version because of the great additions to the game. 

It is a very unique and exciting casino game due to a variety of reasons. The high payout rate, intense competition, great online bonuses, and accessibility that sweeps cash casinos allow players to enjoy are just some of the perks of playing video poker games. In this article, we are going to cover video poker, the main strategies that you can employ, as well as discuss the different versions of this genre. 

Rules of Video Poker Games

Video poker games

The rules of video poker games are very straightforward. For those of you who have never tried it before, it can be a little bit complicated to comprehend. However, as you practice the game as well as use the cheat sheet for several days while playing, you will gain enough experience to enjoy this genre right away. 

The main goal in poker is to come up with a hand that has certain cards that create a combination that pays out. To start the game, you need to find an online casino website that offers video poker games and register at it. As you enter the sweepstakes game, you need to deposit and set your bet before pressing the deal button. 

As you press that button, the virtual dealer will hand you five cards. We are basing this example on the classic video poker, and depending on which version you are playing, the number of cards can be reduced to 3 as well. As the player gets five cards, he/she has the chance to exchange some of those cards in their turn for other cards from the dealer’s deck. 

Then, a draw happens, and the system analyzes each player’s hand to see if there are any winning poker hands among them. Because of the random number generation, it is very hard to come up with, let’s say, a Royal Flush. However, the RTP rate of poker is around 99 percent, and surely by employing the right strategy, you can come out as a winner in this version. 

What Are the Winning Hands? 

A winning hand refers to the five or four-card combination that pays out. Depending on which version of the poker you are playing, there can be slight differences in terms of the poker winning hands. However, the rankings stay almost the same even if you play three-card poker. So, the main winning hands, depending on their value, can be listed below. 

  • Royal Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • And Full House

A Royal Flush is the hand that has the highest payout potential, while the two of a kind have the lowest. To form a Royal Flush, the player has to collect Ten, Jack, Queen, King, as well as the Ace of the same suit. Therefore, it is not common to see this combination while playing video poker games as it is very hard, and it takes massive luck to combine all these five cards in one turn. 

What Are the Most Popular Video Poker Games Variations? 

There are a variety of different versions when it comes to rsweeps online  poker games. Below, we are going to discuss the most popular ones. 

Jacks or Better

It is one of the most demanded video poker variations that we have in the market right now. As you might expect, the difference between this version and the classic one is that to win in Jacks or Better, a winning hand should have at least two jacks regardless of the suit. 

Deuces Wild

Video poker games

It is another popular video poker variation that you can enjoy on online sweepstakes sites. Through this variation, you can use the Deuces (2) as a wild card and substitute for other cards to form a winning combination. You can form any other combination by using the 2s, and the only exception is the Royal Flush. Regardless of the number of wild cards you have, you cannot replicate the Royal Flush even in this variation. 

Joker Poker

It is another popular version of video poker games, and it is slightly different than the two versions that we have discussed above. The main difference here is about the availability of Joker among the 52 card deck. You are going to play this version with 53 or 54 cards instead of 52. Tow form a winning hand in Joker Poker; players have to combine at least a pair of Kings or better. 


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