Return to Player Rate: Why It is An Important Metric to Check

Return to Player Rate: Why It is An Important Metric to Check


Those of you who just started to play online sweepstakes games seem to have a little bit of difficulty while understanding the complicated terms that come along the way. If you are feeling the same way, you came to the right page. In this article, we will discuss one of the most crucial factors that determine the winning likelihood of players while enjoying sweepstakes games. If you want to know what is RTP, why Return to Player Rates matter, and how to calculate them easily, stay tuned!

What is RTP?

To put this into perspective, RTP is an abbreviation that is used to describe Return top Player Rate or Return to Player percentage. Every minor result that occurs as you play the game has something to do with this phenomenon. 

Generally, the newcomers face difficulties while dealing with such terms. They do not understand their meaning as well as their importance. After reading this post, you will fully get what RTP means and, therefore, make wise decisions while picking up the internet cafe sweepstakes games

Return to Player Rate is a certain percentage that online sweepstakes games will pay back in the long run. Most of the time, this definition can be misleading for players. They might think that they can only lose the percentage of house edge whenever they play. So, RTP will help them to get back the money that they have deposited in the first place. 

However, the system does not work like that. There is no timetable when exactly the machine will pay back that percentage. One thing is for sure. Eventually, the gaming machine will pay back a certain percentage of the whole deposits that have been made up until that point. 

How to Calculate a Return to Player Percentage and Figure out How Much You will Win/Lose? 

Return to player

As you understand the meaning of the Return to Player Rate, the next thing that you need to be informed of is the calculation process. It is not easy to calculate the exact amount that you can win or lose over time while playing sweepstakes slots. However, we will share the most straightforward approach that you can take to do so. 

For instance, imagine that you are playing a slot machine game that offers a 96 percent Return to Player Rate. In that slot machine, you have deposited around 100 dollars since you started the game. In that case, the exact game will payout 96 dollars over time. However, you might not be the player who received that prize as you will finish playing at some point during that day. 

You might be the lucky player and earn high jackpots through these systems. If you would like to know which games can offer you a better shot at winning those huge jackpots, you need to look at two different variables. The first one is the payout rate, and the Second one is volatility. We already discussed the RTP, and there is no point in getting over it once again. 

However, volatility is another thing that you need to keep in mind. If a game has high RTP and low volatility,it is good news.  That particular game offers you a higher chance to win the jackpot. However, the key here is that the hit frequency of that game is low. That diminishes your chances of greeting small but steady wins during the gameplay. 

House Edge

Another crucial aspect that we need to look through is the house edge. House edge is the exact opposite of Return to Player Rate. So what does that mean? That means the house edge is the percentage that an online sweepstakes platform will get regardless of how much you are going to deposit. If the RTP is 96 percent, like in the previous example, the house edge would be around 4 percent. That 4 percent will directly go to the platform.

How to Find High RTP Games?

Find High RTP Games

To increase your chances of winning, you need to find online slots that have a high Return Player Rate. But how to find them? There are a number of options in front of you if you are looking for such games. 

The first option is to analyze the online forums and read about the best video slots from experienced players. The second option is about the review sites that analyze each slot game separately. 

These review sites are great because not only will they share the exact percentage of the Return to Player rate, but also they will analyze other important factors that you might want to know about certain games. 

The last option that you would have is about analyzing the sweepstakes software providers. They mention the exact percentages on the game portfolio part, and you can directly enter those platforms if you would like to learn more details about the games that you are going to play. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Return to Player percentage is a very important aspect that you need to learn about if you want to win on online sweepstakes websites. One of the key matters that you need to know is that not every online sweepstakes games genre offers the same RTP percentage. The skill-based games such as video poker, blackjack and 21 tend to have higher RTPs rather than the chance-based one such as online slots, baccarat, keno, and craps has slightly lower Return to Player Rate and higher house edge. Hopefully, this article would help you to find better options and reach your goals while enjoying the real gaming experience. 

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