Types of Slots Machines: Everything You Need To Know

Types of Slots Machines: Everything You Need To Know


Slot games can be confusing, especially if you are new to the online slots. There are so many types of slots machines that sometimes, it might be challenging to know which ones are the best for you. The basics of any slot machines are the same; match symbols to get your winning combinations. 

Of course, with different types of slots machines, there’s bound to be exceptions. These exceptions play a significant role in how you win or lose. So do you know which types of slots machines are the best for you? Don’t stress out yet. After you’ve learned the primary different online slot machines, the rest is all about exposure. 

Take this blog as a guide to help you decide.

Types of Slots Machines

There are different types of slots machines, from single-coin and multi-coin to video slot machines. Choosing the right slot machine is very important for you. You don’t want to bet on a slot game that your bankroll cannot support. Here are the different kinds of slots machines and how you can choose the best one that fits you.

Types of Slots Machines By Denomination

One easy way to categorize slot machines is by their denominations. Some slot games only accept dollars, while others accept dollars. Some also allow you to choose from multiple denominations to attract different players to their game. The standard denominations for online slots include:

  • Nickels
  • Pennies
  • Quarters
  • Dollars
  • High Limit Slots

High limit slots are slot machines that demand large bets to play the game. They have a higher percentage of a payout than low limit slots. They usually have their section in the casino. If you have a high budget, you can try the high limit slots.

Due to upgrades in casino software, you can use all these denominations at the same terminal. It makes it easy and comfortable for you and increases your chances of winning.

Number of Reels


Reels are the spinning symbols located on the front of the slot machines. Back then, the reels were large metal hoops that spun inside the slot machine. But since the advent of the internet, these reels are just for show on video screens. The old traditional slot machines or popularly known as classic slots machines, used three reels. The more advanced kinds of slots machines use five to seven reels.

Three Reel Slots

types of slots machines

When it comes to the three reels, the possible number of combinations increases with the number of reels you spin. All these have made the high number reels more popular but also more complex and busier. But the three reels have active followers because not every player is interested in all the bells and whistles.

You will enjoy the classic slot if you are new to the slot machines, thus, if you prefer simplicity. The payouts are more substantial, but it takes longer before it happens. However, you can be sure you will receive the promised percentage due to the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Five Reel Slots

So far, the five-reel slots are the most popular video slot game. No doubt that they have exciting and engaging themes to hook you for 16 hours! They are nothing like the three reels. The five reels increase your chances of winning a combination. However, like all slot games, a chip in the game determines the payout. Statistically speaking, it means you will have small wins more and big wins less.

Six Reel Slots

Six-reel slots provide a wide range of possibilities. You can have bigger prizes for six combinations in a row, which makes it challenging to pull off. But it comes with more significant rewards if you can land the six combination rows. In short, the game offers you everything you want.

Seven Reel Slots

If you believe in the luck behind the number 7, you will love the seven-reel slots. It is easy to get small wins on each spin because of how the game was designed. Most seven-reel slots feature the number 7 as part of the symbols that appear on the reels.

Types of Slots Machines by Game Type

Slot games have changed over the years from basic three reels to interactive 3D video games with quality immersive sound. You can find these types of slots machines in the world, depending on where you are.

Video Slots

There’s a reason the video slot game has been around for one hundred years. The reason is that you can play at your own time and pace and don’t require any skills. With technology uprising, we can enjoy the game in the comfort of our homes. There are bonuses and surprise features for you to enjoy. Some of the video slots have up to one hundred paylines so that you can get your share of win in there.

Classic Slots

The classic slots are a perfect introduction for you if you are a beginner. The ease of operating and visual clarity helps you focus and learn the game without distraction. But they are also not for beginners alone. Some experienced players prefer simplicity compared to five-reel slot games.

Progressive Slots

types of slots machines

Progressive slots are popular since they give you a unique chance to win massive jackpots. The term “progressive” means that as long as people are playing the game, the prize will continue to rise until you win the jackpot. That’s the main advantage over regular jackpot games where the total amount of jackpot is fixed regardless of increased spins.

Class II and Class III 

In the United States, many jurisdictions have grouped slot machines into class II and class III slot machines. The class III slot games are the traditional slot games in Atlantic City, Reno, Las Vegas, and other prominent gambling destinations.

Class II games are found in smaller gambling places in the United States run by Native American tribes. The Class III slot game is referred to as the Vegas-style, and the spinning reels determine the outcome of each spin. And each spin is a separate event. Anything is possible with the limits of the slot game, whether winning or losing.

The Class II slot games are like lottery games and bingo. With this kind of play, the players play against each other to win a jackpot. The appearance and sound look like a traditional slot machine. The mechanism, however, is different. The results of each game rely on other results. There is a specific number of wins and losses for each number of sets given.


There are a few things you have to keep in mind. When you are playing different types of slots machines online, you have to set a budget and adhere to it. Play with an intent of fun instead of playing to win. When you do that, you’ll have a less emotional attachment, which can increase your winning chances. You can try progressive slots if you want to win big. Classic slot machines are ideal if you’re going to relax and have fun. Do you have experience with slot machines? Do you want to venture into the slot machine business? Then you can find out more on slot machine business for sale to begin your gambling business.

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