The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Slots

The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Slots


There are many great features of slot games. One of those features is progressiveness. In slot games, you will have a chance at significant wins through progressive jackpots. While you are playing a nonprogressive slot game, you will have an idea about the number of prizes. Before placing a bet, the player decides whether the jackpot worth it or not. However, progressive slots are a little bit different. In progressive jackpot games, you will never know the limit of the pot until it expires. Progressive slots are more intense and entertaining rather than nonprogressive ones. How is it played? 

How do progressive slots work?

progressive slots

The main rule of progressive slots is that, if no one hits the jackpot, then it will grow. Additionally, the prize pot in this type of game is increasing gradually. Each player that deposits some amount of wager contributes to the overall amount of jackpot in progressive slot games. Progressive jackpots have been established in brick and mortar casinos. However, casino slots online portal became an excellent fit for this game. Progressive slot games can be beneficial in earning the most fabulous prizes, just like sweepstakes games.

Moreover, there are common progressive jackpots that played through different countries and various people. Those slot games can help you in winning an extraordinary amount of cash. If all clear, we can move on to the history of progressive slot games. 

The emergence of telephone lines and wireless internet helped casinos to improve their system. Sweepstakes software created and modern technology vastly improved this business. They developed progressive slot machines that are operating at the same time. Meanwhile, those slot machines were contributing to the same jackpot. The first lucky player to hit the jackpot in progressive slot machines was the Reno. Reno got four point nine billion dollars through this game. Since that time, progressive slot games that pay real money are helping people to change their lives with those who absorb prizes. 

Online progressive slots

Until the early nineties, there were not any online progressive slot games. Advanced technology helped developers to create a product that players can obtain through the world wide web. Moreover, slot machines more sufficient at that time. New features added to those games, and from that time online progressive slots began revolutionizing the gambling industry. The first online progressive slot game was Cash Splash. This game was straightforward, and its traditional style quickly became famous among gambling players. In this game, there were three reels and only one pay line. However, this game showed the world what precisely the progressiveness means is and how players can adjust to the new wave of casino games. The gambling industry is improving rapidly. For example, nowadays we have riverslots mobile games that played through our cell phones.

Types of progressive slot games

Just like any other casino game, progressive slot games have different standards. The game rules are simple. In the slot game, your goal is to create a line of matching symbols. It is no different in progressive slot games. The more players contribute to the jackpot; the higher the amount will be earned. The technology involved in the improvement of casino slots online portals. Progressive slots are also affected by modern technology. However, even the most basic slot machine can provide players with at least three types of the progressive jackpot. 

The first one is the Mega jackpot in slot machines. This type of progressive slot jackpot is the highest reward that players can reach. Millions of dollars are fed into mega jackpots every year. However, the frequency of wins is not high. You will never know when luck will be on your side if you are aiming at Mega jackpot in slot games. The likelihood of this event is impossible to count and estimate. That is why, if you are willing to spend your time on this grand prize, make sure that your incentives are high enough. 

The second type of progressive slot is Major ones. It is one lesser version of mega jackpot slots. However, the good news is that the frequency of winning for significant jackpots is higher than mega ones. You will not get millions of dollars while playing this type of progressive slot game. Though, it should not demotivate you because rewards in major jackpots are also reasonably good enough. You can earn more than ten thousand dollars while playing Major prizes. It is better than nothing so, try your chances at both of them. 

The third type of progressive slot game is a minor jackpot. It is the lowest reward offering type of pot. There are advantages of playing small progressive slot games. For example, the frequency of winning the prize is higher than both mega and significant jackpots. You can obtain a few thousands of dollars by playing this type of slot game. As I said before, it is better than nothing so, do not lose your hope if you got unlucky for several tries. 

Highest progressive slot jackpot win ever

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The most valuable progressive slot result to this day belongs to Mega Mullah Player. He earned twenty-two million dollars by playing a progressive slot game. On every turn, the player put seventy-five cents to every pay line; in the end, he came out as a multimillionaire. This news is making progressive slots even more popular among online casinos. Lottery games are just like progressive slot games in nature. More people attend, but only a few ever win it. Odds of winning a jackpot in progressive slot games are tough. 

Even though you have information about volatility and return to player rate of the online casino, you cannot manage to calculate the odds. It is tough to win huge rewards by just depositing less money. If you aim at winning the jackpot from online progressive slots, keep in mind that, most of them are not allowing players who are under specific wagering limits. 


The first-ever progressive slot machine product launched in 1986. International Game technology launched this machine. That was one of the new inventions for the gambling industry at that time. The first-ever progressive slot machine was called Megabucks. Besides, at that time, the only place where this slot machine used in land-based casinos was the state of Nevada. In 1980ies progressive slots were not operating like it is working today. Only one slot machine at a time was able to produce a progressive jackpot game. In those years, we did not have high technological advancements and sweepstakes system. Thus those slot games were basic. 

Limits of progressive slot games

Just like in any other casino game, you need to be lucky to win progressive slot games. However, you need to bear in mind that other factors are as important as luck itself. The player should know the meaning of cash out limits. In other words, it means the number of rewards that a player can withdraw from an online casino over a specified period. If you are interested in progressive slots, make sure that you read the cash out policies of the online casino that you are playing. Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully, we could help you in forming ideas about casino slots online and progressiveness of them.


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