Slot Software Features that Make Casino Slots Special

Slot Software Features that Make Casino Slots Special


Online casino players love slot machine games. These multicolored machines give a high chance to win huge prizes, and they are exciting as well. That makes them popular among gambling players. Behind these slot machines, there is a slot machine software that controls the whole system. Without that, we cannot enjoy our favorite casino slots. Despite the simplicity of these games, casino slots get high demand by players because of the features that slot software provides us with. This post aims to cover slot games and the essential role of slot machine software on those games. Stay tuned!

Brief History of Online Slots

The digital version of the slot machine games was launched in the 1990s. At that time, these games were not as popular as they are today. Poker was considered the fan-favorite casino game back then. Through time, innovative features and winning opportunities for the slot games made a difference. Advanced technology plays an enormous role in the success of these games. New features that riverslot software allowed us to use while playing slot games made them more exciting than before. There are various sides of this software that we will discuss later. Before that, let’s quickly analyze how slot games work then move on to exploring slot machine software features. 

How Do Casino Slots Work?

  • Casino slot games work based on Random Number Generator
  • This system determines the symbols that will be shown on the reels
  • For every turn, Random Number Generator triggers a specific set of symbols
  • The main page of the slot game screen shows columns rows and distinctive symbols
  • Results are not predetermined, so, every spin is entirely independent of previous and next combination that would come up
  • That independence is a result of a random number generator system by slot software
  • Although it seems like there is a pattern, RNG system of the slots generate entirely new symbols on every turn
  • Before players push the start/spin button, they need to choose the amount for pay lines that they will play
  • The total credit of the slot players is deducted with the wager amount that they played on the previous turn, and every time they push the spin button, this process continuously happens. Exceptions can be the free spin chances and such bonus opportunities. In which players will not lose any money for certain spin count
  • If slot machine player lines up the same symbols on the reels, he/she wins the game and earn the prize according to the deposited amount on every pay line
  • Not only slots but also other casino games included the Random Number Generator system. Though it is not famous just like in slot game software systems because skill-based games do not require this system just like online slots

Features of Slot Software

slot software

The following are the most popular features of the slot game software that makes them so exciting for players. These are the features that players want to see on every casino that they visit to play online slots. 

Bonus Spins

Bonus spin is one of the attractive features that slot game software allows us to use. This feature is great for both players and casino operators because it gives another chance for players to try their luck one more time, and for casino operators, it helps to build a loyal customer base. This feature is essential for slot machine games because it increases their interest in the game, and they start to feel like the game is worth every dime that they spend. 

Referral Bonus

This is another feature that slot machine software allows us to enjoy. Players who invite their friends through social media accounts or directly, can get additional prizes or discounts on the games which they play through Referral bonus. This innovative feature is handy for both players and casino operators. Online casino operators can attract more customers with this feature, and players would have a chance to earn additional chances to win great rewards by just sending an invite to their colleagues. By including referral bonus, online casinos can build a happy customer base and earn more revenue as the quantity of players increase. 

Free Spins

This is another feature that makes online casino slots special. It is a promotional technique by online casinos to attract more customers. Without making any deposit at all, players can play with free spins and earn great rewards. There are different types of free spins, and most casino platforms offer from 5 up to 25 free spins for users. 

Scatter Symbols

Not every symbol in casino slot games is the same, nor they have the same value. Scatters are among those symbols that have special features. Scatters usually help players to advance to the more entertaining phases from the standard one. Bonus rounds are one of those phases where players can go after getting three identical scatter symbols in a line on the same reel. 

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are like scatters in terms of being special symbols with additional features. Slot software should have these types of symbols because they are adding value to the game for players. Wild symbols referred to as substituted in some instances because of their unique feature. Wilds can replace any symbol at any time during the game. So, if a player got two bar symbols and one wild, the casino system can consider this as three bars, and player can earn respective rewards for that combination. 


online casino program

A multiplier of the casino slot games is another exciting feature that brings joy to the game. This feature works by multiplying winnings by x3, x5, x10 times. There are multiple ways from which you can include multipliers in the slot game. Slot software customization allows casino operators to decide whether they want to add this feature on standard games or bonus rounds. Slot game players always cherish multipliers because of the opportunities that this feature provides them with. 

Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

Each slot machine game is programmed with a specific RTP rate in the development stage. RTP can help players to consider the theoretical payout from one slot machine game over time. Return to the Player percentage determines how much players will earn in particular jackpot rounds. 


The volatility of the slot game or slot machine determines how often players will win that jackpot amount. It is another crucial aspect of the slot software that can help- players to decide whether or not it is worth playing the game. Online casino games can have high, medium, and low volatility. 

Gamble Feature

Another feature of the online casino software that gives an edge to players in casino slots is the gamble feature. The feature comes after winning rounds and offers players a choice. They can choose to continue the game or go straight into the gamble round. In that gamble round, the system displays two cards, and players are asked to guess the color of the cards. If they get it right, they will earn exceptional multipliers. If not, they will lose their initial earning from that slot game. The chances are 50/50 for this feature, so players need to be careful whenever they decide to risk it all. 

Final Points

There is so much scope on the online gambling industry, especially if we consider the availability of advanced technology. Slot machine software evolves every year to provide casino operators and players with better services. As an owner, you need to find the provider with the most innovative casino solutions in slot software. As a player, it is better to play in an online casino platform, which offers you the highest chances to win. Either way, good luck!

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