Mobile Gambling Games that You Can Find Online

Mobile Gambling Games that You Can Find Online


Gambling games are taking the online casino industry by storm after recent innovations. People can play their favorite games through their desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Accessibility to those games made them more popular in recent years. Mobile gambling is the new phenomenon of the industry, and this article aims to cover some of the mobile gambling real money games that you can find online too. Let’s start with the first one, which is Wacky Billy. 

Wacky Billy

Most of the time, mobile gambling apps do not include popular slot games that players love to play in online casino platforms. One of the exceptions is the Wacky Billy slot game. Wacky Billy is an exciting mobile gambling game that can help you to relax and earn money at the same time. The village life of Billy would take you to other dimensions and free your thoughts. Rules of this game are very similar to other mobile slots, which means it is easy as it gets. All you have to do is to push the spin button and wait for the results. The difference is the vibe of the game that increases the entertainment value for players.

Structure and Features

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Wacky Billy has five reels and three rows. In addition to that, twenty winning paylines are waiting for you to come, wager, and win some extra cash. Vicky Billy allows players to pick and choose the pay lines that they want to play. It is a high volatility mobile gambling game, which means players can earn more elevated amounts of prizes if they decided to play Wacky Billy. The Return to Player Rate of this game stands at ninety-five percent. With that said, the house edge for the game is only five percent, and that is one of the reasons why this slot game got so much attention from mobile gambling apps lovers. 


It is impossible to think of the slot game of this caliber without decent bonus chances. Wacky Billy offers great rewards such as free spins, re-spins, and free coins. To get those bonuses, players need to match certain symbols on the reels. Billy is the main character and logo of the game. If you match three of the five wacky Billy symbols, you can get as much as ten free spin bonuses and an additional one thousand bonus coins. 

Magic Tree

Magic Tree is an exciting slot game designed for players who like to play the games with high-quality graphics and beautiful interface. Nature is the central aspect of this game, and the interface of the game features a natural atmosphere that can help you to relax even when the luck is not on your side. There are five reels and five rows in this mobile gambling game. Magic Tree offers as much as thirty pay lines, which enhance your chances of winning big prizes. The gameplay of this slot features a classic structure. So players need to push the spin button to start the game. After that, they need to wait for the reels to spin so that they can see the results. All you need to do to win is to get at least three identical symbols on the same reel. 

Rules of this Mobile Gambling Game

The place of those three symbols is also important because it can change the value of the symbols. They need to be on the right or left edge for you to complete a winning line in Magic Tree. Bet range varies from zero point two dollars up to ten dollars. The game allows players to give more and earn more. You need to keep in mind that before wagering any money, the player asked to choose the paylines which they are going to play. You can pay various amounts on different paylines. The game allows you to gamble, and if you get the right choice regarding paylines, your reward would be higher. 

Besides, the Magic tree allows players to skip some paylines and choose the ones that they think are more important. For example, players can add two vertical, three curved, and three horizontal paylines on each reel and skip others. That gives them a chance to pay more on specific paylines and skip the ones that are not that appealing to them. Players can access this fantastic mobile gambling game on online platforms, and also they can download/install it as the app so that they can play on their phones. 

Symbol Types and Bonuses

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Just like any other slot game, the Magic tree offers two types of symbols. The first ones are wild and scatter, which are symbols that have unique abilities, and others are ordinary ones. The wild symbol of the game is fortune can that can replace any other symbols rather than scatter ones in Magic Tree. Other than that, if the player is lucky enough to match at least three of fortune cat symbols, they would activate the pick and click feature of the game that eventually will lead to bonus chances. The second symbol that mobile gambling real money game players love is the scatter one. 

In Magic, tree scatters symbol portrayed as the main character of the game, which is Magic Tree itself. The scatter of this game can help you to earn up to five thousand extra coins. Besides, you can get up to twenty free spin chances that can help you to play the game without any charges. Magic tree symbols can be used as a multiplier, as well. When players do so, they can multiply the winning amount by three, five, and even ten times. There are other symbols such as lucky seven, letter A, Q, K, numbers like ten and nine, which are considered as ordinary ones. 

Reel Rider

Motor Bike lovers, please get closer to the screen because this game is exactly for you. Reel Rider is one of the most entertaining slot games that you can find online. Exciting features and generous bonuses can help you to utilize your spare time and earn a nice amount of cash. Reel Rider is a decent mobile gambling game that has five reels and five rows. In addition to them, players can use fifteen different winning paylines. The interface of the game would remind you of Texas, Arizona, as you hop on your bike and start your journey.

The rules of the game are straightforward, and all you need to do is to push the spin button and let the game flow take you to another level. That is one slot game that has a devastating storyline. Along the road, players would have a chance to pick up great prizes because of the high RTP rate of the game. Reel rider has returned to player rate of ninety-six point five, which is one of the best features of this game. Players can enjoy great prizes and adventures design of this mobile slot whenever they want. You can download or install this fantastic game on your mobile phone and start to enjoy every part of it. Great bonus features of Reel Rider will indeed help you get free cash, free spin chances, and also multipliers that can eventually boost your payroll. 

Final Thoughts

If you are into mobile gambling games and want to spend your leisure time while getting joy and fulfill your gambling desires, these games can be helpful. If you wish to play online or download the app, these mobile slot games can help you to earn money and have a good time while doing so. 

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