Internet Cafe Gambling Tools to use in 2023

Internet Cafe Gambling Tools to use in 2023


Internet gambling cafes or parlors become more prevalent in recent years. Some of them switched from gaming cafes to gambling cafes because of the legislative changes and profitability of this business. The first and most important aspect of every internet cafe is gambling software. There are numerous internet cafe programs that people can use in their business places. This software can help you to maintain control over your internet cafe and lead your business without any problem. Internet cafe gambling is the main topic of this article, and we aim to explore three tools that can help cafe owners to improve their services. The examples that we use in this post are the Internet cafe gambling software, which is compatible with Windows 10, and some of the older versions of this operating system. So, let’s start with the first tool, which is Antamedia.


  • Antamedia is one of the tools that can help you to control your cyber cafe, secure your computers, and more. By using this tool, the Internet cafe gambling parlor owners can bill your customers for the usage of internet, sweepstakes games, and various apps printing, and so on. This tool also:
  • Provides full Windows 10 Support- It is vital for internet cafe owners because Windows 10 is one of the programs that most of those cyber cafes use.
  • Each license of Windows 10 includes a different server and the number of customer computers. This feature can help owners of internet cafe gambling parlors to add more customers to any edition, which would make their work easier.
  • Owners can change console use and charging operations because of the additional features that the Antamedia tool offers.
  • Owners of the cyber cafes can charge time by minutes, blocks, schedule a specific time for particular customers, make various prizes for different computers, and more.
  • Clients of the internet cafe gambling parlors can easily use the same accounts for multiple logins till their account expires. This feature gives more freedom to customers, thus can help you to improve the satisfaction level.
  • Some of the system keys can be restricted through this program. For instance, you can limit customers to using Control+alt Delete. In addition to that, owners have full control over the control panel and some other local drives too.

Compatible with Windows

  • Whether you work with Windows 8 or 9, it does not matter because this tool enables you to hide the windows start button and use the internet cafe taskbar instead.
  • There is a unique feature of this gambling sweepstakes software that is called the hotspot module. With this feature, owners can easily bill their customers for additional Wi-Fi/Internet usage.
  • You can use the Antamedia internet gambling cafe tool with four options. There are lite, standard, premium, and enterprise modules, which all can help maintain control over your internet cafe.

Cyber Cafe Pro

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Cybercafe Pro is one of the free tools that internet sweepstakes cafe owners can enjoy. It is designed as a security tool that can help you to maintain a safe environment in your cyber cafe. As we mentioned, it is a free tool, so owners would not be charged for any services that this tool provides them.

Essential Features Of The Cyber Cafe Pro Tool Includes:

Cyber Cafe is one of the best free tools that owners of both internet gaming cafes, sweepstakes cafes, community centers, cyber cafe libraries, and any business of this nature can easily install and use.

  • The multi-language capability allows cafe owners from different countries to use and adjust languages according to the preferences of the customers
  • There is a feature that is called a setup wizard, and it works very smoothly
  • Client app Launchpad is one of the necessary elements of every sweepstakes cafe, and this tool provides owners with that.
  • The online reporting feature of the Cyber Cafe Pro works twenty-four-seven, and it automatically updates itself, so you do not have to wait for updates and worry about upgrade feature. Cyber Pro allows users to choose the time for updates. This feature helps cafe owners to manage auto-updates when customers left the place.

Staff Control

Besides, there are staff control features, such as:

  1. Templates
  2. Tracking
  3. Employee time clock
  4. PBP permissions
  5. Employee permission cloning

The tool comes with full customer information profiles and prepaid pricing structures, so you do not have to worry about them after getting the software and starting your internet cafe gambling parlor.

  1. There are no charge options in this internet cafe gambling software, as well.
  2. There are certain benefits that you can use by adopting this tool. These benefits include
  3. Single or multiple computer prising groups
  4. Scheduled pricing

There are gaming center features as well, and you can adjust; use them on your sweepstake cafes. Customer control and Communication is the key to every internet cafe. Cyber Cafe Pro tool can help you to enable and disable internet access, enable or disable windows desktop, and so on.

Krisan Cafe

Krisan Cafe is one of the most useful tools that you can use in your internet cafe business.

The valuable features of this tool include:

  1. Maximum logins and client connections
  2. Both pre and post-paid payment options
  3. Time management features such as:
  4. Time and price adjustment
  5. Scheduled rate
  6. Custom Rate
  7. Dynamic Rate
  8. There are Member management tools that include:
  9. The membership for users
  10. App restrictions
  11. User or group based membership plans
  12. Pricing for members

The device comes with a lot of features that can help you to handle your internet cafe gambling parlor. Employee management is the key to this type of business. So, by using the Krisan Cafe tool, you can manage to control employee daily time records and employee permissions.


  1. Security features of this tool
  2. Print Monitoring
  3. Server uptime recording
  4. Customer USB write request
  5. Server screen snapshot

As well as in house capabilities, the Krisan Cafe tool can help you with remote capacities that include remote file manager, an online chat system, remote desktop, Internet/LAN Bandwidth monitor, remote task manager, and more.


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PlayRiverSlot is another tool that can help you to control your internet cafe. This tool is good for connecting gadgets to the user network and manage the needed operations. River slot can be helpful for internet cafe gambling owners on numerous tasks because of the numerous software solutions that they provide. Those solutions include:

  1. Multi-device access
  2. Promotional features for customers
  3. Cashback
  4. Availability of many games
  5. Community board

The main advantage of the PlayRiverSlot tool is that it is a low cost, and businesses that have a low budget can easily purchase it. It is cloud-based, and you do not have to spend additional money on equipment. Additionally, PlayRiverSlot gaming software allows owners to pick and choose the games that they want to include in their cyber cafes. All of those games would come for free and without any additional charges.

Final Thoughts

For the owners of Internet cafe gambling parlors, our recommendation is to use the best tools that come with needed features and is cost-effective. In this post, we covered some of those tools that can be helpful for cafe owners. Keep in mind that internet cafe gambling software is an essential factor that makes or breaks your internet cafe business. So, be selective and make sure to analyze the market, products before you decide to choose any of them.

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