How to Play Roulette as a Beginner?

How to Play Roulette as a Beginner?


Have you ever played online roulette? Would you like to learn how to play roulette? If the answer is yes, you need to check this article out as we are going to explain the essentials of roulette and help you to understand the initial rules of the game as well as share the winning secrets to ensure that you learn how to play roulette and win. 

So, without further ado, let’s start by defining the popular online casino genre. 

What is Online Roulette?

Online roulette is the online version of the popular table casino game. The initial rules and bets are almost the same in both land-based and online versions. However, the main advantage here is that you can actually enjoy the roulette action without leaving your house. Just like the traditional one, online roulette has three main versions, which are European, American, and French. Each variation has some unique features that make the game even more exciting. Before getting into that, let us go over the general rules of roulette. 

How to play Roulette: Main Rules


The aim of the player when playing online roulette is to predict the numbers or color that the white ball will land on and bet on it beforehand. As you can see, it is a very direct and simple method that any casino player can get after a few roulette rounds. However, there is more complicated stuff regarding how to play roulette and win. The sweepstakes game involves little to no skill, and it is a pure chance-based casino genre. So, the gameplay looks like this:

  • Players enter the gambling game
  • They choose the type of the bet
  • They bet on certain numbers
  • Then, they press the spin button
  • The ball stops at a certain number, and they can see whether or not their prediction paid off

In the online version, betting happens by clicking on the desired number or part of the roulette wheel. By clicking, you are choosing that exact number and then depositing cash into the system. If you are playing in the live dealer version, you might as well directly contact the dealer so that he/she can accept your bet. 

Types of Bets That You Need to Know in Online Roulette

In the online version of roulette, you might find different types of bets that have different odds of paying out. To learn how to play roulette, you need to be aware of those bets, and it will be easier as we are going to discuss each of them separately. Generally, all roulette bets can be classified as either outside or inside bets. 

If you are betting on the numbers that are located on the inner circle of the wheel, these are considered to be inside bets and vice versa. There is also a straight-up bet which means that the player picks an exact number and bets on it. Of course, the odds are not in favor of players when they use straight-up bets. In the European version, the payout rate for such a bet would be 2.70 percent. 


A split bet means that the player chooses two numbers that align next to each other. It is likely to have more chance of paying out than straight up as the payout odds for this bet is calculated as 17 to 1. In this case, players will win the prize if the white ball will land on either one of those numbers. 


This betting style is similar to the previous one. In this case, instead of two, players pick three numbers that are located next to each other. The odds for this bet to payout is 11 to 1. If you are wondering how to play roulette to win through Trio or Street bet, it is very simple. The ball should land on either one of those three numbers for you to get the prize. 


A corner bet means that the player picks four different numbers that are located in a way that they create a form of the square on the roulette wheel. In this case, when the ball lands on any of those numbers, players will win the gambling game. The odds for making this bet and winning is 8 to 1. 

Red or Black


It is considered to be one of the popular outside bets that players who want to learn how to play roulette utilize. You need to wager on either red or black numbers on the wheel. The winning rate and odds are stacked in this bet in comparison with the inside bets that we have talked about in previous passages. In fact, the Americal version offers 47 percent RTP in this type of bet. 

Even or Odd

If you want to learn how to play roulette as an amateur, this is the betting strategy that you need to employ. It is very simple in theory as well as in practice. All you have to do is simply bet on either odd or even numbers on the roulette wheel. 


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