5 Steps to Becoming a High Roller

5 Steps to Becoming a High Roller


High Roller gamblers spend much money betting on High Roller slots and other games. Let’s find out what High Roller gambling is about.

As there are high-spending gamblers, casinos have adapted to creating unique services and benefits. The specialized services and “comps” include free concert tickets, private jet transport, etc.

If you’ve ever been to a physical casino in Vegas or Macau, and wondered why some sets of gamblers are treated specially even more than VIPs, here is the time to get your answer.

Let’s begin.

High Roller Sweepstakes Casino: Overview

high roller

A High Roller casino is still ordinary, and High Roller gamblers are still ordinary. The only difference is that the gamblers spend more money than other gamblers and retain them. The casino offers them preferential treatment like credits, expensive tickets, etc.

Online casinos identify their best customers by tracking the amount each player spends or wagers on casino slot games.

It is important to note that High Roller 777 gamblers are not just spending money at casinos. They also earn some privileges such as free use of casino suites, occasional extravagant bonuses (for example, with the help of casino bonus codes), extra credits when they’re short, and many others.

Also, not all high-rolling customers are big spenders, and some are big winners. They have won some vast funds from a casino and have been bumped up to VIP status. So, to enjoy all the benefits of High Roller gambling, you must win at least a couple of massive jackpots or spend huge sums on an online casino game.

How to Become a High Roller Gambler

High Roller gambler

If you have ever seen how physical and online casinos treat their whales, you would also like to receive that treatment. The process of becoming a casino whale is lengthy and expensive. But don’t give up on the private jets and free concert tickets yet.

As has been said earlier, not all casino whales are wealthy people. Some acquired that status by being very good at what they do (playing casino games). Therefore, you’ll need saint-level gambling skills and other strategies to become a high-level, red carpet, and private jet kind of gambler.

Don’t worry; this article has all you need.

Bet big

A casino whale does not play in the background. It would help if you had a strategy that would get you noticed by the casino owners. And nothing screams “notice me” more than spending big bucks on a betting round.

When you hear big bucks, you must understand that the numbers are relative to the casino where you play games. For example, $100 at a Midwest casino will immediately get you noticed by casino owners. But the exact amount will barely warrant a glance at a Vegas casino.

So you have to know where you are and be accordingly.

Make a big deposit

Another way to obtain casino whale status is to make a big deposit at the casino. Depositing a huge sum implies you’re willing to lose more money and have the resources to cover that much loss.

For example, a $100,000 deposit at Vegas will make you eligible for certain benefits. But if you’re playing in a different casino, $10,000 or even $1,000 is enough for High Roller status.

It is important to note that merely depositing a considerable sum might not get you the complete VVIP package, but it’ll get you the red carpet treatment and a line of credit when you exhaust existing funds.

Play at smaller casinos.

Big and popular casinos have big expectations before they can accord the whale status to you. In most Vegas casinos, you must show that you can wager huge funds on games before they can take you seriously.

However, when you play at smaller casinos, the expectations are still extravagant for their reputation, but it’ll be a considerable reduction from what big casinos expect you to lose.

For example, losing $3,000 at a small casino will get you the red carpet treatment, but the same amount at a Vegas casino will barely raise an eyebrow.

Use the casino properties frequently.

Most casinos are chain businesses; the casino is just a section of the business. They usually have other chains like hotels, restaurants, boutiques, etc. You can be a VIP customer and get the package if you live lavishly on their properties.

While you might initially not get noticed, being a frequent and high-paying customer will ensure that attention is shifted your way eventually. And the owners will want to talk about moving you to a more beneficial and personalized rewards section.

Speak to the casino host.

If you plan on spending vast amounts of money on casino games, you should adequately speak to the casino host first.

The casino host has to listen to you and make your stay as comfortable as possible. For whales, casino hosts are the ones with whom you can negotiate your comps.

The casino host will also handle most of your issues during your stay. They’re essentially like your personal customer support center.

High Roller 777: Is It Worth It

High Roller 777

Becoming a whale might be your goal because you’ve seen how they are treated and want the same accorded to you. However, since this is a personal preference, you can only decide if it is worth it.

For instance, if you love High Roller gambling and spend a lot of time in casinos, it would make sense to go after the elite VIP status. However, if you’re just a curious gambler, it would be best to stick to regular slots that pay real money.

If you want to become an elite VIP, depositing large amounts of money or speaking to the casino host about the loyalty program is the easiest. Doing any of these makes it easier to know what is expected and negotiate for comps before wagering any amount.

It also removes the need to get the casino’s attention by spending high wagers on online casino slots or table games. Also, if you adopt the old method of just spending to get attention, there’s the chance that the right people won’t notice you until you’re very deep in your pockets.

Being a casino VIP involves spending much money in the casino and its other businesses. However, even with the comps and benefits you’re getting, there’s every chance you’re losing more money than you’re receiving in benefits and rewards.

To some people, losing money is an acceptable exchange for elite VIP status. They prefer walking into casinos flanked by casino staff and management with other gamblers in the background. But you can get the same treatment as a 5-star restaurant or hotel VIP member.

High Roller 777: Benefits

Apart from what has been discussed above, elite casino clients also enjoy some personalized services unavailable to those on the lower rungs. An example of those services is using casino properties for personal activities. These properties may include penthouse suites, limousines, casino lounges, and party ballrooms.

You may also get assigned a personal manager from among the casino staff. Your manager will act as your assistant when you’re at the casino. He’ll also handle all issues regarding the casino and the service delivered.

Since casinos are places where people wager on games and most lose money, elite customers can negotiate loss rebates as part of their comps. So when you play games at a casino and lose money, the casino will give you back a percentage of the money lost. This strategy ensures that the whole night is not a loss.

Casino whales also get free invitations to exclusive sweepstakes tournaments at casinos. These tournaments are usually against other whales, meaning the prize will be considerable. The opportunity to win more money than any other gambler is enough for some people.

At online casinos, whales spend more money than anyone else playing online casino games. The sweepstakes software identifies whales early and takes steps to add them to a more exclusive loyalty and rewards program.

One benefit you can get from online casinos is faster client care. Your complaints and requests will be a priority to the customer support team.

You’ll also be offered a more extensive games collection and better odds when you play. Another benefit is that you can process higher deposits and withdrawals.


What is a High Roller casino?

A High Roller casino is where casino whales and wealthy people gamble.

How do you play High Roller online casino download?

You can play casino games like Shamrock Keno for big money on PlayRiverSlot. All you have to do is register at the casino and make your wager. Then you can start playing.

Do High Roller slots pay more?

High Roller slots pay five times more than ordinary online casino slot games.

Where can I play High Roller online casino download games?

You can access every whale’s favorite sweepstakes from PlayRiverSlot online casino platform.

Which High Roller online casino download games can I play?

There are many games you can play. But most casino whales go for blackjack table and card games.

You can also play online slots like Lucky Bowl, Buffalo Thunder, etc.


Now you have all the answers to becoming a High Roller at an online casino. You also know what to expect regarding benefits and how to negotiate for better terms. Remember that you hold the reins. The casino needs you to continue playing on their platform and will make concessions to make it possible. So, start your journey to becoming a casino whale today and register on Bitplay.

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