Best Slots to Play – What Do Our Experts Say?

Best Slots to Play – What Do Our Experts Say?


Have you ever played slot games? Do you like the classic versions or modern video slots? Both can be very fun to play, with each offering its own level of entertainment value. We dig a little deeper and assess slot games based on various criteria. These include the quality of the slot game, bonuses, return to player rate, pay-out percentages, and more. If you want to know more about the best online casinos slots to play, we’ve got you covered. This post will take you through an expert assessment of the best slots to play online. Let’s start with the first slot game on this list, i.e., Sticky Bugs.

Sticky Bugs

In the online casino industry, there are few slot games that you can compare with Sticky Bugs. The game applies to both classic and modern slot lovers. Colourful design, easy navigation, user-friendly interface, and various bonus features are what make this game so outstanding. Sticky Bags is a beneficial game for your pocket because you can start to deposit from as low as zero point one dollars. This game is a legitimate choice for all the people who look for the best slots to play in casino portals. It is easy to play Sticky Bugs, but it is hard to stop after starting the game because of its unique features. Let’s discuss those features in more detail. 

Main Features of Sticky Bugs 

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The unique style of Sticky Bugs is what players love about this game most. We see many complaints about current slot games regarding their interior design and gameplay. While they enter online casino slot games, players want to see creativity rather than thousands of similar games. Sticky Bugs can be helpful for those players because of its creative interface and exciting gameplay. This game’s design reminds us of traditional slot games. Old school arcade style is what many players search for in today’s online casino business. It is better to note that Sticky Bugs is a hybrid slot game. That means players can enjoy the highest quality of services while also reminiscing classic slot machine games. It is an excellent chance that you cannot afford to miss it. 

Why play Sticky Bugs?

First of all, Sticky Bugs is a very profitable slot game. As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the bet range of the game starts from zero points one and goes up to ten dollars for each winning pay line. That means you can earn more money by depositing less. Return to Player Rate of the game is equal to ninety-seven per cent. That is another reason why Sticky Bugs get the attention of casino slot players and considered one of the best slots to play in the online platform. Ninety-seven per cent RTP means: the game has just three per cent of the house edge. In the long run, Sticky Bugs will repay ninety-seven per cent of initial deposits to players. 

The game has various modes such as free, online, high/low resolution, etc. You can play Sticky Bugs even if you do not have a stable internet connection. All you have to do is to switch to a low-resolution mode of the game. Sticky Bugs is available on Appstore as a mobile application. Players can play it on a mobile device, Desktop computers, or Laptops. All versions of the game have the same quality, and selection is up to your preference. 

Wacky Billy

Wacky Billy is an exciting slot game that offered by PlayRiverSlot. If you search for the best slots to play in online casinos, you will notice that this game comes on the top of the search lists. It is no coincidence because Wacky Billy is a fascinating casino slot game. The story, interface, bonuses, and gameplay of this slot is second to none. The story of the game is about farmer Billy that lives in a village and grows sunflowers. He likes natural habitat, and his best friend is his horse. Both the visual and sound effects of the game reflect the village lifestyle of Billy. It is very entertaining to take part in Billy’s farm and earn massive prizes. 

Wacky Billy is a five-reel five-row slot game. Symbols of the game are letters like A, Q, and numbers such as Ten, Nine Lucky seven, etc. These are secondary figures in the game. The main symbols reflect Hot Free Spin Billy icon, Guitarist Billy, and Billy’s Wild Horse. Scatter symbol for the game is guitarist Billy which helps you to earn free spin chances by matching three of them on the same reel. Wacky Billy is a high volatility slot game that has ninety-seven point four Returns to Player rate. It is a fun, efficient, and most importantly, an exciting slot game that will help you to relax and earn money. 

Sizzling 6

Another exciting game on the list of best slots to play is Sizzling 6. This slot was inspired by classic fruit slot machine games and attributed the main objects of those games. For instance, you can see famous lucky seven symbols, cherries, melons, bananas in Sizzling 6. Rules of the game are dull, just like any slot game. The main factor that pushed us to include Sizzling 6 on the best slots list is excellent bonuses and multipliers of the game. In Sizzling 6, various symbols pay various prizes, and they are accountable for different multipliers. For instance, if you get three matching grapes on the same reel, your reward is going to be multiplied by three. If you get melons, prizes will be multiplied by six. 

The highest paying symbol is the Seven, which allows players to enjoy fifty-time multiplier whenever they can match at least three of that symbol. The scatter symbol of the game is stars, and the wild symbol is the Joker. Besides, Sizzling 6 has a gamble feature that you can use during the games. Gamble feature gives a chance for a player to compete in a bonus round. If a player can guess the colour of the card, they will get free spin chances as well as cash prizes. 

What Are The Best Slots To Play On Online Casinos?

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Just like slot games, slot machines are also essential for players. Some of them probably know how to assess the best slot machines to play, though we explain it one more time to make everything clear. Some factors affect a player’s overall entertainment value, and most of the time, those factors are related to slot machines. You need to choose slot machines that offer higher payout rates. It is crucial for success on online casinos because, without payout rates, players cannot manage to win excellent prizes, especially in progressive slot games.

The second aspect is the Return to player rate. You need to find slot machines that pay at least ninety-five per cent of initial deposits back to players. The third aspect that you need to assess in slot machines is volatility. The results of the game are directly affected by the volatility of the slot machine. If it is a high volatility slot, then the player earns small amounts but more frequently. If he/she plays a low volatility slot machine game, then the frequency is going to be quiet, but the prizes will be higher. Keep in mind these tips and analyze slot machines for better results in the following games.  

If you are one of those casino players that favours playing slot games, this post will help you to learn more about the best slots to play in online casinos. Make sure to define grading criteria for online slots in your mind, so that you check, analyze, and decide which games are good enough for you to play and which are not. 

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