5 Best Hot Slot Games Online

5 Best Hot Slot Games Online


Economic improvement and technological advancement result in the evolvement of the gaming sector suddenly. The growing popularity has brought new and sophisticated types, features, and tools to the industry. In the 21st century, there are millions of different hot slot games in the gambling industry for players. You can find a high variance of slot machines from classic slot games to new video slots with advanced designs. Thus, if you have ever tried any online video slot, we can ensure that it is excellent timing to start. All you need is to keep reading this article. In the end, you will have considerable knowledge and desire to play slot games. Even we have an underlying motivation for making you read this article. Keep in mind that slot games are the best way to gain money while making fun. Therefore, you will not miss this golden opportunity that comes your way.

Popularity of Hot Slot Games

As mentioned above, online slots have gained popularity in the short-run and maintained it until today. There is a bunch of reasons behind this fame. However, the most significant factor is a simple structure with a chance of yielding money. We don’t forget about their entertainment function. Unlike the classic table games, game developers designed casino slots based on whirling wheels.

They charged these wheels with different symbols. Each symbol of the online slots has a particular value. At the beginning of the game, you need to bet a certain amount of money for each bet line. The next step is to start the spin and wish to appear in winning combinations. However, selecting hot slot games isn’t an easy process as playing them. Firstly, keep in mind that it is a challenging and time-consuming task. Besides, you have to sacrifice a considerable amount of effort in researching the gaming market. 

Hot Slot Games of the Gaming World

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Mega Joker 

Are you ready to meet one of the hot slot games of the online gambling world? Then it is time to meet the Mega Joker slot machine by NetEnt. You can play most of the hot slot online with high-quality and sophisticated features. However, none of them can overcome Mega Joke on the topic of the RTP rate. The slot game with three-reel and five bet lines structure offer customers a 99% RTP ratio. Therefore, it is not a surprise why this classic slot is still famous. Unfortunately, the game does not provide users with any bonus rounds and free spins. At the same time, the design of the game is so simple like all classic games such as online riverslots, casino slots, mobile slots, etc. Nevertheless, excellent integration of random jackpot and RTP ratio make the online slot favourite of the gaming universe.

Monopoly Slot Game

Do you remember a popular table game, Monopoly that we have played in our childhood? Everyone gathered together at the table and tried to gain more. In today’s world, you can play this game in the online casino. Insomuch, this slot machine offers one of the highest RTP rates in the gaming world. The Monopoly slot game with five reels and 20 bet lines structure provides gamers with 99% RTP. Unlike Mega Joker, you can find free spins and bonus rounds in this hot slot online. Besides, the Monopoly slot machine consists of various unique features such as progressive multipliers, immense spins, multiple wilds, etc. You can have a good time playing this online slot at home. All you need a device that has an internet connection. Then you can enjoy PC, mobile or tablet version of the slot machine. 

Ooh Aah Dracula

Do you consider that the theme of the online slot mentioned above has an underlying theme? If you think so, we have another excellent hot slot online recommendation for you. Ooh Aah Dracula which launched by Barcrest is one of the best mobile slots of the gambling market. One of the unique features of the game is related to diverse game modes. More precisely, the online slot enables gamers to purchase five spins at a cheaper cost with 96% RTP.

On the other hand, you can also invest more in enjoying the game with 99% RTP. Generally, the Ooh Aah Dracula slot machine has five reels and ten bet lines structure. As mentioned above, the RTP rate can change between 96% and 99% depending on the mode. Unfortunately, the slot game does not offer any bonus rounds. But, you can find 15 free spins if you invest in the second mode. 

How do Hot Slots Games Work?

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As you have already known, there is a wide variety of slot games in the gambling universe. You can select and play the hot slot online through one of the online casinos easily. Each of them will offer you creative themes, graphic designs, sound effects, and other unique features. But, all of them will perform in the same way at the end. The majority of hot slot games consist of three or five reels with various kinds of symbols. Developers design these symbols based on the theme of the video slot. They believe that players will experience additional enthusiasm and joy in this way. At the same time, different sets of symbols establish winning combinations which will bring profit to gamblers. 

Therefore, the primary aim of any slot is to hit these winning combinations. However, before this step, you need to decide the number of pay lines and bet for each of them.


Besides winning combinations, hot slot games also provide users with bonuses and free game opportunities. Bonuses are an extra chance that gamblers can get while playing the game. It will be able to appear suddenly during you play hot slots online. Thus, gamers can not predict when these features will emerge. The whole software of online video slots is based on a random system. Players call them RNG in all online casinos. The abbreviation RNG refers to Random Number Generator. It is one of the essential features of each online casino applies. 

Another critical element that will affect your gain is velocity. This term has directly related to the revenue that players receive. It stands for how much and how often hot slot games will payout you. Low velocity will bring you low risk besides a moderate amount of gain. On the contrary, high velocity results in high risk and enormous revenue. 

Return to Player Rate

Besides velocity and RNG, hot slot online have a more significant feature that defines effectiveness. It is RTP or more precisely Returns to Player rate. This factor plays an essential role in the productivity and success of the hot slot games. All online slots such as casino games, sweepstakes games own particular types of RTP rates. They refer to the amount of money that the slot machines will pay back to the players at the end. For instance, if you bet $1 for the video game with 90% RTP, it will pay back you $90 when the game overs. As a result, gamblers evaluate the slot games with a higher RTP rate as the top ones. Most casino software enables players to find out about the RTP rate on the website.

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