Best Online Slots: Features To Seek + Game Picks

Best Online Slots: Features To Seek + Game Picks


Best slot games have an enormous fanbase around the world. In all casino platforms, you can see that there are plenty of slot games. This popularity is not a coincidence. Slot games are straightforward to play and do not demand a certain level of skills. But that also contributed to having hundreds of slot games on casino sites. 

So, how do we define the best online slots? What makes them better than the others? In this article, we will try to find answers to these questions. In the end, we will try to give you some examples of the perfect online slots.

How To Identify the Best Online Slots?

You will see hundreds of casino slots online that offer you their services. Both as a customer and as a player who seeks entertainment, you should be careful. 

Surely, some slot games look more appealing to you than others, but how do you spot the best ones among them? The best online slots games have some features that you should not neglect. 

If you are looking for quality and joy at the same time, the first things you should consider are the gameplay and the payouts of the slots. 

RTP (Return to Player)

If you look for some strategies to play slot games, you will see hundreds of casino tips and tricks. But what comes first about the slot game is the RTP of the game. 

Generally, the best online slots have the highest RTP. It means the amount of money you get from your winning. But that should exclude the cuts made by the aperture. 

So, it is reasonable to have more than ninety percent RTP. But if you are looking for the highest quality, it should be more than 95 percent. And in some cases, the games may have 99 percent RTP, but 100 percent is practically impossible. 

Free Spins

best online casino slots

Another essential feature that makes a slot famous and respectable is free spins. People love free spins and betting without paying their cash in online video slots. That is why, on every reputable casino site, you will have the chance to activate free spins. When it comes to the way to gain them, the games are various.

But in most cases, it is about having certain symbols landing across specific paylines. These paylines are the nominated paylines mostly, and the result will be beneficial for you. You can have your free spins to play now.

This feature can make a difference in your gaming experience because you have a chance of winning big money without losing a dime. And even you can have this amount multiplied by specific numbers. 

So, the reputation of the game should have it. If the game has free spins, it still does not mean that the game is high-quality. However, if there are no free spins, that means the game lacks a lot. 

Wild Symbols

Another critical factor that affects the popularity of casino slots is to have wild symbols. Indeed, you have seen there are symbols in the slot games that determine your winnings. However, the best online slots at least have to have wild symbols. They are the specific symbols of the game. 

If you win the game with the help of wild symbols, it means your winnings will be several times more than they should be. Also, they are the most active components of the game because no other symbol can substitute wild symbols. There are different types of wilds in the best online slots for real money.

For instance, we have sticky, stacked, cascading, expanding wilds, and wild multipliers. Each of them has a different function and brings creativity to the game. It would be better for the slot game if it had several of them at the same time. 

Mini-Games and Bonus Rounds

If you play slot games and you are a fan, you will always be seeking mini-games and bonus rounds. Why? Because playing them increases your chances of winning. 

And it may seem a little bit irrelevant for the game development company. Because, after all, they try to trick you into defeat. However, it is the opposite. Because while they have bonus rounds in the game, they attract more people. 

And mini-games bring color to the full completion of the slot game. The best online slot games should have this feature to make the customers feel like they are in an arcade game. 

That prevents the player from getting bored and gives him more opportunities to stay and play for several hours, which is beneficial for the casino game provider and its income. 

Progressive Jackpots

best online slot games

It would be unfair to talk about the best online slots and forget about the progressive jackpots. Real money slot games usually have this feature. It is like the primary motivation for most of the gambling lovers to play. 

Progressive jackpots can be as high as millions of dollars. And it is understandable to see experienced players always looking for this feature especially. In the process of spotting the best online slots, you will see that this characteristic makes the whole difference. 

Best Online Slot Games By Category

There are lots of best slots to play online in the 2023 market. And a lot of them have the top features that you would love to see in your favorite slots. 

To make your choosing process easier, we decided to bring you the best online slot machines in today’s gambling field. Let’s check it out together.

Adventure-Themed Slots

If you are feeling adventurous, then find the best online casino slots with an adventure theme. There are numerous exciting titles that are going to bring you fun and excitement and make you a part of the greatest journey. Here is one of the best online slots USA games to check:


RTP: 97.03%

Betting Limits: 0.02 – 0.05

Max Payout: 5.000x your bet

Bonus Features: Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Gambling game


Columbus is one of the best adventure-themed online slot games that you can find at the best online slot sites. The game’s theme is Christopher Columbus and his voyage on the sea.

When you enter this magnifying game, you go on a great adventure with his crew and discover the reaches of the West. Besides visual attractiveness, you get a chance to win great cash prizes and convert them into cash when playing the slot on the PlayRiverSlot website.

So, check it out immediately for the greatest adventure!

Mythology and Fantasy Slots

Mythology is another popular theme for the best slots to play online. You can discover games from various mythologies, cultures, and fantasies. 

Playing games with this theme takes you to different gods and goddesses and shows off their power. One of the best online slots in this category is below:

Thunder Strike

RTP: 94.06%

Betting Limits: 0.01 – 2

Max Payout: 4560x your bet

Bonus Features: Wild, free spins, progressive slot


One of the best online slots USA is Thunder Strike. This unique slot game is inspired by Scandinavian gods and their powers. It features a special grid and impressive winning opportunities for players.

This game has progressive slot features. That means that when you’re lucky, and we mean extremely lucky, this game can change your life upside down. So, try it out, enjoy its uniqueness, and give yourself a chance to land a whopping payout.

Fruit and Classic Slots 

Classic slot games are extremely popular among slot game lovers. They definitely stand among the best slots to play online in 2023. 

There are various classic slot games. Some of them are an actual adaptation of the fruit-themed slots in the Vegas casinos, while others feature more innovative characteristics. 

Whichever your favorite, you can find the next game impressive to try:

Disco Fruits

RTP: 95.71%

Betting Limits: 0.05 – 5

Max Payout: 1120x your bet

Bonus Features: Scatter, wild, gambling game, progressive slot


Disco Fruits is definitely one of the best online slot machines in the 2023 market right now. This exciting game combines two essential aspects: the interior of the classic slots and the bonus features of the modern ones. So, if you’re searching two in one, Disco Fruits is the best choice.

Movie and TV Show Slots

Another popular theme for the slot machines in 2023 is movies and TV shows. Players worldwide love branded games. Slot games are no different.

When choosing the best online casino slots, these games stand among the top titles. And here is one of the must-try games in 2023.


RTP: 95.12%

Betting Limits: 0.1 – 100

Max Payout: 40.000

Bonus Features: Wild, free spins, gambling game, 


This game shows off a beautiful Helena, and the story is about Troy. The game takes you to ancient history with its attractive symbolism, unique icons, and fascinating winning chances.

Moreover, this best online slot games title is inspired by the film Troy and brings you great payouts while showing off goddess Helena on the reels.

Now that you know which games to try out first, let’s review some of the best online slot sites in the market!

Best Online Slot Sites: Provider To Choose From

best online slot sites

To play the best online casino slots, you need to find the best gambling site first. And that is definitely the vital step to fun and successful gaming. 

The reliable gaming platform with the best online slot machines to choose from is PlayRiverSlot. This magnificent gambling provider combines impressive games with the site and allows you to play them from various devices.

All you need to do to access them is sign up and verify your account. All the games mentioned above are available on the platform. So, register right away, pick your favorite game, and enjoy the gaming to the fullest!


When is the best time to play online slots?

When you play the best online slots, there is no defined period of time that’s best for playing. That’s because all the time slots are chance-based games. So, enter any slot whenever you like and enjoy the process to the finest.

What are the best slot games to play online?

Some of the best online slots USA are mentioned above. You can choose any category you like and play games such as Disco Fruits, Helena, Columbus, or Thunder Strike. Play these games for the best gaming experience and win real payouts on PlayRiverSlot.

What are the best online slots in the US?

We mentioned some of the best online slot machines above in the article. Check out the best slots in 2023 above, pick your favorite, and enjoy the most extreme gaming experience.

How can I find the best online slots casinos? 

You need to check out the best online slot sites to find the best. However, you don’t need to look for anywhere else as you have already found PlayRiverSlot.

Sign up here for the best gambling experience and discover exciting slot games with unique features. 


We recommend you take every one of the features into account. And we should not forget about the effects too. Because the more brilliant the game is, the better the results it will have. Other than that, you can check if the slot machine is hard to beat or not. It is another essential factor to consider. 

Also, do not forget to visit ranking websites and read reviews about the games. That may tell you a lot about any slot game you want to play. When you try to distinguish the best online slots from the others, take the games with positive reviews. 

However, the last characteristics are like in the second plan. So, you should rely on yourself the most while choosing the best slot game for you. The only thing that matters is making your preferences wisely.

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