How to Find The Best Video Slots to Play?

How to Find The Best Video Slots to Play?


Slot machines are among the most popular online gambling games in the world. The slots’ unique and exciting nature makes them a perfect fit for high rollers in the online casino scene. There are thousands of online casino slot games that we have right now. The quantity and quality of video slots are enhancing by year. Amateur players have a hard time while they are trying to find the best video slots to play in online casinos. They do not know how to evaluate them and where to start. This article will cover critical aspects of those slot machines and give you valuable tips on how to find the best slots to play. 

Focusing on the Needs

It is the first tip that we would like to share with slot newbies. Focusing on your needs while trying to find the slot game to play is essential. In almost all modern video slots, you will discover gorgeous graphics and significant visual effects that will grab your attention. Knowing what you want from slot games is crucial. Because if you play the right slot type for your interest, the outcome would be great. For instance, if you are an old school guy who enjoyed classic fruit slots or arcades, most probably, the flashy 3D slots would not catch your interest. Instead, you need to find more simple versions of the modern slot machine games that will help you to enjoy the gameplay. 

Pay Table and Their Limits

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For amateur players, this aspect of the game does not hold much value at the start. While they are still trying to comprehend the process, it is not so essential for them too. However, more experienced players focus on these types of aspects, more specifically the paytable limits. Their game plan and winning strategies depend heavily on the wagers they make throughout the casino slot games. It was not a case long ago when slot machines were still trying to improve and find their spot on online casinos. But right now, the importance of paytable limits cannot be overlooked. 

There is a well known winning strategy that most of the video slots players use frequently. It is called the max pay. In this strategy, a player puts max money on every single payline that the slot machine offers. By doing so, they intend to increase the payout percentage of the slot. The popular belief around the online gambling audience regarding the case is arguing that the more money you put on every winning pay line, the higher the chance for winning the jackpot. It is not official or anything like that. However, throughout the practices for years, it is safe to say that this strategy can work for the most part. 

Which Aspects Do You Need to Focus On? 

Many slot games allow you to pay as low as 0.1 dollars per every pay line. Some examples for that kind are Miss Kitty, Deal or No Deal, Golden Goddess, Wild Panda, Starburst, and more. When it comes to the paytable, you need to check various aspects before deciding to play. Evaluate the video slot game by looking at the minimum and maximum bet amounts. See if they are offering fixed pay lines, or you can change the number of them during or before starting the game. If you do not complete these steps, you might regret it later as you would be stuck with the game that you have no interest in playing. 

Software Developers

You might think that you are just a player and why you should care about the software developers of the video slots you play. However, that is not the case here. To compete in great slot games, you need to play the ones developed by high-quality software providers. The quality of the software can directly impact your overall gameplay in a variety of ways. For instance, if you are playing an 0nline slot from an unknown software developer, there is a good chance that the software is not licensed. That brings us to the second point, which is fairness. 

For software products that do not have the license, it is hard to believe that they offer Random Number Generators, and they are not rigged. If you do not want to lose your hard-earned money on scammers like that, make sure that you get the right information about the software developers of the video slots you find on the web. The quality of the game, smooth gameplay, and the compelling graphics are all depending on the game’s software developers. To enjoy the casino game properly, you need to choose wisely. The slot machines are simple, and we get it. However, some small touches can make this repetitive action more enjoyable from a player standpoint. At that very moment, the difference between high and low-quality software providers emerges. 

Return to Player Rate

It is one of the crucial matters that you need to focus on while trying to find the best video slots. Return to player rate or percentage shows the overall deposit percentage that will come back to the player over time. It is the complete opposite of the casino house edge. For instance, if one game offers 95 percent RTP, it means that it has 5 percent of the house edge. On the other hand, the House edge is the percentage of the individual deposits that come back to the casino over time. As high as the RTP of the casino game, you have more chance of hitting the winning combinations. 

Why do You Need to Find the Video Slots with Higher RTP?

In the previous example, we mentioned the slot game with 95 percent of RTP; lets elaborate on that more. If a player deposits 100 dollars in slot machines over time, the slot machine that he/she plays will pay back the 95 dollars in the long run. The remaining 5 dollars will go to the house. To find the most affordable offers in the market, you need to search for them continually. You can look at the review sites and check out the different casinos to see the RTP of video slots. Sometimes, the RTP for the same slot game might be other in multiple casino websites. It depends on the casino itself and its agreement with the online casino software developer. 

In some of the online casino slot games, RTP changes over time. It is one of the things that only experienced players know about them. It is hard to guess when this process will happen, but some video slots have this feature. In those games, the RTP starts at 75 to 80 percent, and as you begin to bet max round after round, it can go up as high as 99 percent at the end. It is one feature that made some players think like betting max is a great strategy to win the highest prizes. 

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