Affiliate Online Casino Programs: Why Are They So Effective?

Affiliate Online Casino Programs: Why Are They So Effective?


There are various promotional methods that one can utilize in order to increase their popularity in the online gambling industry. We are not here to bash other methods, but our aim is to provide you with the reasons why affiliate online casino programs work effectively. Every promotional method has its advantages and disadvantages. As you probably know, diversity is a critical factor that increases your chances when it comes to running a successful campaign. So, the main reason why we are here to present you the affiliate online casino programs is that, by running this campaign, you will ensure a high ROI. Let’s see who the affiliates are first, and then we can explain the effectiveness of this method.

Who Are Affiliates in General?

Affiliates are those people who utilize their website to bring traffic to your online gambling platform. In general, affiliates can be anybody, but most of the time in the online gambling industry, those people are the players themselves. By using online casino programs like this, you will work with experienced gambling players who are willing to write blogs on the topics and make live streams while playing your games. Those players have extensive experience in the industry, and gamblers tend to listen to their opinion rather than some opportunistic business person who is trying to sell his product.

How do players become affiliates?

The affiliates in online gambling start with simple steps through reviews, trips, and tricks. Once they get a budget, they invest in digital marketing campaigns such as SEO. After running a successful digital marketing campaign, they achieve high rankings in SERP. Eventually, they become professional online casino affiliates, which can lead traffic to their client websites.

How Affiliates promote casino websites?

Affiliates are producing effective results by putting banners and links on their website regarding the client website, and they deliver high-quality referral traffic to those sites. The methods differ. They may put links during blog articles or place direct banners like go register to X site etc. The conversion rate for those sites becomes high because the audience who are following affiliates is online gambling players who are all for great offers. Besides the business perspective, for players, the affiliate websites are beneficial too.

online casino programs

They mainly contain valuable information about online casino sites, rankings, and all that. While the player wants to discover new websites for playing their favorite online casino games, they head to affiliate sites to see their reviews. Affiliate online casino programs can be broad and specific. General affiliate gambling websites focus on all aspects of the games, software, and other related stuff. But niche websites are specializing in one area. For instance, the Bitcoin chaser is a British online casino affiliate site which is specialized in crypto gambling. Players who prefer bitcoin casino software games will check these types of affiliate sites. 

Why is Affiliate Online Casino Programs a win-win situation for both parties?

As we already mentioned, the casino owners get recognition and high-quality traffic through this partnership. But what do affiliates get? There are various methods that affiliates may get rewarded for their outstanding job. Let’s briefly talk about those methods.

Revenue Sharing

With this model, affiliate casino sites earn a percentage of revenue that client casinos generate from referred players. It is considered as a long term income; that is why most of the affiliate online casino programs utilize this method. On the other hand, it is also prominent for online casino owners. The reason for that is, if there is a revenue-share, the affiliate will be more motivated to lead customers to online casinos. Thus, the overall revenue will be higher. The percentage of the shared revenue varies from case-to-case. If the affiliate casino site is too experienced in this field and has a successful resume, the rate can go up to 50 percent.

Cost Per Action

It is another method that these types of partnerships use frequently. In CPA, the casino operator offers a fixed rate for every referred player. The contract may include only registration of the player or depositing in some cases. As soon as the number of referred players grows, online casino operators tend to increase the rate for affiliates.                 

Mixture of both

There is a method that combines both CPA and revenue sharing. This method applies to those affiliates who are very experienced in their fields. Flexibility is the key to this method, and that is the main reason why most affiliates prefer mixed models over specific ones.

Why is it effective? 

There are several advantages to affiliate online casino programs that one cannot deny. Why do they work so well?

Paying based on the performance of the affiliate

Ideally, it is better to pay for what you have rather than what you expect. By contacting an online casino affiliate, you will correctly do that. They guarantee a high Return on Investment even if the cost is too high for you. Your revenue will be even higher, and you will get 100 percent relevant and high quality to your sites through these programs. 

Easy Measurement Matrices

One of the main issues that online casino operators are concerned about is the measurement of success. How can you know through which promotional activity you get the effective results? How to tell if the paid articles that you posted on various sites worked out effectively. You cannot know that. However, with affiliate casino programs, it is possible to track the results and compare them with previous ones. Affiliates will report you about the referred players. Therefore it will be easier for you to see how much it helped your website to grow financially. 

Simple Tracking system

casino software

As you probably know, an online casino software that gambling platforms use has an exceptional feature, which is called an affiliate module. This module is excellent for helping you with the management activities regarding the performance of your affiliate marketing campaign. Through this module, you can see how much of an impact do affiliate programs make and which affiliate site generates more traffic. Analyzing the effectiveness of banners, blog posts, and such promotional activities is a great way to adjust your affiliate program. For instance, if you observe that an X affiliate program leads you more high-quality traffic in a lesser time frame, you would skip the Y program and invest more on X. As a result, your gambling website will flourish over time. 

Credibility and Reputation

Experienced and popular online casino affiliates are significant for the online casino business. They play a massive role in shaping the thoughts and opinions of independent casino players. If one of those sites mentions you on their blog posts or use banners that promote your gambling platform, it will be a huge plus for your business. The players will see that you are a reputable online casino, and it will strengthen your online presence by creating brand awareness around the online gambling audience. 

Final Thoughts

As you see, affiliate online casino programs are very effective for improving your brand and building a loyal customer base. Through utilizing casino marketing tools such as referrals, mentioning your website on banners, and linking your website in blog posts, affiliate marketing specialists generate high-quality traffic for you. You can mix it up with digital marketing campaigns such as SEO, link building, PPC, and have great results too. Keep in mind that online gambling players are very skeptical about the casino game and overall industry, thus by only gaining their trust, it is possible to be successful in this business.

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