What Do All Casino Slot Games Have in Common?

What Do All Casino Slot Games Have in Common?


Online casino games are very entertaining. One of those games is casino slots. Casino slots are essential for their simplicity, among other great casino games. Most people like them because it is easy to play and earn cash in casino slot games. There are different kinds of slot games in online casinos. For instance, we can take 3d slots, video slots, animated slots, custom themed slots, classic slots, etc. They all have standard features that resemble each other. In this post, we will cover those standard features and give detailed information about casino slot games. 

Casino Slot Games: Bonus Features

Bonuses are heavily used objects in casino games online. Nowadays, in almost any slot game, players will get efficient bonus features. What are they? Bonuses are random prizes that can appear anytime on slot machine game. Several ways lead to bonus rounds. For example, a player can get rewards when they are first signing up to a particular online casino. It is called a welcome bonus, and popular slot games are very generous about it. 

Most of the time, bonuses need to be triggered so players can activate them. Triggering happens when players lining up matching symbols such as wilds and scatters. These highly weighted symbols can help you to earn free spin, free round, and a massive amount of coins while playing casino slot games. If you are a newcomer to online gambling platform, the best way to learn about bonuses is by checking pay tables. By looking at the pay tables, players can see symbol values that are leading to bonus rounds in particular casino slot games. 


For the last five years, wild symbols became one of the highly used features for slot games. Wilds are special symbols that help players to fill blank reels for them to succeed. For instance, if you got lucky seven on the first reel, blank on second and lucky seven again on the third reel. In that case, you can easily use wild symbols so that it can replace a new part as if it is fortunate seven symbols. By doing so, you will make sure that the matching symbols line is ready.

Wild symbols have other valuable features, such as bonuses. For instance, if you can match two or three wild symbols in any corner of the slot, you will earn rewards such as free spins, free coins, re-spins, etc. Wilds are a favorite fan symbol. That is why every online casino game online developer includes them in their slot games. 

Return to Player Rate

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Return to player rate is one of the indicators of slot games. In every modern slot game, you can find this long term theoretical payout percentage. What is Return to Player Rate means? For example, imagine that a particular online casino slot game has an RTP of ninety-six percent. If you deposit one hundred dollars on this game, over some time, you will get ninety-six dollars back. The remaining part, which was four percent, goes to the house edge of online casinos. 


If you ever played five-reel modern casino slots, then it is a huge possibility that you came across with scatter symbols. Scatters are standard for all slot games, and they are characterized by the ability to turn slot games around. Scatt has the capability of paying the player on whatever the place they appear on the reels. Scatters do not need to be a part of the pay lines in casino slot games because they are paying out if players can see them at any part of the game. In slot games, the more scatters you will see on the reels higher the winning will be for you as a player.

Coin Bets

Coin bets are one of the features that almost any online casino slot is frequently using. Coin bets are the exact amount that player bets on each of winning pay lines in casino slot games. In modern slots, players are allowed to select the number and size of coins before starting the game. That feature is commonly used because it appeals to all the slot players of a different budget. Coin sizes are essential because it helps players to know his/her risk and possible payout percentages in the game. Winning combinations and coins are working together. For instance, if a player deposits one dollar per each currency and hits a jackpot that pays out ten thousand coins, then the amount that he/she won would be ten thousand dollars. Gamble Feature

Online casino slots come with numerous kinds of bonus features such as instant wins, wild symbols, scatter, etc. Though, mainly featured common characteristic for those games is Gamble Feature. What is this? Gamble Feature can be seen in any casino games online, and this feature refers to the round after a player hits the winning pay line. If that happens, then a player can choose among two options. The player needs to play one more gamble round and double his winning, or he /she can reject it right away. 

How Does It Work?

Players are triggering gamble features when they hit the winning pay line by matching a range of particular symbols. After that, the gamble button will appear on the screen of casino slot games. If you click on it, the display of your pc will split into two, and on the mini screen slot game will offer you one playing card. The player needs to decide whether that card is red or black. In the gamble feature, there is a fifty percent possibility of either losing or winning; that is why players need to take a risk before making any serious decision about playing this round or not. If the player can guess right, the previous reward will get doubled up; if not player will lose the last prize. It is a simple, risky, but a fascinating feature that most of the slot games are using. 

Casino Slot Games Volatility

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The beauty of the slots is that players can find them on any design, shape, and size. Players can manage to play for huge jackpots by just using a few dollars. The concept that allows these actions to happen is volatility. In other words, slot volatility means the size and frequency of the payouts in casino slot games. Slots can give away jackpots for once in a year, or they can frequently help players to earn little amounts of prizes.

Volatility has three main kinds, which are high, medium, and low. In high volatility slot machine games, players can win massive jackpots because in on the reels, there are many scatter and wild symbols. Therefore, the frequency of hitting the jackpot is very seldom. In low volatility games, you cannot win huge prizes even if you are playing progressive slot games. However, the hit frequency is very high in comparison with the high volatility casino slots. In medium volatility games, the amount and frequency come as an average of both high and low volatility game characteristics. They are giving away good considerably good prizes on average payout frequency rates. 

Slot games have many typical features, such as their symbols, gameplay, rules, etc. Whether you are playing three-reel classic one or five-reel casino slot games, the entertainment value of those games is always high. If you like slot games and want to learn more information about them, check this article out. Good Luck!

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