What Are The Best Slot Games for Android?

What Are The Best Slot Games for Android?


Are you searching for the best slot games for Android? Do you wish to up the dose of entertainment on the android phone with some of the most renowned slots which a chance to win real money? Are you part of those looking to do all these without having to tolerate all the nerve-racking in-app purchases associated with some casino apps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Today’s guide will introduce you to the best slot games for Android and where to find them. As usual, we won’t leave without much of a question about these games. Therefore, find a review of the original games and the video slot software behind their performance and popularity. The mobile slot games mentioned below are all available at the Google Play store. Or for those who prefer the other approach, you can zoom to your mobile internet browser to download the ‘.apk’ files to your android phones.

To find out why this is the best guide you’ll find about android mobile gambling, keep reading.

What’s New In 2019?

slot games for android

First things first, the number of mobile slot games is significantly increased! For this reason, a useful guide has to take the old games into considerable but also remember to adequately cover the best parts of the new and improved slot games. Developers today have made a great deal of effort to enable mobile users to entertain themselves on the go. To accomplish this, they had to write slot software that runs seamlessly on android phones with a reasonable size too. Therefore in 2019, the best slot game is the one built on a robust but straightforward video slot software. Users can run such games without any technical glitches or lagging.

Also, popular slot games for Android can payout real money to gamblers. The casinos behind these games can maintain a safe and secure platform to enable transactions involving real money. For this reason, the progressive jackpot has carved out a special section for itself in this article. Just remember, you will have to put some skin in the game and take some risk. But fortune favors the bold therefore consider the fat payout awaiting all the winners of a progressive jackpot.

Enough said, let’s take a look at some of the best games for Android on the internet today.

List of Six Best Slot Games For Android

Please note: Google play policies won’t allow players to win real money on any of these mobile slot games.

Casino Joy Vegas Casino Slots

Casino Joy is one of the real deals in the android slot games arena. Gamblers are awarded about 20 million free coins to play with initially. With this massive giveaway, players have ample time to practice and perfect their gaming instincts before some real skin in the game. The game as lots of unique and fantastic features that gambler can scarcely find on any other slot games for Android. Some of these features include slots with about 40- lines, and the possibility of big payouts. It is a great time killer and is bound to keep players company whenever and wherever the need be.

Playriverslots Games

Play River Slots have risen to the forefront of mobile casino games in recent years. Introduced not too long ago, the Play RiverSlots software has had several updates. Hence, it’s very compatible with the mobile markets and platforms of today. According to the game developers, there have been over 10 trillion game plays from the Pharaoh’s Slots, including top online sweepstake games. Those looking for a free game with affordable bets and stake have found a gold mine. There is a large variety of slot game options with three reels and five reels slots. According to feedback from many users and fans, some of the best comes from Playriverslots include Wacky Billy, Temple Riches, African Kings, Reel Rider, White Buffalo, and Rich Life. In addition to all these, they also provide a reliable casino software and sweepstake software to other casinos online. 

616 Digital Slot Games

6i6 Digital is a video slot software provider and studio. They have, in their portfolio, a dozen video slot machines. They have two main sections of mobile slots. These are the freemium and pay-once slot games for Android. Their freemium games have several in-app purchases and features, whereas pay-once slots have no in-app purchases. The ability to develop these two sections in their slot portfolio is the main distinguishing factor about 616 Digital slot games. Whether you choose freemium or pay-once, you are guaranteed a great time with lots of bonus features. So if you are looking for somewhere to try out your luck or have fun on your android phone, you won’t go wrong with the slot games here.

Huuuge Global Slots Games

slot games for android

Huuuge Global aims to take the land-based casino experience and replicate it in the online casino for gamblers on their android mobile phones. Although they provide a large variety of casino games, their slots games for Android are the significant treats awaiting all new customers. All their mobile slot games are freemium, so you should have a fair idea of what to expect. That’s if you have played any freemium slots from top slot software providers. A lot of the games here require coins to bet and some extra tips to win. It takes a bit of practice and luck to win at these games since the incredible graphic may distract some new gamblers who visit the site.

777 Slots

Today, 777 slots are among the most sought after slot games online. Apart is its beautiful and colorful spinning characters and symbols, it is relatively and looks familiar. Players can expect a series of goodies like captivating themes, daily bonuses, multiplayer tournaments, and several bonus games embedded with the main slots. In the not so distant past, the video slot providers of 777 slots had more mobile slot games. However, they’ve taken down the majority of their slots and left only the best of the best. Though it has no striking attributes, at first sight, it far surpasses many slot games, not in this list. In addition to slot games for Android, the software providers behind 777 slots also offer casino games like Bingo and sweepstake games.

Rocket Speed Casino Slot Games

Rocket Speed is a collection of mobile casino slot games designed to keep players glued to their mobile phones. The better portion of these slots are old school casino-themed slots with different machines and play strategies. Some other slot games in this collection also have themes based on famous figures and cartoons. The best part of this deal, you don’t require an active internet connection to play a lot of their games. One significant advantage, you can play many of the games without the usual game currency or coins. Everybody likes free spin; therefore, you’ll want to check them out on Google Play.


Are there any other honorable mentions that were left out? Tell us about any slot games for Android that also deserve to be on this list. You can also check out the best tips and tricks for winning big in online slot machines. Try out your luck, and remember, there is no reward without some risk. 

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