Best Online Sweepstakes Games To Play For Real Money

Best Online Sweepstakes Games To Play For Real Money


There are many online casino games that you can enjoy on online gambling platforms. Some of them are considered chance-based games, while others mainly focus on the skillset of the player and strategies. You can still use strategies in those chance-based gambling games, but the chances are considerably lower than the skill-based games. One of the main genres that chance-based casino games offer is the sweepstakes slots. Slot games are among the easiest and most entertaining casino games that we have in the industry right now. You can learn about playing the best online sweepstakes in a few minutes. However, that does not mean that it is easy to win in those games. 

The wins depend on the type of slot machine you decided to play, where you are playing in terms of the casino website, the payout rate, volatility, and your gameplay strategy. All these factors play a huge role in defining the success rate of a player. If you are one of those players who have a hard time deciding which online slots to play, you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular and entertaining online slot machines that you can at home. By analyzing the list, you will tell which slot machine has high quality and which are not. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list and start from the first online slot machine, which is Thunderstrike 2. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Thunderstrike 2

Thunderstrike series has been among the top online casino games for the past few years. The game was initially designed as a branded slot. However, that was not the only reason why so many players decided to tune in to this fantastic game. It is one of the prime examples of the best online sweepstakes when we consider the game’s exciting features. As the first game of the sequel got high regards from the gambling audience, Microgaming decided to come up with the second game. The game is unique when we analyze the features that you can access through it. 

First of all, both mobile gambling and desktop casino players will get a chance to enjoy this online gambling slot game. There are 243 different ways to win this video slot machine game—the highest jackpot in the game worth more than two million dollars. With an RTP of 96.60 percent, this slot game is among the highest paying online casino titles in the industry right now. The volatility of the slot is considered low to moderate. The progressiveness of the Thunderstrike 2 is regarded as local. Through multipliers and the game’s max bet feature, you can win as much as 2.5 million dollars off of Thunderstrike 2 in a lucky draw. 

Interface and the Bonuses in Thunderstrike 2

The theme of the game will remind you of Marvel’s popular movie- Thor. The game is inspired by this movie and utilizes different characters and the Land of Asgard in its main interface and symbols. There are five reels and three rows in this online casino slot machine game. Do not let the game’s classic layout fool you because there are many creatively designed bonus rounds and exciting features that belong to the video slot market. 

On the reels, you will see different symbols such as Loki, Freya, Thor, the land of Asgard, and so on. These are the main symbols in the game that hold high value. On the other hand, there are secondary level symbols such as A, K, J, Q, 10, 9, and 7. Although it has been over a decade since the game’s initial release, fans still love to play the original Thunderstrike slot machine game. If you have not checked it out yet, make sure to go to an online casino powered by Microgaming and enjoy the best quality of the Thunderstrike 2 right away. 

Immortal Romance

Another popular online casino game that we are going to discuss in this article is the Immortal Romance. The game offers an exciting storyline, and while playing it, you will feel the vibe of a video game. There are several characters with their background stories, which make the game even more attractive for customers. You would not get bored while playing Immortal Romance because, after each winning session, there will be short video clips, and the storyline will become even more thrilling. Immortal Romance deserves its spot on the list of best online sweepstakes games with its fantastic graphics and fantastic sound effects. 

Microgaming developed this slot machine back in 2014. Through 5 plus years that this slot was in the industry, the game’s popularity and success rate never lost a beat. Instead, its audience got even more significant as they discover the variety of exciting features the game provides them with. The progressive jackpot is one of the most attractive features that you can find in this game. The Return to Player Rate starts at 96 percent. According to the strategy of the player, that can go as high as 97.2 percent. If you are utilizing the max bet option, your chances of activating this feature are higher than those who stick to the gameplan and play with fixed and constant deposit amounts. 

Storyline and Bonuses in The Best Online Sweepstakes – Immortal Romance

The thrilling storyline in the game keeps us interested for an extended period. You would not tell how time goes by while enjoying this casino slot game. The central theme of the game will remind you of vampire movies. However, we cannot tell that this is a branded slot machine because it does not focus on one particular movie or TV show on the subject. There are 243 different ways through which you can win this online gambling slot machine game. The other vampire/human love stories portrayed greatly in the game will make you addicted to the video slot title. 

Four different bonus rounds add up another level to the entertainment value of this online gambling slot machine. You will be able to win different prizes through those bonus rounds. Some of the notable mentions are

  • free credits
  • random payout
  • multipliers
  • and free spin chances

ranging from 5 up to 20. This is among the slot machines that are hard to find an alternative. The unique gameplay and exciting features made us include Immortal Romance among the top tier and the best online sweepstakes games list. If you want to enjoy this quality of the online gambling experience, make sure to check out this game

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Sweepstakes

There are a number of options that you can utilize in online casinos. Some of the best online sweepstakes games offer high RTP. While others have an edge over the high-quality graphics and sound effects. Depending on your needs you can choose the games according to that criteria. If you want to learn more about the subject matter and see the reviews of other online gambling games, check out other articles on the platform. 

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