Top 3 Slot Games that Pay Real Money

Top 3 Slot Games that Pay Real Money


It is not easy to find the best slot games that pay real money. While analyzing the online resources, you might find assessment criteria through which you can evaluate the available options. However, you need to be aware of the fact that most of those platforms and online forums are being used as a marketing tactic to attract naive players who are just starting the online sweepstakes journey. 

So, you need to be speculative about the information that they share or the fake user reviews that they spew online. Fortunately, we are here to solve the issue. This article will particularly focus on the best slot games that pay real money. 

We objectively analyzed different sweepstakes slots and only listed the ones that offer a realistic chance to earn cash by offering high payout rates and efficient bonus packages. If you are ready, let’s kick in with the first option.  

Book of 99


Most probably, the majority of online slot machine players would not have any information on this secret gem of the sweepstakes market. However, if you are looking for slot games that pay real money, Book of 99 should probably be on your checklist. 

The best part about this game is the return to player rate, which stands exactly at 99 percent. The game is arguably the highest paying online slot machine right now especially considering its great stats. Relax Gaming developed this game back in 2019. 

There are five reels as well as three rows in this slot. On each side of the main screen, you would see the ten fixed pay lines that are paying out both vertically and horizontally. The slot machine has some exclusive features when it comes to symbols; the Wild Book symbol is the highest paying one among all. Opposite to other video slots, the wild symbol in this game is not used directly for substitution. Instead, its main strength lies in the fact that it can trigger free spins for players. 

You have various options regarding the betting limits as the smallest bet can be made by only 10 cents, and the highest one can go as high as 100 dollars per active pay line. If you are fond of slot machines with high RTPs and low volatility, you will not regret picking Book of 99. 

Mega Joker

Another exciting online slot machine game that pays out real cash is the Mega Joker. I am sure that most of you have heard about the crazy returns that players made in the past while enjoying the exciting features of this slot machine. Mega Joker is a Net Ent classic that features three reels and three rows. All the essential symbols are comprised of fruits and vegetables. 

There are also internet sweepstakes classics like the bar and lucky seven among the initial symbols. There are only five pay lines in the riverslot sweepstakes game. However, considering the fact that the number of reels and rows is less, it is quite reasonable. The basic and simple design adds a classic brick-and-mortar slot machine feel to the overall game. 

Just like those traditional slots, there are no extra internet cafe sweepstakes bonuses in this title. However, you do not need to have flashy bonuses to come out as a winner, and hundreds of players in the past proved that point while profiting at an extremely higher rate when they played Mega Joker. 

Golden Records

The stunning atmosphere in the slot in combination with the traditional slot mechanics is the certain recipe for success, and that brings us to Golden Records. The name of the game speaks for itself but let’s dive into it a bit further. The main storyline revolves around one of the best musicians and an iconic rockstar Elvis Presley. 

By tuning into Golden Records, you will not only play a simple slot and win real cash, but you will also get a chance to experience the live concert vibes from one of the most influential singers of the past century. There are five reels and three rows in the game. In addition to that, you will have ten fixed paylines on which you can deposit up to 20 dollars. 

Unlike most of the other branded slot machines, the game offers a fairly high Return to Player Rate at 95.6 percent. In combination with the exciting bonus rounds and random multipliers in the Golden Records, it is fair to argue that this game is among the top slot games that pay real money. 

Is RTP a Good Indicator For Evaluating Slot Games that Pay Real Money? 

RTP is a fascinating matter when it comes to slot machines and overall riversweeps online games. It is a great metric to identify whether or not the player has the edge over the sweepstakes parlor. However, some players are arguing that this metric is very overrated and should not be used to evaluate online slots as the major point. 

So, let’s analyze the case and share our honest take on this case. RTP as a metric refers to the theoretical winning percentage of a certain game. The opposite of the term is house edge which identifies the theoretical winning percentage of the house whenever players enjoy certain games. Different sweepstakes titles have either higher or lower RTP. 

The skillset, type of the game, rules of the game, and such aspects play a huge role in defining an RTP percentage for those genres. For instance, while the table card games tend to have higher RTPs than chance-based sweepstakes, they are generally a lot harder to learn and play in comparison with games like inferno slots or roulette. 

What do You Need to Know About This Metric? 

Most experts believe that if a brand shares an RTP percentage of certain games, most likely they are telling the truth because the common perception leads them to skip the ones that exactly show the potential odds of winning. 

Although RTP alone would not help us to decide which slot is superior to the other, it might have a positive impact on the decision-making process, and it is certainly better to play games that indicate their RTP percentage rather than the ones that do not. 

The second option is basically guessing in players’ part, and you never know if the RTP is 50 percent or 90 in these situations. So, whenever you are looking for slot games that pay real money, read actual reviews, evaluate their reputability, play the demo versions and consider RTP as an indicator. If you are too hesitant to go through all those steps, you might as well read articles like this from our blog page that has great informative and analytical content when it comes to slot machines and the overall gaming industry. 


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