The Biggest Internet Casino Games Wins

The Biggest Internet Casino Games Wins


Gambling ever since its creation has welcomed itself into the hearts of players around the world. Internet casino games are no exception. With the invention of the world wide web and personal computers, players have been able to enjoy such entertainment right from the comfort of their homes. 

The Popularity of Internet Casino Games

Most people play internet casino games for the sole purpose of having fun. Whereas, some play in hopes of winning big. The real winners, however, are the ones who play slots for fun and make some cash. When gambling on casinos, you are sure to win sooner or later. It is a matter of time and knowing the right tips, tricks, and strategies. The year 2019 has been a lucky one for players. It has seen some grand casino wins. The point of this article is to show some of the biggest casino wins of 2019. By analyzing them we want to give you all the motivation you need to win big! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Mega Moolah

It’s not hard to find the most popular online slots that pay real money. You have to know where to look. Mega Moolah is no stranger in this regard. The game has gained itself a big name in the world of internet casino games. Almost every gambling destination that supports Microgaming software has it. The platform is famous for its big wins, so prominent in fact that back in 2015, it held the name for the highest casino jackpot payout all time. The prize-winning amounted to 17,879,645 euros and was cashed in the same year. The year 2019 has created even more demand for Mega Moolah due to its large payout that it generated previously. 

The reason behind this year’s hype was the fact that the slot game had rewarded not one, but two players with one of the biggest winnings of the year. The winnings of both players added up to 13 million dollars. The bird of luck landed on the heads of these players on the 5th of March 2019. It happened when a player cracked a spin at five reels and 20 pay lines of the slot. The odds turned in his favor, winning him 11,546,000 euros, which is the 4th largest ever. As if this was not enough, a player won a jackpot of 2,201,000 euros the next day. Even though it may seem small compared to the first win, the players did not bet much compared to their gains. 

Mega Fortune Dreams Internet Casino Games

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The question of why online casino slots are so popular can be answered by the massive winnings small bets can get you. Mega Fortune Dreams pushed out one of the biggest jackpots of the past year in March. The win was a mouth-watering 4,333,667 euros. The lucky winner of the prize was a sweet 65-year-old woman. She had a great story that is as great as her winnings. The story goes that, after playing it safe on some slot games with a 4 euro bet, she decided to play on Mega Fortune Dreams. After one round of playing with the same bet amount of 4 euros, she hit the jackpot! The result and the odds landed on her side, and she won a jackpot of 3 million euros, which is around the same amount that was paid out earlier that month. 

The Mega Fortune platform has cemented itself as one of the most popular internet casino games. And with jackpot payouts like the one this year, it is only getting more popular. A significant aspect of the game is its simple setting that almost every player will like. This simple setting also places the casino as a forever classic. The availability of free spins, respins, triple jackpots, and multipliers make Mega Fortune the slot game to go to for most players. 

Joker Millions

Joker Millions, over time, has proven itself as one of the most notable internet casino games. This recognition became more deserved after the game paid out a massive jackpot last year. Around the spring of 2019, Joker Millions awarded a lucky player 3.1 million euros. What is impressive about this jackpot is the amount the player bet, which was around 1.25 euros when playing the winning round. 

Although Joker Million has only been on the market since 2015, it has since made a right name for itself. This proper name comes from the big wins it has given its players. Even though the slot game is known for its mega jackpots, it still keeps a simple interface with a five by three reel layout. Cartoonish three-dimensional graphics are visible throughout the game. Players can see figures such as oranges, bells, sevens that decorate the reels. The current jackpot prize, which is over 1.5 million euros, is displayed proudly at the top of the screen. At around the end of the year 2018, the biggest win from Joker Million was recorded at around 7.8 million euros. This makes it one of the most desired internet casino games ever. 

Azrabah Wishes

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Lots of players look for common tricks to win big at real cash casinos. Azrabah Wishes, on the other hand, does not really require the mastering of skills to achieve a jackpot. The slot game goes further by displaying good fortune and riches on its three rows and five reels. These vibrant depictions of royal purple carpets and golden pillars that stand tall at each side somewhat promise the player good fortune during their gameplays. On top of all of this, the most eye-catching feature is the big progressive jackpot that is displayed for every player to see. The latest win occurred a little over a month ago last year. 

The lucky winnings of one player piled up to around 752,450 British pounds. The gameplay got even more impressive when the same player kept playing only to strike a jackpot with a 15,000 times multiplier. After having the right stakes placed, the player was able to collect his 2.4 million US dollars. This amount was three times more than the first win. Since the online casino had no withdrawal limits, the lucky winner had a chance to withdraw his winnings soon as he had won.


Sometimes casino players are told that the casino industry is a fraud, and that no one really wins. This is not true; choosing the right internet casino games can land you the jackpot you have been dreaming about your whole life. Internet cafe casino games have come along way from their initial birth as just a source of entertainment to a source of wealth for many. After the development of the online casino gambling industry, software solutions like Skill Games have allowed players to earn big cash and have fun at the same time. United States citizens are envied by many players. The reason being that, many locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are seen as gambling heaven. 

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