Slot Machine Symbols: Everything You Need To Know in 2023

Slot Machine Symbols: Everything You Need To Know in 2023


Since the 1890s, slot machines have entertained millions of players worldwide. But even though the casino games have changed considerably, from mechanical contraptions that required a bartender to pay out any winnings to hi-tech video slots today, slot machine symbols have remained interestingly consistent. 

Most of the similarities stem from tradition and also the belief that players like familiarity. But it’s certainly not because there’s no innovation in the casino industry. On the contrary, the slot machine symbols are mostly new where there it’s based on a place, a musician, a character, or a themed slot. 

Here’s everything you need to know about slot symbols. 

Oldest Slot Machine Symbols 

Poker and cards especially were standard for old saloons, just like hustles and fistfights. So it came as no surprise when the first primitive slots used card symbols – clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds. 

Even though the suit symbols don’t often appear now, the high denomination cards like ten, jack, nine, king, ace, and queen are still prevalent in all types of modern vegas slots. But these symbols often have a lower value than the main theme symbols. 

For some time, the poker symbols remained on the old slot machines until Charles Fey came along. He was a native of San Francisco who invented the one-armed bandit. He limited the reels to three and kept only three-card symbols – spades, diamonds, and hearts. 

Nobody knows what he had against clubs. Anyway, he introduced the Liberty Bell and horseshoes. The bell represents American freedom, and the horseshoes were a good luck symbol. 

Before long, the number seven symbol became highly popular as a new symbol. And it’s considered to be a lucky number by most players. It shoved the old horseshoe completely. 

Fruit Slot Machine Symbols 

Slot machine symbols

Let’s move forward to the 1900s, when slot machines were banned in severe measures on gambling machines. To find a way around the ban, the Bell-Fruit Gum company came up with an idea. They created slots that amazed people who wanted to spin the reels and paid in gum instead of actual cash. 

Now, you know how the famous fruit symbols became popular, and they’re still a thing today. Melons, cherries, oranges, and pears are still common in casino slots. But what does the classic bar stand for in slot machines? 

The bar idea came up because it looked like a bar of gum! 

Modern Slot Machine Symbols And Icons 

Even though some of the card symbols and old fruit remain, modern slot games have wide varieties. You can try out hundreds of different slots in any online casino. And each offers unique symbols and icons to excite the players. 

Some online casinos stick with familiar themes like lucky Chinese, Ancient Egypt, or Irish leprechauns but have taken a different turn. For example, some video slots have weird gothic symbolism, video graphics, and flying bats. 

Alternative Slot Machine Symbols And Icons 

You need to land a successive number of any symbol on any payline to win in all casinos. But you need to watch out for the special symbols. Let’s go through them: 

Wild symbol. This symbol can act or replace any other symbol. Therefore, it can help you make a winning line, which can tremendously boost your profits. 

Scatter symbol. The scatter symbol doesn’t have to be displayed on a winning line. They can appear at any place on the reels. You usually need three of them to trigger extra free activities, such as the free spin feature

Bonus symbols. With the bonus symbol, you can get a set of numbers, which can trigger a profitable bonus game. Sometimes, the bonus symbol can appear during the free spin, which acts as a multiplier. 

It’s usually interchangeable, so it’s always better to look at the slot’s paytable first to know what you require. 

Stacked symbols. The stacked symbols are new, and they can expand and take up an entire reel. 

Sticky symbols. You can also find sticky symbols and these symbols stay in place for several spins. These are usually high value, which can incentivize you to keep on playing to increase your winning chances. 

The Beginning Of Online Slots 

Slot machine symbols

Like thousands of slot games out there, it didn’t take long for software developers to bring digital versions of these games. In the beginning, the online versions were the replica of their offline counterparts. 

However, extra freedom made it possible for these online casinos to add more variety to the experience. Because of that, the number of online casino games increased significantly, with each online slot’s new version coming with its slot machine symbols and icons. 

There are so many casino games available today that come with numerous symbols in each game. But fortunately, the software developers and providers have provided tools to help players understand the visual language of the casino game. 

Some casinos will even allow you to play their game slots for free. That way, you can learn the systems of the game before you play with real money. This is also an excellent way to play a game you’ve not tried before. 

It can help you familiarize yourself with the game, causing you to increase the chances of winning. You can enjoy numerous slot games, but how well you enjoy depends on the online casino. 

So you have to do your research to choose the right online casino that works for you. Also, it’s advisable to play the free version first before the real game. That can help you limit your losses and increase your winning chances. 


Now, you have every detail of how slot machine symbols and icons began, including what they mean. It’s time to try the games yourself. But before you proceed, you have to do your research before choosing an online casino. The online casino you choose will determine how well you enjoy your game and your chances of winning. So check their license, reputation, mode of payments, etc., before you play your favorite games. You can do that through online reviews. That said, if you’re searching for the best online casino software for your business, we recommend PlayRiverSlot. We offer you nothing but the best resources to help your business grow. So contact us today, and let’s build your casino business. 

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