Space Rocks

Space Rocks

Being a millionaire by playing this slot game is quite reachable. So, if you are a fan of jewelry and want to hit the jackpot rapidly, this game is absolutely for you. The background design of Space Rocks is very bright, which attracts most gamblers’ attention. Developers chose unique colors to make you feel relaxed while betting. The animations and other inserted digital features increase the popularity of the game among gamblers. So, the overall graphics of this slot game may get four points five out of five. If we compare it with others, it is quite a high score for mobile slots.

Moreover, the overall structure of this casino slot is not very complicated, which is good news for players. You can find five reels and only ten paylines. You can find this game on all platforms such as IOS, Android, etc. And it is quite easy to download or install.

Basic rules of Space Rocks

The working principle of paylines is different from most of the slot games. You can win prizes or bonuses with the help of the “both ways” feature in Space Rocks. As it is evident from the name of this functionality, you may win by matching symbols from the left to the right or vice-versa. Gamblers need to pair three or four elements to gain some prizes. You can find seven standard and one wild symbol in this online slot gambling. There are some reels on this game, which are more potent than others. Typically, these reels are in the center of the game. And if you can match symbols here, you will activate Wild Feature, which will give you more opportunities to win. The minimum betting amount is so low in this online slot. You can start betting by only paying zero point ten USD. However, if you want to play more significant, you can bet ten USD for each spin.

Additional features

space rocks

One of the essential features, which differentiate this video slot from other similar games, is the auto-play function. If you want to bet while doing some other stuff, this feature will be your beloved one. This function works without any interactions, and it is possible to use it for several times. By using it, you will spend less time in Space Rocks, but you will have still a chance to get money. Moreover, you can find some free spins or other additional promotions that will help you to get more prizes in the short run.

RTP ratio

There are several terms in the online casino industry, which define the winning probability of various games. The first criterion that will give you enough background about this possibility is the RTP ratio. Return to player rate shows that how much percentage of inserted betting amount you will get back in the long run. It is important to emphasize that this number works well for an extended period. In Space Rocks, RTP is slightly more than ninety-five percent. If you search for this rate in other slot games, you will see that the rate above ninety is high. So, in terms of the RTP rate, it is worth to play this slot.

Hit Frequency

Another measure that shows the winning possibility to the gamblers is hit frequency. It is the rate that describes how much time you can pair needed symbols to win some prizes. In Space Rocks, this rate is approximately nineteen percent, which is way too more than other online slots. So, considering this factor, you will have a lot of possibilities to earn some prizes while playing this slot game.

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