Rivers Casino Self Service Solutions to Check in 2023

Rivers Casino Self Service Solutions to Check in 2023


Many years ago, starting an online casino business was almost an impossible dream. You needed to be a giant in the casino industry for you to pull it off. Big corporations had a monopoly in the gambling industry because of the cost of setting up the casino business. You had little to no chance of tweaking even with white label casinos until rivers casino self service came to the scene. 

Currently, a lot of changes have happened when it comes to your preference, the fierce competition in the casino industry, software providers, and innovation that comes with white label casino software. It is no doubt that the white label casino software has changed the industry. Now, you do not have to go through all the challenges to own an online casino business. 

With the uprising of the white label software providers, you know, the professionals who are capable of developing a new online casino under six weeks and at a cost-efficient price, you can have the comfort of creating a new business. All you have to do is to market your brand. Depending on the terms of the contract you went with the provider, they can manage your marketing for you. 

Rivers Casino Self Service Provides More

Now, outsourcing white-label casino software makes it simple for you to create your online casino business. You do not have to worry about the legal processes (and the tedious paperwork involved) because the white label software does that all for you. It is far better than the traditional way of setting up an online casino business. 

However, even though the white-label is has its benefits, it has one major disadvantage. The white-label software has fixed-settings. That means when you purchase the product or services, you cannot change the settings. You have to go with whatever they give you. Sometimes, software developers can be in full control. 

But the rivers casino self service offers more. You are in full control when you opt for self-service. The service gives you the option to make changes your way. In other words, what you say is what goes. This guide will show you everything you need to know and understand concerning the rivers casino self service and how you can utilize it to get the full benefit. 

Let’s get into it. 

What Is Rivers Casino Self Service? 

 The rivers self-service solution is a type of gambling software solution provided by iGaming software developers. And it is a term that SoftGamings use. This type of service typically involves API protocols that end in seamless and fastest integration of casino games and other related gambling content. 

The solution can also come with casino scripts, technical support, back-office, separate modules, and numerous other components. To be fair, the self-service casino platform has not received much attention among online casino business owners and entrepreneurs compared to white label casino software or turnkey casino solutions. And it also includes the people who are new to the gambling industry. 

The reason for the cause is that the online casino wonders who want to purchase the rivers self-service solutions already have an existing online casino business. And what they are interested in is growing on what they want to give to their customers to maintain its freshness and engagement. 

How Does The Rivers Casino Self Service Platform Work? 

If you get the self-service solution, you acquire full control of the product change without relying on the provider. In other words, if you want to make a necessary change in the shortest possible time, you do not have to wait for weeks for the software provider to make those changes. You can do it yourself anytime. They do not have the authority you do. 

As you take full control of the front-end and design with your team of IT professionals, the software provider can provide you with: 

  • Technical support 
  • Casino scripts 
  • Crucial advice on front-end design 
  • Support during all the phases of your casino development 
  • Testing the platform to see how well it works 
  • Integrating the gaming content into your online casino 
  • Back office
  • Hosting services 

One of the main advantages of choosing the self-service solution is that you do not need to compete directly with significant gambling corporations such as Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, etc. What happens instead is that the software provider that offers you the service can get you as numerous casino games as you want from these premium game developers. 

And the casino software providers are already partners with the iGaming developers, so you do not need to sign any contracts or integrate the software for each vendor separately. And that saves you time and money. With the support and assistance from your software provider, your team can develop an online casino for your business that is fully customized. 

Who Benefits From The Rivers Casino Platform? 

When it comes to the rivers self-service online casino options, it is appropriate for people who have their online casino business and want to add extra services or products to their business brand. It is also ideal for entrepreneurs who have a team of web designers already, including developers. But they want to add additional technical support to develop their online casino from scratch. 

With that said, rivers self-service online casino may be the right solution for you if you:

  • Already have an online casino and want to add more services or products to grow your reach.
  • Want to have 100% control of the entire management and operation of your online casino business 
  • Want the freedom to make independent changes without relying on the provider every single time. 
  • Would like to add extra support for your IT and development team in creating your online casino business 
  • Would like assistance to integrate new slot games without directly dealing with the major players in the casino industry, such as Microgaming. 

How Much Does The Rivers Self Service Cost? 

When it comes to the rivers self-service solution, there is no specific price. The cost of the solution will depend on the software provider. And most importantly, what particular tools, services or package is provided. That being said, the cost is usually cheaper than buying a turnkey solution but costs more than the typical white-label software casino. 

Remember that the rivers’ self-service solution is not costly compared to other solutions because the people who select this option already have an online casino business they are running. If not, they are developing the casino business and taking care of the cost of all the relevant licenses, recruiting web designers and developers, etc. And none of these are offered by the casino software provider. 

Final Thoughts

The rivers casino self service solution can be helpful and help you grow your business. You can go through the article again to get an in-depth understanding of the service. If you decide to go with the product, it can help you gain more customers for your online casino business, especially if you want to be in full control. If you want the best online casino software for your business, do not search any further. We have the best software that can help you grow your business. We also provide high-quality sweepstakes software that ensures that you get the quality casino games you need to attract and run your business. Contact us right now for more information. 

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