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River Slots Stand Up Kiosk is a cloud based system that comprises two main components – Cloud Server and Standups. The number of standups that can be connected via Internet to the Cloud Server is unlimited. River Slots Stand Up Kiosk solution is flexible, easy to set up and manage where cloud based approach allows operators remotely control cash flow, player activity and game data.


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Creat a Cloud-based System

River Slots Stand Up Kiosk solutions offer you competent management by connecting all your Stand-Ups into a cloud-based network. You can easily set up as many kiosks as you wish and manage the operations remotely. As all activities are recorded in the cloud system via the Internet, our flexible solutions let you monitor cash transactions and gamer status no matter of your physical location. A cloud-based system supports various kinds of cabinets, whether it has a single or double screen. All you need to do is call our representative, and your system will be ready to install.

Multi-Channel Point-of-Sale

River Slots Stand Up Kiosk management allows you to utilize any platform, install a variety of cabinets or use different types of gadgets you wish, and still, run operations smoothly. The multi-channel point-of-sale system tracks all the statistics and ensures that players enjoy jackpots and other bonuses. You can manage your cafe remotely and monitor the statics of your business. River Slots Stand Up Kiosk solutions are in charge of both cabinet operations, namely, buttons, bills or tickets, and management tools for accessing game history, or sales related data. Besides, we add new games every month automatically and for free. This will enrich your game library and ensure customer retention. Just install our system to your kiosk and enjoy the profits that we will bring.

Features Offered

With the help of our cloud-based system, your stand-ups will be directly connected to the local community board and gamer will enjoy community prizes.

More than 70 engaging types of games

Entirely free and automatic game updates

Compatibility to any type of cabinet

Single or Double screen choice

All-time access to Stand-Ups

Online management of statistics


Bill validator


Ideal For

Fishgames Cafe