River Slots Redemption Kiosk

Experience a new concept of customer services with River Slots Redemption Kiosk

River Slots Redemption Kiosk​

Substantial increase in revenue without large-scale investment

Our river slots redemption kiosk will become the best partner of your business with its simple, multitask and comprehensive system. When it comes to labor costs and overheads, a kiosk will save you a lot of financial resources as it operates multiple tasks in a self-serving way. We created an excellent system where users can create an account and enjoy tens of modern games instantly. Besides, players will be able to make purchases, quickly redeem and upload promotion apps that provide entirely free games from the rich library. Even better, our river slots redemption kiosk works all day and night, without the need for human labor; therefore, it makes your business efficient and lowers the costs.

River Slots Redemption Kiosk provides access to the slot games for smartphones as the unit is directly linked to the cloud system. It ensures that players enjoy gaming experience whenever and wherever they want. However, all purchases and redeems are made in the physical location, which gives you more control of your business.

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Major Features


24/7 live time

No Technical support required - forget about system crashes or equipment replacement

Portable Point-of-Sales​

Multi-device Access for Players

Extra Advertising Tools- promote your business by messages from POS​

Purchase and Redeem instantly

Rich full HD game library​

Convenient to participate​

How do Kiosks work?

First, players need to approach the physical spot of your business to create an account which includes some information about gamers and cash transactions. We ensure the privacy and safety of our accounts by creating a distinctive 12-digit account number. When an account is done, it is filled with money, so that, gamers are able to start playing. The convenient side of our kiosk is that just by connecting the internet, a player can use any type of gadgets to play the games. However, purchase and redemptions are only done in the store to have better control of you.

How to get our service?

River Slots Redemption Kiosk is closer to you than you think. Just contact our representative to create your business account. After, we will schedule an entirely free training which will last around one hour. By the end of the training, your whole store team will have complete knowledge of the kiosk system. Next, we will locate some screens/posters with advertising aim and everything is done! We are ready to Go Live.
Besides, our system is so simple to operate that players can get their prizes eyes-shut. They just need to log in with their account details into the kiosk, choose how much they want to redeem, and that is it. Easy, understandable, the self-service system ensures that players do not need any help from an additional employee.

Gamer management solution

River Slots Redemption Kiosk ensures that you will be able to operate POS for 24/7 without creating extra labor costs. Besides, the system can be expanded into new locations and gives customers an opportunity to get more profits without a substantial investment.

Mobile POS

Cloud-based operation of POS gather personal information of players and makes it possible to send custom-tailored Messages or emails to promote the business. Besides, the system allows: Real-time data monitoring of purchase or redeem operations Jackpot, bonus and sales management With River Slots POS reporting tools are at your fingertips!

River Slots Jackpot

One of the promotional techniques of the kiosk is the progressive jackpot in a large community where players gather. This in-game feature is connected to a single kiosk or to a network of River Slots Redemption Kiosk.

Library of FullHD Games

Free, engaging games offered by our services are compatible with different types of gadgets. More than a hundred special full HD games provide the same gaming experience across various platforms.
We created a network of River Slots Redemption Kiosk and POS to make it easy to manage for the operators. The HTML5 gaming app provided by River Slots Redemption Kiosk can be customized. It creates a system where players sign in their accounts using the kiosk, indicates their desirable prize credits, and enjoy prizes.

Kiosks, with Music Downloading and Telephone Times Services, have never been that profitable!

River Slots Redemption Kiosk adds additional revenue streams to your business with the help of two new vouchers for downloading music and contacting with long-distance via telephone. When clients purchase vouchers, they also get access to our games entirely for free. This promotional tool ensures new players to your games all the time.
Our kiosks are easy to locate; they can be set up in any place around your retail store whether it is a bar, restaurant, or winery. Sweepstakes promotion will lead to increased sales of your business by establishing access to engaging and modern games.

5 Benefits of River Slot Redemption Kiosk

Easy Set-up

All you need to do is placing the kiosk in-store and connect it to the internet- No hidden costs of installation and no need for the technician.

Smooth Payment Collection

The distributor is paid on the first day of each month. If not, service can be stopped remotely, so there would be no disputes on collection. Once a customer pays the fee, kiosks will be working instantly.

Free Updates

River Slots updates the games automatically and for free. There is no need to contact the distributor or manually finalize the updates.

Instant Reports

With the help of mobile Point-of-Sales, business owners can monitor the kiosk transactions whenever they want by using a computer or mobile phone and connecting to the internet.


Business owners can always re-locate the kiosks to new locations if any legal or economic barriers emerge.


Ideal For

Sweepstakes cafes
Internet Cafes