Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes Software

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes Software

In today’s world of online casino, each player faces difficulties while choosing where to play. The reason behind this lies in the vast assortment of virtual casinos available on the Internet. Mostly, the players prefer to engage in games that are reliable and can meet all their needs. However, with our pre-reveal sweepstakes software, you cannot only satisfy the primary criteria necessary for an online casino but also have some privileges among other providers. We can promise that you can choose the best online casinos if you know all the basic features of an honest gambling company.

What is pre-reveal sweepstakes software?

What do we mean by pre-reveal sweepstakes software? Even if some of you are familiar with this term, we can say that it is an addition that makes casino practice a little bit different. Pre-reveal sweepstakes software allows your players to see the information regarding the rewards and prizes before they start playing the game. Though some think that it makes the final stage of getting the award less exciting, more people argue that the whole gameplay process appears to be more relaxed. As a result of such an option, the games are conducted in a more calm atmosphere, which leads to fewer risks during the passion.

Convenient atmosphere

One of the crucial points for the customers is the convenience of the games. They prefer to access their favorite games any time, anywhere in the world, without wasting any time and energy. Therefore, the simplicity and comfortability of the game design stay in the leading places to attract the players and keep them returning to the game. Which player will not want to enjoy his favorite game in just a few clicks? We can give you an opportunity to allow your players to have a colorful and realistic design due to visual effects. Our sweepstakes software can provide your players with a real casino environment and create the most positive impressions. Consequently, an impressive and high-quality design, user-friendly interface, and surely, easy navigation are key factors to let the users play your games in a non-stop regime.

Variety of games

Another essential point that distinguishes the land-based real casinos from online ones is the full range of existing games. As in real casinos, great diversity cannot be provided, more people prefer to play in online casinos. By working with pre-reveal sweepstakes software, you can offer a great chance to your customers to have the broadest possible range of games.  In addition to standard casino games, we can suggest slot machines with different scenarios, live dealers, or some various combined options to make your games more entertained. We can surely say that the more diverse and attractive range of games you have, the more long-living players will be interested in your casino. With Riverslots sweepstakes software, you can enrich your customers with entirely new opportunities of generous gifts in the form of bonuses and amazing rewards. Moreover, you can give them equal chances to take advantage of existing offers and start playing online casino as soon as possible.


Today, one of the most pressing issues is the issue of security. One of the characteristics necessary for both players and the online casino is safety and reliability. For business owners, a not secure online casino can lead to unexpected results including stolen databases, destroyed sweepstakes cafe and finally, loss of business. Therefore, we recommend you to pay enough attention to this area without trying to save money on security aspects. Our sweepstakes software offers you various innovative software solutions to protect your online establishment. We give your customers a positive environment where our professionals control everything that happens in the virtual hall from the moment the player registers. Also, we can assist you with the implementation of all the necessary integrated security solutions to protect your business and make it increase in a more profitable way.

No stress

With Riverslots pre-reveal sweepstakes software, your customers do not need to think about dress code or time-limits that are typical for land-based casinos. It is enough to have Internet access to dive in the world of comfortable gambling at any time. Considering the huge competition present in the segment of online casinos, we can emphasize that players take into account several points before starting any time. Always be honest with your customers, give them real chances to win with our software and let them quickly withdraw the earned money. Everything in the world gambling is built on responsibility and trust. Remember that the players thoroughly analyze the sections and rules displayed in your casino. So, try to satisfy the customers’ needs and follow the high-standards of the gambling industry. We, as a team of professionals, provide you and your customers with the optimal solution covering all the essential and required features of online gambling.

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