Play Slots Online or Go to the Casino? We Will Help You Decide

Play Slots Online or Go to the Casino? We Will Help You Decide


For many years, casino slots were something that people were playing in night outs. Modern technology and many more aspects changed this industry, and online casino games came to our life. People were playing classic fruit machines in local bars or land-based casinos for over a hundred years until 1994. After casino slots transferred to an online platform, suddenly, a chance to play slots online in your house became real. 

Currently, we have access to thousands of slot machine games by using just our personal computers, tablets, or mobile devices. The last two decades were very crucial for the online casino business. Right now, players can play slots online without any inconvenience, and they have flexible features that were not offered in land-based casinos. In this post, we will examine online and land-based casinos while helping players to decide why they need to choose online casino slots instead of land-based slot machine games. 

Convenience and Location-Why You Need to Play Slots Online 

Comfort is the key if we are talking about casino slots. That is obvious that not all of us have the chance to access land-based casinos. They may be located too far or, in your country, there are not enough land-based casinos, etc. These are common issues that casino players are facing while searching for a reliable casino. If you had a great holiday in Las Vegas, you enjoyed free drinks, great sounds, entertaining environment, and so on. However, those aspects of the land-based casino are not changing the fact that they are inconvenient for many people. 

Some players see those aspects as distractions rather than entertainment. Most of us want to play casino games whenever and wherever we wish. That is why you need to play slots online because they are available 24/7. You can pick up your phone, click to the online casino and start playing. It is that simple. Besides, none of the land-based casinos will give you the comfort of your own house. 

New Games All the Time

In land-based casinos, long queues are always creating problems for players. Imagine that you are waiting for a turn to play slots online for real money, and that slot machine game is your favorite. It is a regrettable event that can be skipped by just playing slots in online casinos. If you do not want to waste your time while waiting for a slot machine to become free, choose to play realistic slot games online. In an online casino, you will have a great variety of slot games, and whenever you want to play, they will be available for you. 

Another great advantage that online casino games are offering is constant updates. In land-based casinos, typical games will be played over and over again in the same slot machines. In an online casino, you will have a chance to access thousands of new games with creative interfaces and new updated features. Players can pick and choose from a great variety of games and can skip the games that are not appealing to them. 

Best Odds of Winning

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A land-based casino is an expensive business to run; that is why most of the owners are thinking that the house should be the one that takes profit at the end, not the players. To cover all the costs, there are some cases where land-based slot machines have meager pay-out rates in comparison with online casino slots. The number of players that play slots online for real cash is limited in land-based casinos but not in the online platform. That is one of the main reasons why costs per person for online casinos are minimal compared to the land-based ones. That is why online gambling slots are giving higher odds to win. 

Return to Player Rates of land-based slot machines on average is about eight percent. Players do not have any information about these aspects; that is why they are not relying on slot machines. For instance, you can play an elite slot machine without knowing that its RTP is equal to sixty percent. Though, in the online casino, you can find the exact RTP percentage for each slot game before you start to play slots online for real cash. In online casino slots, you will see that average RTP is equal to ninety-four to ninety-eight percentage. Return to Player Rate of online casino slot games can also increase after players win jackpots and massive bonus games. Frequency and amount of wins are all higher while you play slots online instead of land-based slot machine games. 

Safer for Your Wallet

While playing in land-based casinos, most of the time, players are getting caught up in the moment and forget about their budget plans. In land-based casino excitement of the slot game, free drinks and overall ambiance make you continue the game, which fails. Several factors are keeping you at slot machines in land-based casinos; however, that is not the case for online casino slots. If you play slots online for real money, you will have the chance to take a deep breath and play according to your budget plan. You will know your limits and the time when you should cash out in online casino slots. That is a great advantage that online casinos are offering to its players. 

Comps versus Bonuses; Which One Is More Beneficial?

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In land-based casinos, you will get many comps by just playing slot machine games. For instance, bartenders will get you a few drinks, food, and other types of services to make you play longer. These kinds of comps do not exist in online casino portals. Though, in the online casino, you will get numerous bonus features that are better than those comps. For example, a welcome bonus is one of those features that online casino slots are offering to its players. While entering the online casino, you will get free spin chances as a registration bonus. While learning and practicing a new slot game, it is better to use bonus coins, free spin chances rather than risking your money. So, using betting bonuses is an excellent way of handling an amateur player’s pressure and earn rewards along the way. 

Progressive Jackpots While You Play Slots Online vs. Real Slot Machines

Progressive jackpots are one of the motivating reasons that players choose slot games over other casino game types. They are different in both land-based slot machines and online casino portals. In land-based slot machines, full are progressive jackpots can go up to several millions of dollars, but it takes time and turns off other players. However, in online casino slots, thousands of people from any part of the world can play the same progressive slot game at one time. That leads jackpot to grow as much as ten to fifteen millions of dollars in several hours. That is an excellent advantage for people who do not want to wait for the jackpot to grow.

Casino games are fun, whether you are using an online casino platform or a land-based platform to play them. While you play slots online, there are several advantages that you get from it. For instance, you will manage your bankroll better, get free bonuses, get higher odds at winning and will have a chance to experience updated features of slot games. For these reasons, we think that it is better to play online casino slots instead of land-based casino slot machines. If you are a slot lover and wanted to know the difference between the two, this post will help you out. 

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