Online Slot Machines Myths Debunked

Online Slot Machines Myths Debunked


One of the entertaining games, online slot machines, has got so many interests from the gamblers. People can play online slot games on both their Android devices and PCs. Since the demand is high, and there are both professional and inexperienced players, the spread of information about online slot machines can sometimes be misleading.

This kind of misconception about the online slots machines can demotivate the players and make them angry. Thus, in this article, I will share the most common slot machine myths and reality.

Online Slot Machines Myths

There has always been a significant number of misleading information about land-based slot machines. Since online casino customers have increased due to the dominance of the Internet, online slot machines myths also increased. Now let’s look at those debunked myths.

Online Slot Machines Auto-play Mode

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There is a widespread myth that when playing slots on auto-mode, it decreases the chance of winning. This auto-mode myth came from an idea that when a player changes the mode to auto-play, the programmed game may “cheat” and causes you to lose. The reality is that both land-based and programmed online slot machines in the same that cannot be rigged. Thus, you can play on auto-mode and win slot games easily while getting your favourite tea comfortably.

The Entrance Myth

There is a famous myth that looser slot machines are most of the time located at the entrance of the casinos. People tend to say think that casinos put the slot machines in the venue with the highest payout rate. This myth is somehow true at first glance but for the old-aged casinos. To attract more customers or keep the existing ones to increase profit, it is possible that some years ago, casinos may locate loser slot machines in the venue. However, nowadays, the casinos locate the slot machines in a group. For instance, managers put casino slots machines in a group of their types and chip denominations. 

Moreover, there is also a myth that casinos tend to buy slot machines and locate their highest-paying ones in a less crowded place. However, this is also misleading information. The reason is that if more people play the highest-paying slot machines, the casino will make more profit. Thus, the information about slot machine locations are misleading, and actually, are myths.

Winning During A Day May Change

There is another saying that some times a day are better to win online slot machines games that others. Or, some days of a week, or on some special events, create more chances to win slot games. These two theories are myths. Some casino players suggest that the payouts improve during the convention dates. The reality is that casinos cannot reprogram the payout rates easily. In the end, your winning chances do not depend on a particular day.

Players Cannot Change the Chances of Winnings

The saying that you cannot improve your chances of winning is also a myth. Although this may even sound as myth, the reality is that you can positively affect your winning chances. Since the winning highly depends on the type of slot you chose, you can select a slot machine that has the higher winning chances than others. For instance, it is better not to choose progressive jackpot. Instead, you may choose the fixed jackpots, for they offer a high rate of winning chances. 

Moreover, you can choose slot games with higher denomination since they offer better odds than others. Additionally, slots with lots of bonus games, free spins, and rewards are likely to cause you to win more. Therefore, you can choose the right slot games and improve your chances of winnings. 

The Results Are Predictable

The RNG, the random number generator, is a computing component in the online slot machines software that produces random numbers in sequences in every interval. The myth is that after every series, the generated numbers repeat themselves. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the result of the slot game. 

Also, there is a saying that the RNG has a memory. Meaning that, if you lose once, the slot machine software will continue to cause you to lose further. However, the truth is that the game development companies design slot games in a way that they are neither predictable nor have a memory to decide on the game result. 

Duration of Playing

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Another common myth about online slot machines is that the longer you play, the more you get chances to win. The notion comes from a belief that playing both offline and internet cafe sweepstakes games online slots for many hours will eventually end up winning. However, the programming of slot games does not include to give players a chance to win “at least once.” 

The game developed in a way that it does not intervene in winning or losing. The chance of winning completely depends on the player and luck. Thus, do not waste a lot of time sticking to the same slot machine. Instead, you need to play various types of both land-based and online slot machines. By doing this, you will find a slot machine that meets your requirements and satisfaction. 

How the RNG Work in Slot Machines

As I stated above, the Random Number Generator is the main component of online slot machines software. Not to fall into the mentioned myths you need to know how the RNG works in slot machines. 

It generates a value of numbers between zero and four billion. Then the RNG translates those generated numbers into the intervals to correspond to the symbols on the slot machine reels. The RNG chooses the number when you press the “START” or “SPIN” button or deposit a coin. The choice by the RNG determines the result of the spins. 

Is It Possible to Predict The Generated Next Number?

Well, there have been many debates if a person can predict the next generated number or not. One group says that because it is about programming and coding, generated numbers may never be random. The random number generator uses a particular algorithm to create and predict numbers. Thus, the argument is partially valid.

However, to predict the next generated number is not easy even if you somehow get to know the method of number generation. To trick slot games and hack the random number generator, you need to research about cracking, breaking, or attacking the RNG. Some group of people says that, if you start with the same starting interval or sequence, the result or corresponding symbols will be the same. 

On the other hand, the reality is that, according to the game developers and programmers, the random number generator does not have a memory. In other words, once the RNG produces a sequence of numbers, it deletes the series from its “memory.” Thus, we can conclude that it is not possible to predict the next sequence of numbers. 


In this article, I shared some of the common spread myths about playing online slot machines for real money. Believing in those myths may demotivate online gambling beginners before making real money. Thus, it is better to acknowledge how slot machines work to understand winning methods.

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