How to Spot the Best Online Casino Websites

How to Spot the Best Online Casino Websites


Gamblers all around the world are raving about certain casinos, declaring them the best in the world. They make their decisions based on the offered services, the slots, the jackpots, or the casino’s house edge. While these decisions are easy to make for a land-based casino or a cafe casino, everything changes when it comes to online gambling platforms. Playing online sweepstakes games is incredible, because you can access online casinos from all over the world. You can play thousands of games with different features and bonuses, while not investing a lot of money. Yet, online casinos have one thing in common- excellent promotions, bonuses, and VIP packages. Now you probably wonder which are the best online casino websites? But a more important question is: How to spot them?. Keep on reading to find out the answers!

Online Casinos: Europe vs. United States

Most people tend to forget about Europe’s presence in the online gambling scene because of regular casino’s history. Everybody heard about the famous casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, two American locations mentioned in books, movies, and basically everywhere. Naturally, a lot of people consider the United States as the world-wide capital of gambling and slot games, missing out on other important places. Monte Carlo, Monaco, a European gambling destination, has its own fame, and it is a symbol of this industry. It represents the beginning of cafe casinos and gambling in Europe and also a business and legislative model.  

Online casino websites in both America and Europe, follow this pattern while updating some of its features. The best online casino websites in the world tend to come from American companies, but are they worthy of attention? For a fact, the American gambling laws are much more restrictive compared to the European ones. The legislation in the United States also changes from state to state, making both entrepreneurs and gamblers confused. American federal laws forbid cafe casinos and American-based online sweepstakes websites, while some state regulations allow them. The casinos located on Native American land work on different rules, and they represent a grey-area for players. So, once you know all the facts, you’ll see that the best online casino websites in America depend a lot on their location. 

European Online Casinos

Compared to America, Europe has a more relaxed approach when it comes to gambling. The European Union allows gambling and online casino websites and tries to improve the public perception of it. While some countries do not allow land-based casinos, they do approve off-shore based online casino platforms. In countries like France, Italy, and Germany, online gambling is legal, no matter the site’s license. In countries like Denmark and Greece, governments are trying to find a way to make this market legal while keeping it under control.

Cafe Casinos in the UK

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So, from what we mentioned so far, the gambling industry has a great future in Europe, but let’s see where are the best online casino websites coming from. Most of the best online casino websites in Europe are UK-based, and with Brexit happening, their situation is a bit unclear. The UK online casinos and cafe casinos are some of the most productive gambling ventures in the world. They represented the ace upon the sleeve for the European online casino market, and most likely, things will stay the same. Most experts claim that nothing will change because the United Kingdom works on separate legislation, that will remain the same after Brexit. This move will likely affect entrepreneurs that may need to change their licenses if they want to gain more customers. Yet, players shouldn’t doubt this move, and continue enjoying the best online casino websites out there, UK-based or not. 

Features of the Best Online Casino Websites

Before going on and leading you directly to the sources, we’d like to show you the features of the best online casino websites in the world. Knowing what to look for when first visiting an online casino or a cafe casino, will save you a lot of time. Typically, online casino managers put their best assets on the first page, trying to attract you with bonuses and exclusive online sweepstakes games. However, there’s more than this to online gambling platforms, for example – regulations and policy.

Reading the online casino policy and checking for their license is a significant step that most players forget about. On some websites, this is the first thing you see when signing-up, but on others, you need to find it yourself. An online casino needs to follow regulations because it shows that they value a player’s safety, and they promote safe gaming environments. Through rules, you can also get more information on the online casino company and even the online casino software provider. 

Multiple Preferences

When it comes to numerous preferences, European casinos tend to win. They do so, because of the many countries that allow gambling and their different currencies. For this reason, most online casinos come with multi-currency options and at least three different languages. 

American online casino websites use mostly only English, but the situation started to change on this continent as well. The trends in the online casino industry change very often, so cafe casinos need to keep up. If there’s one word for the online casino market, then it would be diversity, and that’s exactly what all companies should focus on. Multi-preferences, like currency, banking, language, and also interface layouts, are signs for high-quality gambling websites. If these online casinos come with user-friendly webpages and mobile gambling versions, then it’s safe to say that they are the best out there. 

Game Collections

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The best online casinos in the world are famous for their game collections, including progressive jackpots, live dealer games, and multi-screen and 3D online casino games. The bigger and the more diverse the game collection is, the better the website. The games should come in different kinds but also with different features. The best gambling platforms offer games with both high and low edges, and varying amounts and types of bonuses. 

Another sign that you sign-up on a reliable online casino is the quality of the slot games. Slots are the star of any online casino website, so they must be high-quality and very exciting. If your casino features branded slots and progressive slots, you’ve got a winner.

When gambling, you need to have the opportunity to spice things up and roll your money. Online casinos offer thousands of games, so a quick way to check if they are trustworthy is to check their software provider. If the online casino works with a leading sweepstakes software developer, then your experience will be great. If you found that the online casino software provider has more bad reviews than it should, we advise you to choose another gambling website. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, most high-quality online casino websites share the same features. Great bonuses and VIP packages, an accessible webpage, and multiple options are only some of these features. Excellent customer services and 24/7 technical support are also mandatory, together with a reliable casino software provider. The provenience of the license or the actual online casino is also important. Some of the features mentioned earlier might suffer changes, but only for the better. The best online casino websites in the world, are 100% legal, and they promote safe and exciting gaming experiences. Use this information and our great tips for the next time you want to sign up on an online casino. 

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