Complete Guide on How to Open an Online Casino

Complete Guide on How to Open an Online Casino


Casinos have been around since ancient civilizations. The first gambling is believed to have originated in 2300B.C in China. There were some objects found when excavating archaeological sites. In the 17th century, the first country to create a casino business was Italy, Vince, and the casino was named Ridotto. The conventional form of the casino is now slowly turning into a virtual one. This is no surprise when considering the benefits of online casinos to players as well as the casino business platform. The freedom to gamble anywhere in the world and any time of the hour is the least of the benefits of online casinos. The question of how to open an online casino can be easily answered, you just need to carefully go through our research-oriented article. Let’s answer the question of how to open an online casino in detail.

The first step in how to open an online casino

All of the online casino games have something in common, and it’s the competition among them that drives and fuels the gaming community in numbers. They offer all sorts of casino slots from video slots online casino to 3d slots and classic slot games. The players are hooked when they see the retro themes they have experienced in classical slots, and the lighting features the colors are all great attributes taken from classical casinos. Creating and maintaining an online casino is not easy, considering all the legal and licensing issues that are involved with it. Here are the necessary steps to take into consideration before proceeding with your online casino strategy.

Choose the right software for the job:

Choosing the best software is the initial step in online casinos, without a good software provider you won’t have the necessary tools in creating an online casino. Here are some trustworthy software providers to take into consideration: NetEnt- systems took care of more than 21.4 billion dollar transaction in 2014. Close to 170 casinos use NetEnt and have much licensing approval in most European countries, including the USA. Realtime Gaming- Is available in most states in the USA. It has pretty massive gambling game selections, and it is mobile friendly. This is by no means the full list of the gaming providers.

how to open an online casino

Diverse casino slots- The more game selection you have, the more players you will attract. Diversify your gaming selection by not only adding bingo, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, but also live gaming sessions like sport games. Statistically speaking, its estimate that the online gamblers are picky, and frequently they try many titles before settling into one. To take care of this issue, it’s best to create a large gaming database for your players.

Other facts to take into consideration

  • The Gaming License- By far, this step is the most challenging one in online slots. Considering only a few countries in the world have fewer restrictions, this step is the hardest of them all. European Union and offshore countries are by far the most recommended place to get a casino’s license. Without attaining a proper online casino license, you are risking your company and your staff members.
  • Providing a safe transaction system- It is frustrating when there are transaction inconveniences. Some of these inconveniences are having less payment system in your software, which results in your players not being able to withdraw their winnings. In order to avoid this mistake, it’s better for well-managed payment systems by signing multiple contracts with diverse e-payment systems. If you avoid, this step players will look elsewhere to invest their money.
  • How to open an online casino website- What is an online casino, without a proper website? Having the best website means having superior quality in terms of marketing. Invest heavily in the visualization of your casino slot. The design has to be appealing to your players; when a player thinks or hears about online casinos, it has to be yours.
  • Promoting and marketing your casino- An excellent online casino means having a good affiliate system in place. You have to reach out to other services and promote your casino. It’s a smart marketing strategy in order to boost your online casinos’ reputation.

This list was kept short, since there are many other points to take into consideration before answering the question of how to open an online casino. It’s best to do thorough research before proceeding with serious intention.

The cost of opening an online casino

There is no exact cost of opening online slot gambling since every detail has its own cost, considering you will have a well-devised plan beforehand. The estimated costs can vary as to why it’s best to have a pre-launch and post-launch estimation. The marketing part of online casinos is roughly between 20.000$ to 100.000$. Here are some estimates in cost projections.\

  • Pre-launch costs

Setting up a company – 5-7%   

Licensing – 10-30%   

Software development – 30-40% 

Workers – 10-20%    

Marketing strategy – 20-40%

Additional expenses – 10-20%

  • Post-launch costs

Licencingsing costs – 5-15% 

Software sustainment – 10-15%

Online casino providers – 15-20%

Marketing strategy – 50%

Workers – 10-20% 

Additional expenses – 10-20%

The benefits of operating with cryptocurrencies    

starting a gambling website

Cryptocurrencies were first formed in 2009, and Bitcoin took over the market as an alternative payment system. It is a safe, secure, and most importantly private way of purchasing things online. Most online casino slots also take advantage of cryptocurrencies. Players generally choose this payment method because of its untraceable feature. Most countries deem online casinos as illegal, but that doesn’t stop many gamblers from enjoying online casinos. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, many players from all over the world can enjoy online casinos. Its must-have feature if you are planning on attracting many players. Here is a list of benefits of cryptocurrencies in details:

  • Private mode- It was created to serve people without government interference. It’s fast and private nature made cryptocurrencies famous in a short amount of time. And online casinos took advantage of this currency and made it a must-have feature. It’s a decentralized form of payment, making it safe from government and banking interference.
  • Fees- Because of its non-banking transaction method, there fewer fees involved when gambling with cryptocurrencies. Players often choose this method over banking transaction one. 
  • Fast transactions- As mentioned before, the decentralization feature of cryptocurrencies makes it a lot faster when transferring or withdrawing your earnings. Other currencies take up to 2-3 days before transferring or receiving your earnings, but with cryptocurrency, this takes up to 10 minutes to 3 hours.

In conclusion

Your casino should provide all the necessary advantages, ensuring safe and easy slot gambling. By doing this, you are building a reputation in online gambling. If your business doesn’t compete with the best, it won’t be the best. Gamblers are looking to enjoy their time and money in your casino games, and it’s your duty to serve them whatever necessary methods there are. Many times for the sake of gaining money, businesses forget about their players’ demands. This can easily be taken care of by creating a safe communication method between your casino and the players. Communication is the main key in creating a reputable and well-known casino. Only by this method can you answer the question of how to open an online casino. Build the necessary team with the right resources, and in time you will be among the best online casinos!

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