Classic Vegas Slots of 90s – What Were They Like to Play?

Classic Vegas Slots of 90s – What Were They Like to Play?


While comparing slot games to other casino games, we can see that they are not so old as others. Slot games are originated from video poker machine in the 90’s century and evolved to become video slots in today’s world. One of the best years of casino gaming was the 90s, where casino slot began shifting to online casino game portals.Vegas slots at that time were not as good as today’s slots. However, classic Vegas slots online have a special place in the hearts of casino players community for their unique vibes. In this post, I am going to talk about classic slots and create an objective about their looks, features, and gameplay. Before getting into that matter, let’s briefly go through the history of classic slot games. 

History of Classic Vegas Slots

History of casino slots starts with the first poker machine that used as a prototype for creating a modern slot machine. In that machine, there were five poker cards on the reels. Those cards were used as symbols. The rules of that classic Vegas slot game was almost the same with today’s slot machine games. The winning combination was essential to accomplish the task and take your money. 

In 1997, Herbert Mills improved the industry by creating a modern slot machine that leads the path for casino slots. That slot machine had familiar symbols like cherries, plums, grapes. Mills’s slot machine was s the begging of the current fruit slots that will be recognized as one of the most magnificent classic slot game types in the future.    

How Vegas Slots Games Became Popular in the 1990s

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Classic three-reel slot games became an icon for Vegas casinos in the nineteen nineties because of its simplicity and easy management access. They were allowing players to win huge jackpots, and that triggered a lot of players to switch from baccarat and Keno games to casino slots at that time.

Three reel slots were getting recognition in the 90s, and the most popular slots at that time were originally white, blue, and red slot games. The interface of those games straightforwardly designed, and there was not flashy light and animations like we have in today’s slot machines. Thanks to the Vegas casinos, slots are now on the list of most demanded and highly appreciated casino games of all time.

In these classic slot games, slot machines had various types of slots with different symbols and winning combinations. Their common feature was regarding the pay lines. In the 90s slots, there were only five pay lines at best. At that time, we did not have symbols like scatters, wilds that are triggering bonus rounds and extra wins.

Classic Fruit Slots

Some of the casino software designers are using fruit slots term instead of classic slots. The name choice is not a coincidence because one of the most popular Vegas slots was fruits at that time. As the name of the game suggests, the main symbols in these slot games were fruits. That was mainly the only difference that these games had with classic slot games; that is why whenever someone mentions classic slot games of the nineties, fruit slots are associating with them. 

Classic Vegas Slots with Fixed Jackpots

In the 90s, classic slot games had three reels, and their best feature was fixed jackpots. In Vegas, players were allowed to use one up to three dollars per spin. After every turn, the classic slot machine was taking some portion of the deposit. After that, the machine was adding that portion to the overall jackpot amount. The frequency of the wins in Vegas slots while playing for fixed jackpots was changing according to the amount deposited.

Classic Progressive Jackpots

Classic progressive jackpots in Vegas casinos were very popular at a time. Players were enjoying every ounce of it as soon as they were starting to play this three-reel slot game. One of the downsides of classic progressive jackpots was that only qualifying players could end up in the race for the colossal jackpot. Qualifiers were considered the ones that deposited enough for the game. 

It was very hard to earn progressive jackpots because, at that time, the massive volatility of the slot machines was very high. So, that means huge wins were not frequently coming, and only lucky players could hit jackpots just like in today’s modern slots.

How to Online Casino Slots?

You have read traditional Vegas slots that were very popular back in the 20thcentury and about their gameplay. Now the trend has changed: demand for online slots has increased. The gameplay of both the land-based slot machines and online casino sweepstakes games are more or less the same. If you understand the mechanism of Vegas slots, then you might probably play online slots too. 

There are a wide variety of online casino slot games such as progressive and fixed jackpots, 3-reels and multiple-reels slots, video slots, etc. In this section, I will share some tips to win slot games easily. 

Use Bonuses 

Online casinos have various bonus systems to attract new customers or keep the existing ones. These bonus systems include free spins, cashback, free slots, bonus games, etc. To earn real money from online casinos, you need to play more games. Thus, you need to take advantage of the bonus system. 

To use bonuses is very easy, or requires little effort. The usage of the reward system depends on the casino platform. For instance, some require only a subscription or registration to their online casinos, whereas some give prizes in every 24 hours. Thus, you need to follow their offers to take advantage of daily bonuses. 

Also, some casinos give free spins, cashback, or bonus games during the game. To know which slot game has a bonus system, you need to read their information section located on the game screen.

Avoid Branded Slot Games

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One of the tips and tricks to win real money from online casino slots is avoiding branded slot games and casinos. Unlike classic Vegas slots, nowadays, a lot of online gambling companies trick customers into making much profit. By using famous game titles, marketing techniques, or addictive sound effects, online casinos try to keep or gain gamers. Thus, try to read online casino reviews or slot games reviews from trusted sources.

Play at Experienced Casinos

Old-aged online casinos have more experienced game development staff. Thus, while programming online casino software, the algorithm of the computing system is more professional. However, keep in mind that not always elder casinos mean professional service. 

Spatial growth in technology and game development, affects newly-established online casinos positively, which means that several newly-established game providers of online casinos are also professional. Therefore, consider the experience of casino platforms while playing but do not judge them only for their age. An excellent way to find the right one, you need to read trusted online casino reviews


Although Vegas slots were the favourite entertainment tool of the previous generations, online casino slots are preferable for their convenience. Sweepstakes game providers offer slot games that are compatible with mobile devices; thus, they have more demand than land-based ones. Bear in mind that, although some tips assist you to win slot games online and offline, luck is the essential aspect to rock the games.

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