Play Riverslots at Home

With our Play Riverslots at Home feature, your customers will be able to play wherever and whenever they want. Ensure you get revenue 24/7!

Provide All-Time Access to Gamers

Play Riverslots at Home feature ensures the gamers access the game by using their mobile devices. By downloading our mobile app and getting the code from the stores, players create a single account to enjoy up-to-date, engaging games even when the cafe is closed. This feature will increase the loyalty of your customers and avoid any possibility of switching your business to a competitor. As a result, you will enjoy the enhanced customer- company bonds will lead to a continuing revenue stream of the increasing amount.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Our solutions support various platforms, namely IOS and Android, and different types of gadgets.

A multi-channel approach to Points-of-Sales

All-inclusive Point- of- Sale system connects data input, reporting, and bonus features that can be managed by various devices like tablets, computers, or phones.

How Play Riverslots at Home functions?

In order to access the mobile app, a gamer needs to get a code from your physical cafe, which is filled by some dollar amounts. As the code is 12-digit, we ensure that it is reliable and unique. Once they get the code, players can play the games when they want; however, for redeeming and purchasing, they need to visit the store.

How to Install Play Riverslots at Home?

All you need to do is contact us and create a business account. Then we will schedule a meeting for training your employees, which is completely free-of-charge. After locating the promotional screen and posters, you will be ready to go live!

Additional Services

A free training session for the store team

Posters and videos for advertising services

Major Features


24/7 live time

No Technical support required - forget about system crashes or equipment replacement

Portable Point-of-Sales

Multi-device Access for Players

Extra Advertising Tools- promote your business by messages from POS

phone with river game
97 of cafe customers bring a mobile device with them

Get in touch



More than 50 engaging games added every month Wheel-of-Fortune

Come back for prizes awarded daily Jackpot

Play Riverslots at Home support jackpot feature Cash refunds

Strengthen customer-business relations and increase loyalty

Ideal For

Sweepstakes cafes